Thrive Apprentice Review 2019 + COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH

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Thrive Apprentice Review

Want to launch an online course?

Then this post is exactly for you

Are you looking to start offering online courses on your website? Courses can be a great way to sell valuable information from your site, and are a fantastic way to generate leads if you are just beginning.

The problem has always been, which tool to use to host and offer your courses?

In this review, I'll walk through an up and comer in this scene, Thrive Apprentice, and go through some of the newest features that they are launching which makes them a serious contender in the space. Let's begin!

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Thrive Apprentice is the in-house learning management solution (LMS) that Thrive Themes has created.

An LMS occupies a small niche in the digital marketing space. It's not exactly a membership plugin (it doesn't lock down access to content), and it's not exactly an e-Commerce solution.

It is specifically designed to make the creation and consumption of online courses easier. So it builds the structure of your course page, lesson pages, tracking student completion, etc much more beautiful and practical for your users.

That being said, you will still need some way of collecting payment if you want to offer premium courses, and you'll need a method to control access if you want to create “tiers” or “products” within your learning platform.

That is where other tools come in, and where you have to be careful to keep your set up as simple as possible!

We will dive deep into Thrive Apprentice's features, but first here as an overall impression of the product.

Thrive Apprentice Summary

Ease of Use

The Bottom Line

If you want to get up and running quickly with online courses on your WordPress site, there's no easier option than Thrive Apprentice. It isn't the most feature-packed option, but it will serve 80% of the community with the best looking interface around!

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Thrive Apprentice Video Review 2019

hey there are you looking to host an
online course on your website but you're
not quite sure what provider to use do
you use teachable do you think if ik do
you use learn – or lyft or LMS or any of
the options that are out there hey I'm
John from in kamesh comm and I'd like to
help you answer that question by showing
you a new opportunity with thrive
built-in to the throne membership it's
currently called thrive apprentice and
in this video I want to walk through a
few things with you I want to walk
through some of the potential downsides
of using the teachables of the world and
some of the benefits of using a
wordpress based system like a learn – a
lyft or LMS or a thrive apprentice I
also want to go through some of the more
more recent updates that thrive has
pushed out to their apprentice platform
I'm getting pretty impressed and pretty
excited about the apprentice platform
which is currently in beta you know if
you were to give it a term it's in a
beta launch right now you can't buy the
plug-in itself it's currently only
available if you're a thrive member of
their membership but from the aggressive
updates are doing to it especially the
one I'll show you in this video I can
see they're getting closer to pushing it
towards its own sale and they're doing
some pretty exciting things I'll give
you a little sneak peek of something I
found out in the support forums of
thrive at the end of the video so be
sure to stick around to the end and
let's with that let's go ahead and dive
into it so again a teachable is a great
platform it's one that my wife and I use
for all of her paid products right now
on our other website which is you know
generated hundreds of thousands of
dollars for us and we love it the
challenge is it's kind of your your one
source of truth like your your entire
business is now there we currently have
our payment processing system our
affiliate management system and a lot of
stuff is all baked into that one
platform including our video hosting so
you're kind of at the mercy of that one
program if you go the the hosted route
do you become the cloud route if you
instead do something like a learn – or a
lyft or LMS while there's still some
frustration if there's something you
don't like about it let's say if you
currently use WooCommerce to sell your
learn – courses and you have Affiliate
Royale as your affiliate management
program if affiliate royale is not doing
what you needed to do you can swap it
out and not a heartbeat but pretty
quickly with another program
I can do more what you need so you have
a bit more control over the experience
and you're a little bit less held
hostage if the service level is not what
you need so that's one of the benefits
of using a self-hosted
option thrive apprentice I I would say
it's getting there in being able to be a
fully vetted out solution for selling
online products it's not quite there yet
but they're making some strides towards
it so consider it learn – and lyft or
LMS are great platforms they're much
more matured than thrive apprentice is
the challenge is you know big
universities that University of Florida
is one of the users of learn – which
means they have a lot of it's just a big
program is it's not really light and
airy and easy to use you can feel it's a
little cumbersome it's just got a lot of
stuff in there between the quizzes the
assignments the user groups there's a
lot that you probably don't need if
you're an online entrepreneur and you're
trying to sell digital products and sell
information that you can give to your
readers thrive apprentice I think is
being tailor-made for exactly that
purpose so they're gonna cut out some of
the stuff you don't really need and pull
in some pretty exciting user interface
and user experience things which we'll
talk about right now ok so that's kind
of the introduction that why you should
be paying attention to thrive apprentice
and if you are considering getting into
thrive but you haven't made the
connection yet I would urge you to try
to go ahead early because there's two
big things coming out which i think are
going to drive the membership price up
with thrive the thrive theme builder is
definitely on the horizon and when that
comes out of beta
I cannot imagine they would keep the
membership price the same that it is now
and I think it's $19 a month right now
and then when thrive apprentice comes
out if it is what I think is going to be
then it will also probably be enough to
drive the price up even further so if
you like this video be sure to subscribe
and hit the bell to get more like it and
I'd appreciate if you click on the link
down below in comment column slash
thrive membership to get into thrive
apprentice today okay let's go and start
off with a brand new website here we
have just a little succulent here on our
home page let's get started by
installing one plug-in and thrive has
gone the route of kind of one plug-in to
rule them all because they you know
they're they're building a lot here and
so what they've done
instead of having a plugin to download
for every single type of tool you own
what they have done is giving you one
plug-in called the product manager and
when you install the product manager on
your website and you activate it okay
let me update it real quick I have an
older version what it will do is it will
automatically link into your account
when you go to product manager here you
login to your thrive themes account it
should do it automatically based on my
browser and there we go and it will know
you've purchased what you own which you
don't own and so by default it'll want
you to install everything all at once
obviously they'd wanted that but I don't
want that let's deselect everything for
this demo let's just install thrive
apprentice thrive architect and one
theme just to make it all look a little
bit nicer and I like the minus theme try
to be more minimal in life so we'll
install this it'll toss it into the
queue and I'll speed up the video until
we're done here alrighty that took a
little minute to do that but now we can
go to our thrive themes dashboard and
one thing I don't like I'll just kind of
give a little disclaimer here I'm not a
big fan that now thrive has two buttons
on your side menu it makes no sense that
the product manager couldn't just be
part of the thrive dashboard so it's
just a small little quibble I'm sure
they'll fix that over time and so now we
see we have the apprentice and the
architect turned on we don't need to
activate both of those individually and
let's first just activate our theme
which is we have something that looks
kind of nice as we're working will
activate the minus theme we're good to
go so now if we look at our website okay
so we have our theme here so let's first
go ahead and go into the thrive
apprentice and start to build out our
own little university here together this
will be where you can host free courses
that you can use as lead magnets and you
can also link up with a membership
plug-in which I'll do in a later video
to show you how you can actually protect
your content in thrive apprentice using
member press wishlist member and a
couple others so from the first get-go
you kind of have a little walk fair a
little wizard and the first step is to
create the page where all your courses
will reside so I'll go ahead and call
University so we will have thrive demo
dot local / University and then you have
the template and this is kind of how
your entire websites going to look I
would kind of call it like the theme of
your apprentice area so personalize that
real quick just to show it to you and
they say hi there professor how nice and
basically just a warning that they're
gonna put some dummy content in here to
kind of let you see what what your
changes are actually doing and then you
can go ahead and play around here just
change the colors a little bit actually
kind of like that light blue but we'll
change the orange here you can see that
adjusted my links my buttons everything
else so we're good to go you can see
advanced settings where you can adjust
even the paragraph font size and the
start button text so get going
etc etc a lot you can do here not
necessary for kind of a Minimum Viable
Product and let's go ahead and close
this out and once you've gone through
the initial setup you're put here on the
apprentice dashboard and here's where
you can do a couple different things
obviously you can add your new course so
let's go ahead add a course together and
it's one button now you have a course
we'll call this thrive demo first
apprentice course not very original and
what's nice about this is he can see it
actually gives you a slug a URL that you
can send people to directly to get to
your course in click funnels and some
other tools they'll just have everything
on one URL and you won't be able to send
people to a specific lessons but here
you'll see every lesson has its own URL
you can send people all all over the
place if you want to and for your cover
image down here you'll see you can
upload a cover image recommended size is
1170 by 400 this is really nice to give
you a recommended size so let's just
take one second together and build
ourselves a cover image and I'll show
you how I like to do this is in Google
slides you can just make a blank
template here and we'll just call this
and with Google slides what's really
nice I don't think many people know this
is you can go to page setup and you can
adjust it's more than just you know four
three and 16 by 9 you can actually say
switch over to pixels and give an exact
size of the pixels you need which I
think was 1170 by 400
so 1170 by 400 pixels okay and now you
got there's a long skinny guy here and
let's just design something I'm gonna
pull in some icons from another service
I like to use called the noun project
which actually need to login to real
quick okay so we're all logged in let me
go and find a graduation cap and I like
this guy so this will be our apprentice
just make them black this guy here let's
just Center him and just do a couple
couple lines here real quick let's just
do a nice little okay something here I'm
not really a graphic designer bro but
put a couple lines here just to make it
look like something and let's take off
the outline so now you have these little
gray bars and an apprentice actually I
kind of like this so we're gonna move
this over here on the other side and now
you can actually just go to file and
download as a PNG and now you have a
cover image for your course so let's go
back to our dashboard here and on the
upload cover image I'll just drag this
guy in and boom use that image and now
we have a little course here the reason
why I made a white you'll see when you
actually add this to a category of
courses it'll put an overlay over it
overlay over it so that kind of actually
helps having a very natural muted color
to make it come out right though it will
give a quick description of the course
so this is an initial look at a major
thrive apprentice update stay tuned and
you can also add a video description if
you want to have a preview and maybe
even a sales letter at some point on
there but we'll skip that for now
now here's kind of some of the fun parts
here where the Advanced Settings you can
give this a topic so right now it just
has general we'll adjust that in a
allowing for comments the author right
now I just made it a dummy author of
admin and then difficulty level you can
add your own levels of difficulty like
expert and we can say this is an expert
level course so now let me show you I
want to make this about I want to make
an apprentice topic here so it'll all do
is I'll scroll to the top and I'll see a
course topics area and I can add a new
topic called apprentice I'll also add a
topic called architect and I can change
the colors let's make the architect
green and apprentice will be red and
general we'll just call this leads you
also can add icons here but
unfortunately you actually need to bring
some icons in so let me just quickly go
over and do that let me make some icons
really nice for you and I'll be right
back so for architect I'll do a builder
which I just pulled in here use the icon
for leads I will use this email and for
apprentice I will use this teacher in
front of the class okay so we got some
icons here and we got our colors we are
good to go so let's head back to our
dashboard here which either button you
want it looks like it didn't save our
course that's unfortunate
okay so I'll call it Apprentice start a
course like and subscribe at our cover
imogen sorry about that I guess I should
have hit save first and now if we go to
our advanced options we'll see this is
going to be an apprentice course we can
choose the difficulty level will
actually call it easy because let's be
real this is an easy one and we'll hit
save so now what we can even do is
preview our course already and you can
see here you've got the apprentice
guy here you've got the fact that it is
an easy course and will show you even
more cool things in just a second about
with the UI you can get here and he had
multiple courses so now you can add new
content to the course but let me first
show you one thing here if you go to
edit course details one more time you
the option for the option for selling
courses and keeping it behind a like a
or a membership wall is right in here
where you can make this course only
available to logged in users and what
you can do if you had member press
install which I'll do in a future video
is you could actually protect this
behind a certain membership level and
that membership level could be a paid
membership level and so I think that's a
pretty cool option here and you can add
in the name for it so we can say this is
a premium course add the label which I
should have made it a different color
but for only logged in users you get the
idea you can make that just what you
want for here we won't protect it down
now but you can actually exclude the
first certain number of lessons so if
you want to have the first lesson of
every one of your courses could actually
be a trailer or kind of like an
advertisement for your course you can do
that very easy by saying exclude the
first lesson from the protection rules
but then if they try to access lesson
number two it's going to ask them to log
in register or contact the administrator
of this site you can also add in which
is really great here is you know if
you're not enrolled go to the sales page
and then you can try to sell them from
there to get them enrolled into the
course very very cool very easy let's
take this off for now and save it so now
we can add some course content in here
so this is one of the big updates here
is before you only had lessons so you'd
have less and less than lesson lesson
lesson now you can actually have three
levels three hierarchies of course
content a module chapter or lesson so
you can see they kind of explained it to
you lessons contain your course content
modules and chapters are used to
organize your lessons in a logical
structure so let's do that let's add a
module this is module one beginning
going to be a great course and you can
upload another cover image we'll just
stick with one we have and then within
the module you can add a chapter
chapter you can have lessons and once
you're setting up your lessons you can
decide if they're text and audio or a
video lesson we'll make this first one a
text lesson and you'll notice here I'm
updating the description of the lesson
this isn't actually the editor for that
lesson so this is kind of like what you
would see on the home page for lesson
one but then you can dive in and have
full control using thrive architect to
actually build out the content for that
lesson I hope that makes sense so let's
go ahead and upload our cover image and
just to be different we'll make this guy
our image for this lecture lesson which
was a bad decision because he's filling
everything up so let's go ahead and use
our existing banner go there you go
hit save so now you can see we're
starting to build out a nice little
course here and then you have these nice
easy buttons to add another lesson so we
can add lesson to get the idea and just
to be the same or you know let's make
this one a video lesson so if we do a
video lesson it won't ask you for a
cover image because it's going to want
an actual YouTube or Vimeo or Wistia or
custom URL for your lesson and if you
want to figure out how you can host
YouTube lessons and still protect it a
little bit I have a video on how pop-up
somewhere over here in the corner of the
screen here that shows you a tool that I
found that's very affordable that allows
you to put some additional content
protection over your YouTube video so be
sure to check that one out after you
watch this one so let me find a URL real
quick I'll be right back okay so I'll
put one of my recent YouTube videos on
here and then you can you know hide
related videos you probably want to do
that Auto hide YouTube logo I'll keep
the player controls there I'll hide the
video title bar and I'll keep I'll allow
them to do that I don't like autoplay
though that's not very respectful okay
so we have two lessons we can add more
here but let's just go ahead and give an
idea of what this is going to look like
now and to do that just preview the
course and now we have a lesson
I hold on a second let me I need to
publish these first don't I let me
select all and I'll publish okay there
we go now they're all green yeah we're
happy so let's preview this course and
now it looks totally different so we've
got our Prentice starter course we can
see we've got modules chapters and
lessons it also keeps track of if you
viewed or completed a lesson so let's go
ahead and get going by starting the
course so you can see in lesson one I
didn't add any text to it yet so we
still need to do that but if I go to
lesson two it will have my YouTube video
right here in the header and if I click
on it it will start playing very very
cool let's go ahead and add some content
with thrive architect into the first
lesson here because this is a text
lesson you can see here now that it's on
this interface you can have this edit
with architect and button and when I
click into that it gives us our getting
more familiar there I have architect
layout here with an element and we can
just add in let me get myself out of the
way here add as a paragraph text
about this is I mean this is full
control you got all the control you
would have where I can now put in a
social icon and share this out I can
link back to this web pay a website and
get some additional views really really
nicely you can do it this way I'm a big
fan of the architect editor so that's
the idea let me put one more thing in
here just for good measure and let's
let's say you even wanted to have a you
could have a thrive all tomato special
or something on the last lesson of the
course where you could like give them a
call to action and give them some time
to act on it to get into the next course
you want them to offer so you can add a
little call to action here color schemes
a little bit funny and you could add
even in a countdown
not spending a whole lot of time on my
formatting here for you guys but you get
the idea I think so lay up position I
could bring this down a little bit looks
a little bit better and set up a 7-day
offer to get into your next course for
half-price or something of that nature
so we'll go ahead and save and exit this
one and let's just review what we have
here okay it's it's all over the place
but you get the idea you put anything
you want in here for your text lessons
you can add download links to course
content etc etc so now if we preview
this one more time we should be able to
see click into lesson one you've got the
content here now this would be a nice
course right like this is a pleasant
interface to get it through I'm a big
big fan of thrives aesthetics with the
work they're doing here with these
plugins so one thing I really like that
I want to show you here that I haven't
shown you yet is the course picker so
what we'll do is go back to the
apprentice dashboard and add a new
course pickers delight and let's just
add some dummy text in here and well let
me create another image real quick all
right II made a fun little image here of
two guys high-fiving so we have this as
our cover image and Advanced Settings
what we're gonna do is put this into a
different category we made apprentice
the first category so we'll make Leeds
for this category for this course and
difficulty level let's make it a
different levels this is an advanced
course and we'll save that let's add a
couple lessons here as well
just make that one very simple a text
lesson add another lesson we get it go
faster okay so we have a couple lessons
here and let's publish it and what I
just saw here just kind of noise you
actually click these two and then group
them into a module or group them into a
chapter that's a really nice touch these
are also draggable so if you decide to
move things around maybe don't number
them like less than one listen to
because if you decide this really should
be a head of something else it's just as
easy as drag and drop to get it where it
needs to go so let's go ahead and select
all we have these published so let's
preview our course now looks kind of
nice little high fiving guys we get the
idea what I wanted to show you is if you
go back to the university itself I think
I need to actually publish the course
don't I I'm gonna do one thing real
quick we'll publish this course we'll go
back to the apprentice dashboard and you
can see you're starting to build out
your courses which is nice we'll publish
this course now if I go to the
university the home page look at this
isn't this nice
so now we've done is we've created a a
home page where all of our courses can
be and you know one thing that kind of
drives me crazy is if a blog that I love
has a ton of different freebies they
have a cheat sheet here downloadable PDF
there you have to find the opt-ins for
every one of those resources and sign up
individually and then find every
individual email and get the download
right here you could offer them just one
opt-in you know you create an account
once and then as new freebies come up
you can quickly get to them and I just I
think it's a great way to go for
building your list I think it can create
some additional retention and get people
to come to your site more frequently so
here if you go to up above here you have
this navigation like a filter area where
you can see the apprentice it has a
little icon here it's really nice
looking you can click on it and it'll
filter down to only the courses that
belong to that category
take that off same thing for Leeds and
you also notice just the small little
attention to details the overlay color
when you select a fill
is actually the overlay color of that
category just a nice little thing that I
think they've done and so you can see
how that works you don't have to filter
down to a single you can if you have ten
different categories which maybe don't
have that many you would be able to see
that as well but what you could do like
I just going back to what I said before
if you had a bunch of printables that
you want to offer as an opt-in and you
come out with more printables all the
time you can have a category called
printables and you could then have a
course where all your printables lived
and if you wanted to offer them a new
one all you have to do is create one
more lesson or even dump it all into one
lesson at the top and allow them to
download them as they go just an idea
there of how you can use this tool for
good so then so we made this course
Pickers delight click into this guy and
you can see now because this one is a
not user accessed course we can just go
in and go for it so I can get going but
let's just go ahead and test out real
quick the user access controls I want to
be able to create an account if I want
to use this course so what we'll do is
go back to our dashboard in our
apprentice dashboard and let's go into
let's make the apprentice starter course
let's make them have to log in and
create an account to use it so what
we'll do is edit the course details and
scroll down here and make this course
available only to logged in users okay
so what we want to do is a couple things
we want to make sure they're a
subscriber for this one and if they're
not a subscriber we want to give them
the opportunity to register right here
and now so let's go ahead and do that by
saying they must be a subscriber well
give the entire course access to them
and scroll down and hit save okay so we
should be good to go so what I'm going
to do now is I will preview the index
and I'm going to take this URL and now
look at this this is kind of nice so now
you can see this has been updated as
well to have an additional ribbon across
the course that says only for logged in
users you could have this a members-only
or premium course or whatever the case
may be to kind of control that as well
so what I'm going to do is take this URL
go to an incognito when
and go back in so now I'm not logged in
here so let's take a look at the
difference between these two courses if
I go to this free one I can still access
it everything is still available no it's
not a whole lot there though
but if I go back to the University and
now try to access the logged in course
so all right so the course structure
only for logged in users so there's no
get going button here yet
so let's see here it does show the
access control so for example if I had
set the the rule where only less only
module two let's say started the access
controls they might be able to go into
module one so if I click on lesson one
to get into it it will tell me oh shoot
sorry it's only available for registered
users with specific user roles login
register or contact the administrator of
the site for more details so they can
get there you could also if you want to
send them to like a landing page you
have a link here to that landing page
and they can see what they're gonna sign
up for as well but here we're gonna do
is register a new account and this gives
you a nice little simple page you might
be able to edit this somewhere I'm not
quite sure where I would edit this we'll
look for that together in a second let
me create
just create a simple account and now
boom it takes you directly into lesson
one and it knows that I am logged in
what I'm looking for now is where's
actually show like the log out button
which I don't see anywhere so we'll take
a look at some of those things in just a
second okay so before we go any further
just a quick recap here thrive
apprentice it's very easy to make a
pretty good looking online course area a
members area on your blog when you
create protected content like opt-in or
lead magnet you make it super simple for
them to register right there they're one
step away from getting what it is they
want so it should be a good lead gen
opportunity it also gives you the the
chance to put a lot of content there and
allow them to quickly find it and filter
it based on whatever category they want
to look at so I'm really impressed with
this a couple of things that I want to
share with you that I'm not a huge fan
of yet I've reached out to support and
they say they're working on additional
but right now to protect your content
it's a little bit limited they right now
they support member press wishlist
member s2 member and member MOUs those
four and those are huge membership
plugins out there but if you notice here
this interface is not very standard it
doesn't look like a WordPress menu which
is beautiful
but it also means that it makes it
harder for developers to integrate with
these tools and so it's really on thrive
themes to create those integrations so
I've for instance I love WP fusion I
think they're a great tool for
membership protection content and just
doing a lot of great things not
supported here WooCommerce if you sell
using WooCommerce and you want to have a
WooCommerce membership connect here
doesn't connect right now so that's
extremely limited again this is a beta
tool so I'll be patient with them but
that's one where I don't want to add
another big plug-in like member press
just to get this thing working I wish it
would be able to integrate with the
tools I'd like to use it a more
lightweight but you know it is what it
is it's kind of a small qual will there
so what else let's do one quick thing I
want to see if we can figure out
together how to edit that registration
we'll go to general settings apprentice
register page is apprentice registration
page so let me see here we it might have
created a page let's go into pages it
has the univer ok the university page is
there but I'm not quite sure where the
registration page is let's go back into
our university settings template
settings nope
you can see how things look there and
you can adjust your your theme your logo
all that good stuff so I'm not entirely
sure where you would actually update
your registration page you might want to
once you figure out how to do that
though because the registration page
isn't very you know conversion optimized
it's very simple right there in your
face so there you go if you liked this
video go ahead and leave a comment if
you'd like me to go deeper and what I
mean by that is create a full-fledged
funnel and full-fledged online course
system I have a video of how you can
actually protect your youtube videos to
use those for your own premium courses
but the next step would be to create and
setup member press to work with thrive
apprentice and how to actually create
those membership levels and the
redirects and all the technical stuff in
the back and to make a fully functioning
online learning platform on thrive
themes with WordPress if you'd like that
go and leave a comment below and I did
promise you also a little sneak peek of
what I heard that they're working on and
I hope I'm able to share this I think I
can but I did find in the support forums
that thrive apprentice is currently
working with an integration with send
owl who is a payment processor which
allows you to do some upsells and down
cells and it's a pretty simple to use
we've used that in the beginning of our
other online business so if thrive
apprentice is working in a close
integration with them it could be that
we're not far off from being able to
actually accept payments directly within
that there I have a Prentiss dashboard
and if that's the case that's a huge win
and one that's really going to catapult
thrive themes up in the hierarchy of
page builders and other plugins in
WordPress so again I'm John from in
kamischka my ho
this is a helpful tutorial and video if
you like this hit the subscribe and like
button and hit a little bell if you want
to be notified when I come up with the
next video sorry I'm a little hoarse at
this point but I appreciate you guys
I'll come back with you in the next
couple days with more tutorials and
great tips in WordPress success talk to
you soon

Be sure to check out the full video review where I break down Apprentice and give you a solid understanding of its use cases.

Thrive Apprentice Features

Thrive Apprentice is a beautifully simple LMS. And while simple is sometimes thought of as a negative, it shouldn't be!

You see, platforms like LearnDash through in a ton of features like essay submission forms, intense interactive quizzes, and other features to satisfy their huge corporate or university clients.

But online entrepreneurs or small business people? We don't need any of that! We simply need a simple and effective way of communicating valuable information and keeping the learning experience feeling premium for our customers.

Thrive Apprentice seems to keep that intent their priority. They strip out most of the “stuff” that bigger platforms include, and they focus on making an easy-to-use and beautiful learning experience.

Thrive Apprentice allows you to:


  • Build unlimited premium online courses
  • Make your courses open to all, free for subscribers, or paid
  • Protect your content using their SendOwl integration or a WordPress Membership plugin

Thrive Apprentice Pros

  • Beautiful Course Index design with filters and search capabilities. Looks very modern
  • Extremely easy and intuitive to build a new course from scratch
  • Drag and drop back end builder (UPDATE: Now includes Modules, Chapters, and Lessons!)
  • Design your course lessons with Thrive Architect – All the customization you could want
  • Build unlimited courses
  • Simple to use – not as complicated or bloated as a Learndash
  • Can generate high quality leads with free courses and use Thrive Leads to build a beautiful registration page
  • Great, simple integration with SendOwl to simplify the process of protecting your premium content

Thrive Apprentice Cons

  • Unable to drip content over time to your students
  • Their SendOwl integration is good for basic needs, but it is more limited than WooCommerce / other cart platforms
  • Does not offer ability for scored quiz assignments, course points, and other premium options of other LMS platforms

How to set up your courses using SendOwl integration

hey guys in this video you're gonna get
the first full walkthrough of creating
and selling premium courses using the
thrive apprentice plugin and its new
brand new spankin new integration with
send owl
ok I'm John from in kamesh comm and I my
goal online is to help you find the
perfect tools for your next project so
let's go ahead and waste no time and get
right into it
so what we're going to cover today let
me hide myself real quick is really
there's about five steps when it comes
to creating your online courses your
premium courses to sell a send L what
you're going to be doing is first
creating a product in send out and then
you're going to want to create a course
in thrive apprentice that you'll kind of
marry up in the sync up with it after
that we're gonna create some content
restrictions within the send out or
within the thrive apprentice dashboard
linking it to your send owl integration
and then you're going to need to
actually allow the people to buy it
right so you're not just going to sell
it directly in thrive University they
can find it in thrive University but
you're gonna want to create a dedicated
sales page to to sell that product to
them and then finally uh we're gonna add
the links that we need to will you know
allow them to purchase and kind of show
you how that works and obviously you're
going to want to test this when you are
before you start to collect payment
right so with that let's go ahead and
just dive right in we're not gonna waste
any time I want to make sure that we
make this a valuable use of your time so
what we're going to do first is pop in
to send owl and let's go ahead and go to
our products tab here and we're going to
add a new product
now send L is really awesome it's it's
like the fastest way I've ever seen to
actually create a product you have some
options here products services
subscriptions and bundles for this
tutorial we'll just use a simple digital
product but you can also use a a bundle
and maybe link a couple of your courses
together or all your courses together
but for this case let's go and just
create a product here and we're gonna
give this a redirect now you've got
several options here but a redirect will
basically allow them once they've made
the purchase they'll be directed
directly into your course and ready to
start learning that's about the as good
as you can get from user interface
perspective so we'll call this YouTube
course premium and we'll give it a value
of 47 dollars and on the URL we're just
gonna put something dummy thing in here
for right now we're going to come back
and adjust that in a moment right now
we'll just put my university in general
here well let's call it YouTube premium
and we'll just have to remember this URL
because we're gonna create the course
next so we're gonna copy it and save
this I'm just gonna put it onto my
notepad here my hi-tech notepad just for
future reference and we'll create this
product okay done so now we have a
product and you've got some code here or
you could put it in and sell it but
we're not going to need that right now
the the integration with thrive
apprentice is so deep they're gonna have
that built directly into their interface
so that is literally all we need to do
in send out at the moment so now we're
going to go over to our thrive
apprentice dashboard and we'll be able
to create the course now one thing I'll
tell you a kind of a quick disclaimer is
I did already go through these send a
low settings so if you have connected
your send out which let me show you how
to do that right now
if we go to your thrive dashboard if you
haven't connected it at all you'll need
to do this I've already connected before
this I really just want to show you how
the flow works and how the actual
content creation process works because
you'll be doing that every time you
launch a new product whereas the actual
setup is only a one-time thing right
okay so we're here on our thrive
dashboard and if you scroll on down
beyond whatever plugins you have
installed you'll be able to see your API
connections area and so if you go into
manage connections here you'll be able
to see I have send all connected but you
can also go to add a new connection and
if we come down here you can actually
search for send and you will see I don't
have it here because I actually have my
integration set up but you would
normally see an actual sales section
down here where you'd be able to see
send owl and then you just connect it
and follow the steps you'll be able to
see in the thrive apprentice dashboard
once you've connected that API settings
you'll have these send owl settings
this is a very helpful QuickStart guide
the reason why I'm not showing this in
this video is because there are very
helpful step-by-step processes for
creating the products and how to walk
through all this but I really want to
show you once it's set up how you can go
actually create it and make money using
this process so be sure to follow this
step by step and you'll be good to go
okay so now that we have our product in
sun-sin delta connected we have our API
connection created here we'll be able to
go to our courses and just add a new
course and we'll call this YouTube
premium let me just make sure that my
url is the same okay so in kamesh comm
slash university slash youtube premium
so no worries I'll go ahead and just
copy that URL here and let's head back
to our send all settings and just make
sure we put this as where we want the
successful purchasers to be redirected
to so we're back in our send aisle area
let's go back to products and we can see
here the list of our products here you
can see the newest one and we can go
into this product we just created and
let me just paste now the redirect URL
that came out of thrive apprentice
there's other things you can do here you
can you know create a nice fancy price
as a guide there's a lot of options you
can do with send out including one-click
upsells which is something that is
normally reserved for much more pricey
options like Sam cart or Carter or some
of those ascend Alice $24 a month which
isn't nothing but for the functionality
you get as well as this integration I
think it's a pretty good deal okay so
now we have our product updated with the
redirect URL so we should be able to go
back into our thrive apprentice
dashboard where we were and we have our
course started here you can also upload
a cover image and I love it they give
you the recommended size so let's go
ahead and do that and find I do have
some correctly sized it'll be kind of
duplicate but that's okay let me just
scroll here this guy is the right
dimensions 1170 by 400 and you can make
those very easily in Google slides
because in Google slides you actually
control the exact pixel width of your
canvas so you can give a description to
the course so it's just just
I okay have a nice little description
there and you can even do a video
description which is great because it
kind of acts as a promo like a a sales
letter of your course that which is very
nice now because this is a premium
course we're gonna want to click on this
Advanced Settings area and we'll be able
to add topics if you've created topics
in your in your dashboard so I'll call
this master WordPress you can allow
comments yes or no give it a difficulty
level I'll call this is easy because
this is pretty easy and now you have
this button here to restrict access and
this is where the magic happens so you
can give it a label and a label I would
know right now I'm using free and
premium but you can create you know
advanced or you know are the different
levels of your membership if you're
going to go that route we'll just call
this a premium course and then here is
the message that's going to be given to
the users if they don't have access to
the course and this is an important one
we'll also need to come back to this
area later on to update it once we have
a sales page to send them to but for now
we're just going to come on down here
and we'll see send out protection
options and this is awesome
so because we just created our product
it's not here on this list yet all you
have to do is click refresh product list
and now we have the YouTube course
premium is in the list here so we'll
click this guy and similarly if you
create bundles in send out you'll be
able to go and update those bundles to
make sure that whatever you need is
given here you also have the ability to
exclude a certain number of lessons so
let's say you want the first lesson to
really be more of a an orientation
introduction and an attempt to sell
people then you can exclude the first
lesson and do what you need to do there
so we'll hit save now and that's pretty
much the majority of the actual
membership setup this is really very
very easy they've done a good elegant
job here so now we have our course we
can start adding content to it so we'll
add some lessons we'll just make three
simple lessons you can give a small I'll
show you where this text shows up you
can also upload cover images for each
lesson I'm not going to spend too much
time on this I'll just put this little
send that whole guy here and now I'm
gonna hide myself just because I'm I
don't have a lot of screen space to work
with here so we'll be able to edit this
lesson just like a blog
a page with thrive architect and I'll
just put a header end now one thing that
thrive has done which I appreciate is
they've given us a lot of style boxes to
work with specifically for online course
creators so if we go and put a style box
in and let the data refresh we're gonna
see many more options than we had just
recently as we scroll down you'll kind
of get into the section where you'll
realize what they've done so now they
have a lot more than this disclosure and
disclaimer links top three product
recommendations multi author bio box
live training so this would be probably
relatively relevant to online courses
let's find the ones that really makes
sense here pricing tables we'll be able
to use this in our sales letter download
list so here we go here's a good example
so here's an example where you know
really nicely styled a lesson essentials
it's obviously relevant to course
creation and we'll go ahead and stop
here for now create two more lessons so
we'll go ahead and save and exit this
lesson here this is lesson one so now
get out of that window and go back to
our course and add lesson two and we'll
skip adding a cover image for now we're
just gonna blast this pretty quickly
because you guys get the idea so now we
can go in and let me just add another
style box so you can see some other
things they've added so it's nice as
obviously you're doing some how-to
things with your courses so they've
built in some step-by-step boxes which
is nice and they've even added you know
very detailed styling here and let's add
one more course information table this
one's very nice you can see total
duration additional material so this is
a great great way to really get that
first lesson be cut to become more of a
sales opportunity where you can really
tell them what's going on with the
course okay so we'll save and exit on
this one let's just blast through one
more real quick let's assume they're
done with the course and so they're
gonna just give you next steps on how
you can go on after this okay so on our
next steps what you can do is add one
more maybe you want to have them click
to tweet something to tell their friends
about it and of course another style box
and maybe you would want to offer them
the next course in your series if you
have a couple different courses that
you're offering so you can come down
and maybe offer them a coupon if they
purchased your next course right here so
you can say get access to the full
course or you know whatever the case may
be you can kind of have fun with it
you've got a lot of different options
here okay so we have our three courses
created and quickly styled let's go
ahead and publish them and let's head
back to our dashboard here we can select
all and publish okay now are all green
and before you would want to actually
create this and publish the entire
course you're gonna want to obviously
preview it and make sure things aren't
working so we see our course here we see
our three lessons you see that's where
that description text went on that first
one we did we'll quickly a blast through
it just to see how it looks very nice I
don't think these do anything just yet
now they don't do anything just yet
we'll go to the next lesson yeah a very
nice little final lesson okay so the
course looks good but there's a few more
things we need to do before we publish
it so let's get out of here and head
back to our dashboard so you'll notice
here even though you publish the lessons
the course itself is not published so
you're allowed to kind of be working and
keeping the course hidden from people so
you can really allow this to go even if
you have existing students so now what
we're going to want to do is go up to
our dashboard and now that we're in our
dashboard we're going to be able to
start creating our sales page and in
order to do that we need to know what
link that thrive apprentice wants us to
send our users to to purchase the
product so to find our purchasing links
just head back to your settings and send
out settings and scroll on down here
you'll see a section for purchase links
so we'll click that guy and now you can
create your you can figure out which
product you want to get so we're doing
our YouTube course premium and that's
going to create our URL our short code
and our HTML so depending on how you
want to display it you know HTML would
be great in a sidebar your URL will be
great for a button so we're gonna go and
click that guy to copy it and I'm also
gonna put it in my notepad here just in
case I override it
so now we're really moving here so we
have our course created we just need to
create a page to sell it on so we're
gonna create a new page and let's just
call this YouTube premium course sales
page and I'm going to just save the
draft real quick and we can go ahead and
launch thrive architect okay so we have
our sales page here it's empty right now
and instead of going through and
creating it all from scratch let's go
ahead and get started with a pretty
useful template here so I'll go to the
copy 2.0 and let's just make it simple
let's assume we have a video sales
letter here and we'll be able to choose
that template and now you can see you've
got your your course all set up you've
got your button here and you can make
whatever edits you want to to this
obviously we don't need to for the
tutorial but we do need to do is edit
this button and add in the link to
purchase and hit save okay so now we
have our sales letters completed and
what we're going to want to do is
publish this page so let's save and exit
and let's head back to the Edit Page
area and hit the publish button so now
what we're gonna want to do is take that
permalink and hit the copy button on
this guy so we'll copy that link and
head back once again to our thrive
apprentice dashboard which I have
somewhere around here okay so now back
in thrive apprentice we're gonna go to
our apprentice dashboard and go back
into the course and we're going to want
to add in the directions if people do
not have access to the course here when
they have that message for people who
don't have access well want to send them
to the sales page to possibly sell them
right so what we're gonna want to do is
adjust this text real quick so not the
most compelling sales copy but you know
easy I'd say you don't have access to
this course please log in in case
they're not logged in they have the
ability to log in directly there or sign
up for the course so we'll take that
sign up for the course text there and
insert the link we just created and so
now what this will do is if somebody who
doesn't own the course tries to get into
it will offer them to go and experience
our sales letter so now we have
everything set up let's go ahead and
save those
and now we're gonna go ahead and publish
this course so just go over to the green
button here and hit publish and so now
if we let's say we go we want to preview
the apprentice index page we're gonna go
into an incognito window to see that
this way I'm not logged in on this
browser just just my window
I mean logout just to make double double
sure okay so we're here on my home page
I'm logged out so I'll head back into
the University and now we can see the
YouTube premium course is here it has
the label that it is a premium course it
shows it's an easy difficulty and that
it's three lessons so it all looks good
from here well click in to see the
details of it and now you can see the
courses a little description but if I
try to access it because I am NOT logged
in you can see I have my is asking me to
login here I'll go ahead and click on
simple is better and you'll notice like
I said here so we have our restriction
message here and the ability to sign up
for the course so I could log in but I'm
going to go ahead and purchase this
course here so we'll sign up for the
course click on this link here you also
have the ability if this was like a free
course you can have them register a new
account directly underneath and that
would be sent to whatever a registration
page you have set up in your settings
but because this is a premium course we
want to have them actually purchase so
we'll say sign up for the course and now
that sends us to the sales page we just
created together so you could watch that
obviously but what we want to do is buy
the course so what this is going to do
is when you click the Buy button it's
going to check in the background is this
person logged in or not so if you're not
logged in like my person is not it'll
give you the option to register or log
in to your existing account so we're
gonna register a new account here John
tests YouTube and then I need to
remember that email id gave myself okay
so I got PI it just created this email
address so I forgot what it was so I
have my email address put in I'll make a
simple password for it and confirm and
I'll create my account
alright so it'll say login successful
and redirect to you and now it redirects
me directly to the checkout page that
I've configured in send owl and you'll
see is selling
the YouTube course premium for 47
dollars the same way we set it up and we
can put in our details here now this is
one thing where I am NOT a big fan of
because it's asking you to put your
email address and directly after you
just put your email address in so that's
not a great solution but they're kind of
limited because they are using that
outside integration so we'll go ahead
and put our details in here one more
time and then this integrates currently
with stripe and PayPal with the methods
I've set up but they integrate with
plenty of methods I'll put in a test
credit card and then complete the order
and so I've also set up which I can do a
different video on a one-click upsell
which is right now just a test to make
sure that it all works correctly but
it'll give you this video and offer you
the ability to say yes or no to whatever
it is you're offering I'll say no for
now and then because this was a redirect
now the purchase is completed
successfully we are going to be
redirected directly to our University
YouTube premium course and if all things
are good boom so now we're logged in and
it retained our login information you
can see we're logged in because now that
logout button is there and we have
access to start the course so this is a
very very you know overall you know when
are you thinking about your hosting your
own courses on your own website that's a
pretty tall task to ask I think that
thrive is doing a very good job here
with this solution so let's kind of
recap what we just did here so my first
impressions of this entire process is
the benefits are there's no membership
plug-in needed and often times when
you're looking at your overall stack
your marketing stack the membership
plugins are normally one of the most
complicated pieces and sometimes even
the most expensive pieces of the entire
puzzle so being able to offer premium
online courses without the need for a
separate membership plugin is a very big
benefit I like that a lot it's also it's
good for rapid implementation because
you know you create the product you
create the course and you link it
together real quickly there's not really
that much that is going to stand in your
way from creating more products creating
more courses and being more prolific
that's a good thing and a bad thing
because that also means you have more
products to maintain more thing
to support and just more it just becomes
more right but being able to implement
rapidly and iterate upon it is a big
benefit of thrive apprentice
you know I've used learn – and other
tools and they're just a little bit more
steps to creating it and linking up to a
wool commerce product and then you know
doing the whole thing there's more steps
which makes it you really to think about
if you want to make that next course so
I think there's some benefits here being
so simple with thrive apprentice the the
last benefit here is it's a nice
interface for courses you know I have
noticed a few bugs here and there up I
have one ticket in to thrive support
right now just to understand what's
going on with the editor on certain
situations but when you compare it to
some of the other options that are out
there it looks really good you know it
has a navigation buttons easy clear it
shows the author in the sidebar and it
keeps track of your progress as you're
going and it's just it's very welcoming
I think you're combining that with the
visual editor of thrive architect being
able to make the pages kind of look
however you want them to I think it's a
great experience so now on the cons
there's actually a negative with not
having a membership plug-in so I'm
speaking of both sides my mouth here if
you want pure simplicity this is great
but if you want to be able to offer a
support forum or drip content over time
or do some of the more advanced things
that you can do with member mouse member
press all those different membership
solutions that is at least currently not
available with thrive apprentice I you
pretty much can restrict access to the
course sell the course and boom you're
I'm still thinking through different
ways of implementing kind of a support
forum using a course for that I haven't
really nailed down how I'd want to do
that yet but that's coming in time so if
you're looking for simplicity it's great
but if you want to build and if you're
used to having very in-depth
restrictions this is going to limit you
a little bit the last con here is that I
feel like it's a few too many steps for
new customers so if they happen to find
your sales page directly no problem it's
a pretty great flow from clicking the
Buy button to registering to purchasing
that's not a problem but if they happen
to come across your free courses and
they're in your course and then they see
the option for premium
course if they happen to have gotten
logged out now they're getting
redirected to a different page they're
registering they're logging in they're
clicking to the sales page there are a
few steps there that I fear could hurt
your conversions but you have to weigh
it all in time and and see how it works
I think that if your users do stay
logged in for a long period of time that
can take some of the friction away but
still it is a con to be aware of all
right all right so I hope that was a
helpful walk through a complete
walkthrough of creating a course
creating a product linking them together
and bridging it with a sales page to
make the purchase process happen if you
enjoyed this video please give it a like
thumbs up share it with friends do what
you do subscribe really appreciate it I
hope this is helpful I'm enjoying the
experience of learning thrive apprentice
and I want to help and bring as many
along with me on the journey until next
time talk to you soon

Thrive Apprentice was designed to have a seamless integration with SendOwl.

This is great if you want to keep complexity to an absolute minimum (who doesn't?!) because this eliminates the most complicated part of your technology stack: the membership plugin.

Building out the entire system is an easy 5 step process:

And while this process is very simple, it doesn't offer the maximum flexibility.

Sendowl doesn't offer the best sales funnel capabilities. It is limited a single upsell and bump offer.

With the release of Cartflows, WordPress users have excellent options to build sales funnels on their own sites.

Using Thrive Apprentice with Cartflows

if you were a thrive user and are really
excited about their new apprentice
learning management system platform
you're going to want to watch this
entire tutorial hey guys i'm john from
in kamesh comm and in today's video
we're gonna do a complete business build
and it's going to be from starting a
brand new website and by the end of the
video you're going to have an online
course delivered through thrive
apprentice the brand new learning
management system plugin but instead of
protecting it using send owl which is
the integration built out by thrive
themes themself we're instead going to
do something i think is a little bit
better which is allowing ourselves to
use WooCommerce and cart flows to sell
upsells down sales bump offers
subscriptions whatever you would like
and we're gonna protect all of our
courses using WooCommerce memberships
this is going to be a slightly more
advanced video but I think is really
exciting to show because I've seen a lot
of comments of people who like the
potential of thrive apprentice but they
don't think that the sandal integration
is quite there yet
personally I kind of agree if you want
simplicity and just you know sell a
course and be done with it
then I think that the send out
integration is good but if you want to
build a long term business where you
want to be able to have subscription
products you want to maybe link a forum
or support area along with your courses
you're gonna want a slightly more robust
system and what I'm going to build for
you here today is going to be that
system now this is going to be a
completely free tutorial the only thing
I ask is if you haven't done so already
please hit the subscribe button the like
button below and let me know if you like
this tutorial and where you'd like me to
go next alright let's go ahead and dive
into it okay so we're gonna go into our
Bluehost account if you don't have
hosting yet for your website which you
probably do if you're watching this
video but if not shameless plug in
kamesh comm slash Bluehost that will
give myself a little Commission for
doing it and I'll sign up I enjoy
Bluehost allows you to make a lot of
websites as you can see here a lot of
these are test websites that I do I also
do some client work here which is a
great great thing already so here we are
in our website there's nothing going on
here if we go to the main area there's
just nothing on this website we're brand
new and by the end of it it's going to
look pretty fabulous
so what we're going to do first is head
into our dashboard
and then we'll come down here to
appearance let's first add a theme that
I think is going to be more useful for
this tutorial and we'll go to themes add
new and we will search in the search bar
for Astra it's a theme that I definitely
recommend for new people it's very
intuitive to use very lightweight and
has some good integrations with just
about everything under the Sun so we'll
activate that theme ok good to go and
now we'll go to plugins and add new and
there's a number of plugins we're going
to be adding over time let's first start
with WooCommerce and we'll type in
WooCommerce in the search bar and this
is right here for us – ready to go free
and it powers I think like 25% of online
stores I think was a latest statistic
that I had heard so we'll install and
activate and if it's the first time that
you have installed it will commerce
they'll give you a wizard that you can
go through and we can just walk through
the settings and you'll just be putting
in some information your address what
you're planning on selling digital
products or physical products I've
already filled some of this out on this
test website so no need to go back and
do that but once you install WooCommerce
you'll be able to create products which
we'll get to in just a moment let's go
ahead and add a couple more plugins here
we're also going to want to use
WooCommerce membership I'll leave links
for all of these plugins in the
description below you can click through
to it WooCommerce membership is a
premium plugin
there are ways of for you to get it
without paying I think let's go ahead
and go to WooCommerce membership and
just show you what the price is for this
so the price of this is a hundred and
fifty dollars for a single site for one
year of updates and support in my
opinion that is a little bit pricey it's
a good plugin there are ways for you to
get it without support for a cheaper
price and if you're interested in how to
do that you know basically you can
Google GPL clubs there's some you know
there's some discussion around whether
it's ethical or not I use it primarily
for testing purposes to test out
different solutions but you know you
want to make sure the developer
get their money as well so I do
recommend you but buy from WooCommerce
their direct store but that there are
options for you if you are on a
bootstrap budget but we're not gonna
talk FX in this video we're going to go
straight into the tutorial so we're
going to go to the plugins and once
you've purchased will commerce
membership you'll be able to download a
zip file and I'll go in to upload my
plugin here and I'll choose the file I
have it over here on the side so I'll
drag my plug-in directly here on the
choose file button and I'll be able to
install it now will Commerce memberships
ok well install an activate and we'll do
the setup for this all together
the last plugin we're gonna need is to
get thrive themes this is all about
thrive apprentice and so we wanted to do
is go to we put the search bar in here
wanna go to income mesh dot-com slash
thrive membership if you don't have a
subscription already I definitely
recommend you check it out if you are
just getting started it gives you pretty
much all the tools you'll need and this
is my affiliate link of course and I
appreciate it if you guys choose to
purchase through that link and once you
are in and you've created your account
here you'll be able to go to your member
dashboard and the first thing here is to
access your products and they've done a
good job of creating this thrive product
manager plug-in which I'll download and
put right here and that allows you to
not have to go through and install a
bunch of plugins when you get started
with thrive so let me show you how that
works we'll go to plugins add new and
will upload a plug-in one last time and
we'll down and we'll drag in the thrive
product manager here and we'll install
that okay well I say activate plugin and
now if we click on product manager it
will pull up all of the products in the
suite of products for thrive themes you
can select all of them and install them
all at once but for this tutorial we'll
select just a few will do apprentice
will do architect and I think that's
enough for this tutorial you can also
install their themes from here but I'd
highly recommend you wait to do that
until they release their new theme
builder which hopefully is coming soon
there they're working hard on that
they've been a little quiet on it but
I'm sure they're getting to it
so once you selected the plugins you
want to put on go ahead and click
install selected products and it'll go
through its process here okay so they're
all ready to go we can go back to the
thrive themes dashboard and now we can
see we have thrive apprentice and thrive
architect installed and ready to go here
now this is all you would need if you
just want to sell your courses and
protect them and deliver them using
thrive apprentice but I also want to
spice it up a little bit and be able to
offer upsells and other things to help
the selling process go better and
smoother so we're gonna add one more
plug in called cart flows this is one
that I am a big proponent of I think
they're doing a great job they're gonna
become like the de-facto way of selling
things on WordPress and they're
developing very rapidly so you can start
for cart flows in your plugins area and
install and activate this as well and
you don't need to do cart flows Pro but
I am a pro member and I love it so I'm
gonna go ahead and also install cart
flows Pro and show you what that allows
for you to do as well if you don't have
cart flows and you're interested to go
you know all-out you can go to income
mesh comm slash cart flows and that will
take you to my affiliate link for cart
flows and you can sign up now the
pricing for this plugin here is
currently 300 hours a year which you
might be like oh my gosh that is
expensive when it comes to WordPress
plugins but if you look at what this is
really doing it's really kind of taking
on clickfunnels
and Carter and leadpages and some of
those that are full-blown solutions it's
taking them head-on with with WordPress
which I think I think is a big task to
do but they've got a ton of features
here and it's not just one website which
is what like thrive cart and some of
those other systems allow for one
website this is actually for I believe
30 websites when you get it so if you
only have one website you might be like
ah not for me and in that case sure you
can use the free plugin pretty well but
if you do clients one client is gonna
pay for your subscription so if you do
one project a year you're good to go and
then you'll have I think 30 licenses to
use okay so I'm gonna go ahead and pause
the video I'm just going to download
Pro and I'll come right back when I'm
ready to install it already
so I've downloaded it and it's right
here in my little download bar so I'll
go back to my plugins and I'll upload a
plug-in again and now I'll put cart
flows Pro in and install that bad boy as
well I'll activate it and now just to
recap what we've done so far we've
installed cart flows cart flows Pro
thrive apprentice thrive architect
thrive product manager WooCommerce and
WooCommerce membership if you are scared
of plugins you might be like oh my gosh
there's so many plugins on the site
already no not really you know these are
really just one plug-in together thrive
their stuff works really well together
and then WooCommerce is here so if it
gets you know we're already at 7 and we
haven't done anything on the web site
yet but don't worry this is all you're
gonna need to do a pretty significant
amount of work with your business so
there are really a ton of different ways
you can go about this project at this
point what I want to do is kind of start
from the end and work my way back
through so what we're gonna do is start
by building the course that we
eventually want to sell and deliver so
to do that lets go to our thrive
dashboard go to thrive apprentice and it
looks like it has some previous courses
I was playing with here so I'll just
delete them real quick and show you what
its gonna look like when you first sign
in ok so now we have an empty dashboard
here we're gonna go to add a new course
and now we'll be able to give the course
a name so let's call this apprentice
tutorial course give it a quick
description already so we're getting a
little description here you can add a
video description if you choose to I
think it's a pretty cool feature there
but for that we'll be ok let's go ahead
and give it an image here and we'll just
pick something that was on this media
library here like a pretty little
I like that how nice and under advanced
settings we'll come back to this but we
don't need anything on this right now
let's go ahead and save this course and
then we have to add a couple lessons
right so we want to make sure that our
protection is working so let's go ahead
and go to add a new lesson and won't
call this lesson 1
give a little title there and we don't
need a description here let's go ahead
and hit save and now we have our draft
course we can go to edit with architect
here with a little pencil button and
start to already immediately add in our
content for this course it's already
listened course is looking nice it has a
nice little backdrop your typography all
these things might look a little
different for you we can go through
customizing your theme but essentially
you would just go and adjust the
template and that the styling of the
courses itself but this is perfectly
fine as it is we can go to the plus
button over here on the elements and
then you have all of your building
blocks here to build a pretty
cool-looking course you can just do some
basic text add a little intro there
maybe we want to add a download box here
so we can go to the styled boxes I'm
just going to type the style and you'll
see a styled box thrive is doing a great
job of giving you a lot of building
blocks already so you don't need to Det
build everything from scratch as I
scroll through here they could do a
better job of organizing and honestly
but if you scroll through you'll
eventually see things like Quick Links
and skill boxes and step-by-step boxes a
lot of these are good for courses so
let's for example go to this download
list box so I click that this will
import the lesson essentials where you
can link up each one of these buttons to
a particular PDF or attachment or video
or whatever you want to do to give some
additional rich content into the lesson
ok so that'll work for lesson 1 let's go
ahead and save and exit now you can see
this courses here and these don't go
anywhere at the moment but you can
imagine how it would and then we can go
back to let's go back up here to the
thrive apprentice tutorial course and we
can now see we have edit course is up
here on our admin bar as well so we can
go back here and edit the course now
let's add one more lesson just for good
give it some silly title and this one
let's make it a video lesson just a show
something different and I will find a
video URL real quick alrighty so I found
a previous tutorial that I did about
and put the URL here from YouTube and
also I want to mention here you can
allow users to comment or not comment on
the lessons I highly recommend you
enable comments because that allows you
as the course creator to more
dynamically and easily improve the
course over time because they're gonna
if they have a question and they're
right there on the lesson they're not
gonna want to bounce off and send you an
email they can leave a comment right
here and thrive comments does a great
job as well of moderating those comments
and allowing you to quickly navigate and
respond to them so I've already on some
of my courses I have comments enabled
and it allows me to very quickly say I
need to add a lesson about this topic
because the question keeps coming up so
just a little tip there we'll hit save
here and then we'll go into edit with
rival architect as well and just do a
little bit of styling on this lesson
okay so here is the lesson here one
little gripe I don't care for how the
YouTube videos are embedded because it
has this very wide aspect ratio and then
it has a full width thumbnail so not a
huge fan I personally use a vu player
which does a fantastic job of protecting
your content and it lines up nicely in
this embed area so now your mileage may
vary but you can also use Vimeo which I
think does a better job and and YouTube
as well if it's a free course and things
of that nature obviously if you are
doing a premium course I would recommend
not using a YouTube for your content
protection or your video delivery
because you can't really protect YouTube
videos and you don't want pirates and
all that bad stuff getting in there so
let's go ahead and we have our video
let's just put a little image in here
just to show a different item classic
stock image and you can also add some
columns so you have full design control
here using thrive architect where you
can create your content exactly how you
want it to be you know another little
tip you can do here you could have
testimonials where they can have like a
testimonial capture area at the bottom
of the last lesson of your course a lot
of things you can do to really increase
some engagement here and you know
conveniently thrive offers thrive
ovations and which is a testimonial
capturing plug-in and testimonial
management plug-in I think they're the
only people who have
plug-in directly related to that but
it's a huge thing with marketing to make
sure your testimonials are on on spot so
that's an option for you there so I'll
save this lesson and exit so now we have
our course whoo-hoo
looks good so far let's just go through
and preview it and see what it's going
to look like here so we have our let me
first go into the course we've created
the lessons but they are not published
yet so go back to edit the course and
you can see these are red icons here on
the left hand side means that course
lessons are not published so we'll go
ahead and publish these okay so the
lessons are now published we're green
and the course itself however is still
not published so what would mean what we
can do is we'll publish it for now if
you have other courses there and you
want to set up protection leave it
unpublish at this moment but because
we're not really going to allow them
access into the course area unless they
purchase access into it we're not gonna
worry too much about this here but when
it is published you should be able to
now preview the course and you'll be
able to see this you know very beautiful
looking premium looking the course area
lesson 1 lesson 2 you can start the
course all kinds of good stuff here so
already looking pretty good but we now
need to create a lot of different things
we need to make the product that's going
to link to this course we need to create
the membership level which is going to
protect and we'll walk through all this
but we'll create the membership level
which will kind of link the product that
they're buying with the course itself
and provide protection options there we
also want to build the sales funnel to
sell the course right so we've got a lot
in store here pretty ambitious video
today but I'm excited for it so the next
thing we want to do we're working our
way backwards right so what is the thing
that happens just before just be just
before they get access to the course
well we're gonna do some membership work
now so we'll go back to our dashboard
and under WooCommerce we have a
membership area here so we'll go to
WooCommerce memberships and looks like I
have some test work here let me go ahead
and just delete all this so I know
memberships here let's go to our
membership plan
again I have some stuff I was playing
left before recording so let's delete
this okay so we have a blank area here
for our membership plans we'll go ahead
and go to add membership plan and here
we go so memberships with WooCommerce is
really nice one of the reasons why I
like commerce memberships is because it
doesn't have its own payment system
built in you know it's writing on top of
WooCommerce which is super powerful but
if you go with like a wishlist member or
a member press or some of the other ones
that thrive also integrates with it
gives you kind of the the problem of it
has its own payment process system has
its own dashboard so you started having
these fragmented pieces of your website
where you have a WooCommerce dashboard
but then you have a membership rest
dashboard and you have a wishlist member
dashboard and it's a mess so I like
WooCommerce memberships because it keeps
it clean and simple that's one reason
the second reason is that it has a
rules-based protection system there are
other plugins like WP fusion which I
love but it it protects us on a
page-by-page basis and what I really
want to be able to do here is protect
the course as a whole you know thrive a
print thrive apprentice over here it
doesn't use a standard WordPress
dashboard a standard WordPress interface
which means that some plugins like WP
fusion it has it needs to be on this
page within the WordPress dashboard to
enable protection rules and thrive
because they're so pretty and they like
to work on their user interface they've
kind of deactivated some of those
abilities so WooCommerce membership it
kind of gets around all of that and it's
a very nice seamless transition so we'll
call this membership plan we'll give it
a name here and we'll just call it
thrive apprentice protection course and
give it a slug as well which can just be
tea a PC whatever you want to call it
doesn't really matter and then upon
grant access upon will will leave this
what we'll say product purchase but I
don't think we have the probably built
yet so we'll go ahead and just say
manuals I'm only for now and then we'll
come back and we might need to adjust
this once we built the product that it
links to
and then membership length if you want
to be for a year for a quarter or
unlimited which is probably the most
common one you can adjust it there and
now here under restrict content this
little side panel here this is how we're
actually going to protect the course
itself so we'll go and make a new rule
and under type instead of post pages
you'll see eventually here that you'll
have courses as a taxonomy taxonomy is
basically just a geeky way of saying a
type of content so we'll we want to
restrict access to a course and now we
should be able to search for the course
called apprentice apprentice tutorial
course so this is the money right here
so this allows you to protect all the
content for only people who are enrolled
in this membership plan boom okay and so
we'll say and then we can look at other
options here
for example you know this is one of the
reasons why this is so powerful here
you're able to set up dynamic rules
where if you have maybe four courses on
your course area you can actually make
it so that they can only access course
two if they purchased and completed of
course one and things of that nature so
you get a lot of you need some
creativity to kind of make all that work
but using membership plugins like
WooCommerce membership gives you a lot
of flexibility that you don't have
otherwise using the send out integration
and then we can skip over some of this
stuff but you could customize what
emails are sent to users and everything
else but what we're gonna have enough
content here as it is
so we'll go ahead and publish this
membership plan all right fantastic so
the membership plan has been saved
let's go next step in our backwards
progression here and let's create the
product that they're going to purchase
that's going to give them access to the
course so we're gonna go to products add
new and now here we can we don't need to
worry about designing this product page
at all cuz we're going to build a sales
funnel to deliver I know we're getting
like super geeky here but this is if
you're going to put a lot of time into
building a premium course you want to
make sure the sale sales process works
nicely so let's go ahead and call this
the thrive apprentice course this this
is going to be visible the name of the
products going to be visible on their
tails and their dashboard so you want to
name this a real name here but you don't
need to worry too much about adding a
description because we're gonna do with
that with cart flows in a moment then
down here for product data we can just
leave it as a simple product it's going
to be virtual and downloadable you can
you you can make it downloadable I like
to call it a downloadable product even
though it's not like an e-book that
you're selling which is what is normally
used for here we can give a link to the
course itself in this way in their
Downloads area of their member dashboard
they'll have easy access to access the
course at any time so we can do here is
we'll say add a file and we'll name the
court the file access your course and
for the file URL let's head back to our
course here and we'll hit the preview
button and we're gonna want to take the
URL of the course itself and put that in
to this box here that way when they're
on their dashboard they'll be able to
say access your course and go straight
to the course itself okay and for
download limit leave it to unlimited
that's perfectly fine and download
expiration and leave that was never
there as well for inventory all the
other stuff we can pretty much leave
alone the one thing we do want to go to
though is well first gonna give it a
price right so let's say we're gonna
sell it for $97 and you could add a sale
price there if you like but for now we
don't need to do that now here as you
scroll down to memberships area when
they purchase this product we want to
grant access to that membership that we
just created so we're going to search
here for our I think it's a thrive so
when they make the purchase of this
course we want to give access to the
course right that's pretty logical there
so that will take care of granting
access to the products and that will
publish this product here alrighty rock
and roll so now what we could do is view
the product and we haven't added an
image or anything
Heather Scott this is just a little
template website so here we could
actually go ahead and purchase this and
go through the entire process and be
done at this point we have a protected
I protected course that we could
purchase from you know what there's
something going on here where I deleted
the pages going into this tutorial so
I'll need to go into e-commerce and
actually set up the pages one last time
you might not have to do this step if
you follow the WooCommerce wizard when
you're first setting it up but I was
trying to be nice for you guys and I
messed myself up in the process so I'm
gonna go ahead and create a few pages
here I'm gonna create an account fit the
page and let's publish it we're gonna
create a cart page publish it and now
let's head to WooCommerce settings and
let's go down under the Advanced tab
here we can set the cart page to cart
the checkout page
we won't need to do that right now
account page we'll call it account and
turn the conditions we'll skip for now
the checkout page will actually be able
to use cart flows to create a global
checkout page as well we won't need to
do that for this tutorial but you'll
you'll be able to do that also okay so
now if I go to the product let's go to
products all products and if we view
this course we should be able to add it
to the cart and view it in our cart
alright so we'll be able to see this
product here in our cart
we could add a picture to it let's go
ahead and add a picture to this product
real fast we'll go to edit product and
let's scroll down to the featured
product image here and let's look for
something looks like a course that kind
of looks like a course so we'll go ahead
and do that
set product image and we'll update okay
so now just kind of recounting what
we've done so far we've created our
course we've created lessons in it and
publish the course we've created a
membership level to restrict access to
that course and then we've just created
the product that's going to be
purchasable to unlock access to the
membership level so you can see it
starts to kind of build on each other
but if you work from backwards/forwards
I think it makes it more intuitive and
easy to go so what happens next well
next we're in the sales process so now
we're going to create a sales funnel
and we'll go ahead and start with just a
single landing page to a checkout page
to a thank-you page and depending on how
I feel after I having done that we might
go through and add some upsells and down
cells but want to at least create the
basic funnel here
so now what we're gonna do is go into
cart flows and we'll go to our flows
area and let's delete the flows I've
created you know as a little side note
I'm gonna start from a totally fresh
WordPress install I was trying to cut
some corners and I have to delete and
recreate a website so I'm not gonna do
that again
okay so I have no flows here just
deleted all the ones that were there so
we'll go ahead and add a new flow and
for this one I'm going to use thrive
architect because if you're selling with
thrive apprentice you're probably also
using thrive architect right now there I
don't think there are any templates here
let me go into the settings of cart
flows and see if they have any templates
for thrive yet not yet which is okay so
we're gonna go ahead and just save this
and let's create a flow here we'll add a
new flow and we'll design it and so here
we are and we'll name this one thrive
apprentice course tutorial flow and
let's disable test mode up here because
we're going to actually tell it which
product we're trying to sell so we'll
hit update here just to save the
settings and now we can go I like to do
backwards forwards so we'll start with a
thank-you page and we will go ahead and
just create a thank-you page here with
thrive architect well we're starting
from a blank canvas here since we can't
can't start from a an element or
template for example so we're gonna do
is go to the template for page builders
and hit update alrighty and I'm gonna go
and copy this shortcode
cart flows order details this is what
we're gonna put into the design itself
but I'll actually do the designing in
thrive architect here so I'll click on
my green button to open up thrive
architect and now we have a white canvas
we get to play around and build a cool
page you could at this point go in and
pick a template here which I'll show you
that on the landing page but for the
check out page and for the
Thank You Paige let's just build
something very simple here so we'll do a
background section and for the width
we'll make it 1080 pixels and let's go
ahead and add some text into it we'll
say thank you for your purchase and
let's make this h1 centerline it
background section let's go ahead and do
a little bit of styling here I'm not
going to waste your time too much on on
styling or anything like that but I
wanted to show you a little bit of
actually how you would create this flow
here from scratch so I'll make that a
dark gray background we'll go down to
our typography settings and change the
font that you know the color inside to
gray and let's give it a little bit more
height than this and centreline it looks
pretty good so far and for spacing let's
just make this a little bigger okay so
thank you for your purchase just take a
quick peek over here maybe a little bit
too big there okay so now we have that
sections good to go just for fun I'll
put a little shadow on it all right so
thank you for your purchase now I want
to have a call to action button that's
going to send them into the course let's
say put some text down here and let me
actually add a background section so
I'll add a background section again
we're gonna say 1080 width now let's
take this text put it in here access
your course below give them some very
brief instructions you'd want to do a
better job of kind of giving them some
orientation but you'll kind of see as
I'm building through here how you can do
this let's make this like an h3 center
line it and now let's put a button here
and put it here in the middle and we'll
say a friend test course
and you could color this if you'd like
I'll skip over that and now let's grab
this URL one more time and in our design
we can go to the action or just main
options it's fine and the button link I
think if I search for a Prentice course
there you go so it can actually just by
searching I can see is going to link me
to the course itself which is correctly
taking me to that lesson okay so we have
our action here let's just make this a
little bigger no that's too big all
right that'll work and then finally let
us put the order details of what we did
so do below the button let's say and
here are your order details and beneath
this to add short codes you want to use
WordPress content so I'll search for
WordPress content and drag it right here
underneath it and I think I got rid of
my clipboard so we'll grab that short
code again and paste it in and hit save
and you're probably not going to get
anything at first because we don't we
haven't actually had an order yet but we
can go ahead and save this you know you
could do some more design obviously all
day long but now we have what should be
a functional order page or a functional
Thank You page and we have a button here
that should take us to the course once
it's fully protected alright so we'll
call that a check in the box for the
Thank You page now let's work our way
back by going back to our flow you know
to mention here is they've done some
additional updates where you can add
custom scripts so if you're running ads
to your flow to your funnel you can put
your face with pixels script here which
is a fantastic addition and also you can
you know adjust the design the font type
and all sorts of cool things here which
will skip over for the sake of time
let's go back to our flow and go to the
step before which is the checkout page
and let's edit this guy as well and here
of course it'll is going to create its
own slug so it just says checkout page
might want to name the something a
little better so thrive apprentice
course checkout something of that nature
you're gonna create multiple flows over
time so you don't want to get stuck on
the same the same URL so change it to
the template for page builders off on
the right here and hit update and before
we do any design work let's go ahead and
walk through these options here for the
checkout layout so first of all the
product we want to select the product we
want to sell which is the apprentice
course so I'll just search for
apprentice here we are and you can apply
a coupon automatically if they go
through here so for example if it's like
a limited time offer you can pre apply
the coupon and you can also do
additional options here we'll keep this
one pretty simple though you can add an
order bump here which allows you to
maybe attach some additional bonuses and
goodies or some shortcuts to the course
here and you can add that all in and
give customized discounts along the way
which will skip over for for this one
here but you can that would be an very
nice thing to do as well that's nicely
implemented in cart flows for the design
you can do a two column or a one column
layout I'll show you what each of those
look like let's go and give it a primary
color of not this orange but let's say
maybe I like that looks pretty good
and font-family let's just go like
for example all right so we have some
design here and you could also go nuts
with individual all sorts of design
options here but we'll just keep it
simple for for now you can allow coupon
filled or not let's take the coupon
field off additional field that's like
order details we can take that off ship
to different address we can take that
and a custom field editor here we go so
now this is one of the big powerful
things for kart flows but before I show
we start adjusting this let me show you
what this looks like as it is so let's
go ahead and start building a very basic
checkout page and then you can you can
see the benefits of cart flows here okay
so start designing this by going to
launch thrive architect and I'll hide
myself all right so once again we have
our blank page let's go ahead and add
that background section just kind of
keep a similar design from the previous
page let's give it some height and let's
add some text into it that's I think I
was on heading one if I was smart I
would have just saved it as a template
but I wasn't thinking about that
so we'll say you are moments away from
starting your course and let's do a
quick little transform make it all caps
centerline and on the background section
let's add that color that gray color not
the prettiest color but it's what I
chose and we're gonna go with it and
then for typography let's go for white
then I have a very basic header here and
again I like shadows really been feeling
the box shadows recently so we have that
what I want to do is let's do another
background section here which will be
where we put the check out field go
check out forum our standard width but
what I want to do instead of just adding
it directly below let's have a little
bit of overlap with some negative
padding so we'll add a content box
inside of this and let's make the
background style white and what we're
gonna do is let's add our shortcode into
this with the WordPress content so I'll
drag this into the middle and I think I
kept order details that's not what I
want I want to get my shortcode karf
let's check out so that's what we're
going to pull in to dynamically pull all
the details of the order
so karf let's check out put that guy
here and then let's do a couple of
things I want to add some additional
padding to this background section here
let's pull this down a little bit and
then on this content box this check out
ideas in I don't know it actually puts a
negative margin which is gonna have it
overlap a little bit of that previous
section and then I'll also yeah you know
put shadow on it for fun and now let's
give a little bit of padding on the
inside so this check out field looks
let's just put maybe 15 pixels of
padding so we have a nice little border
there between the content box and the
check out and let's add a little bit of
a rounded corner by going to borders and
corners and just sliding this guy up to
maybe about seven so now we have a
nice-looking area to to place our check
out information and finally underneath
all this let's put a little warranty
alright sorry I guarantee box which
thrive gives us a lot of options for
here we'll put this below the content
box and let's just do this guy here no
free delivery doesn't make any sense
this is a digital product let's do a
flat nice hundred money-back guarantee
yada yada that looks pretty good there
so let's go ahead and save this and
let's see if we can preview it okay so
now we have your moments away from
starting your course and all of the
details here like already this is a
pretty good-looking checkout page right
like maybe that orange and that red
doesn't work too well together but all
in all this is a nice-looking forum a
challenge with this forum here is that
first of all there's too many fields I
don't need to know where you live if I'm
trying to sell you a digital course
right so let's go ahead and now that
we've seen how this looks by default
let's go into the checkout fields option
here for the for that cart flow step and
these little eyeballs here we can make
visible or not make visible each
checkout field and really you can get
rid of as many fields as you want to for
example maybe I don't want to fee
for the name I don't need another last
name let's instead of you know telling
them this is the first name let's just
call it name they want to give me the
first name give me the first Anglin
while you last name getting the last
name and then under field width it
doesn't have to be 50% because I would
make any more sense anymore so I'll make
it a hundred percent of the width and
we'll call it a name let me just show
you what that looks like when we hit the
Update button so here we have first name
last name and then company and once this
is done loading I will refresh this page
so now we just have a name field and
then the rest the fields so let's go
ahead and gut this as much as we can to
make the purchasing friction as little
as possible so we'll take off company
name country street address apartment
town state zip you may want to leave
phone number on there or you might want
to add something like a Skype ID or
something if there's some a community
aspect to what you're doing you probably
want to leave email address on the right
because that's how they're going to
create their account if they don't
already have one okay and then we'll go
ahead and what I found this is a
personal preference I prefer the one
column layout over the two column layout
because I feel like it's an easier
process of walking through the checkout
experience of kind of going line by line
instead of having to dart your eyes left
and right I would rather just have them
go from top to bottom so we'll update
this with those new configurations and
let's come back to our checkout page and
see what it does to our checkout
experience so we'll hit the refresh
button now and you can see is adjusted
things now where it's the name email
address and then the product the order
and you can place the order right now I
don't have stripe setup to actually
accept payments so we're gonna go ahead
and do that momentarily and once we're
done designing the sales flow here okay
so so far this looks good another thing
we can do and I'll do just as way a
demonstration here because we have this
as a single column you could either do
two things one you can make this
skinnier because you don't need all this
width to put your name field or you can
put some testimonials on the one hand
side so let's just play around some
options here and see what would look
best okay so we have this this WordPress
content with
the content box what we could do let's
actually instead of making this smaller
let's make the content box a little bit
bigger here let's go to maybe 1200 and
maybe the content box fill up the entire
amount but then let's put some columns
here instead let's do a two column
layout maybe do like I got two-thirds
one-third em apart check out details on
one part of the column and then here we
have to do some testimonials so we could
go into the they have testimonial
layouts already here for you where maybe
let's just look for one that would
probably look good you have to be
thoughtful because we are working with a
very small amount of space here so maybe
something like this could work
where it has a nice image of the
customer their information and their
content here gosh I'm not a big fan of
these different colors so let's just go
ahead I think these Reds are very
similar let's just make that that button
right as well we'll do that in a minute
let me just pick the red that I want
okay so now we have a testimonial on the
one side the billing details and then
the money back guarantee so a lot of
different things to help reduce that
buyers friction when they're going
through the checkout process all good
okay so now we're done with our check
out box we'll go ahead and save and exit
give it one last look over I think it
looks really good I didn't really check
mobile responsiveness but it should be
nicely mobile responsive so it as soon
as it gets too small it's gonna go
single column put the testimonial below
and the guarantee below that very nice
let's go back into the steps and this is
me simply being OCD when I go to the
checkout design and put in it better
read so it's going to all kind of match
up with that with what was selected here
for us okay much better I feel I feel
good now we have our read alright so
last step you let's go back to our flow
and we'll edit the landing page here and
this is where all the money is right
like this is your sales page so let's
take a little bit time on this one here
call it thrive apprentice course and
we'll call this thrive apprentice of
course sales page okay and we'll go
ahead and give it the template for page
builders and hit update so now as we
scroll down we'll see there's really
only options for this little link here
and this is going to be the button that
you put anywhere on the page in order to
direct them to the next part of the flow
so whether that's a second landing page
or checkout page whatever is next you
just put this a link into whatever the
button is and you'll be good to go
I'm gonna go ahead and copy that and put
it on a little notepad here on the side
just in case and then also you'd be able
to put your custom scripts here in case
you're running a pixel traffic for
example to see how many people converted
from your ad to your landing page okay
so now let's go ahead and do a little
bit of design here and so far we've
built the pages from scratch but on this
it makes no sense to start from scratch
when Thrive gives you so many good
landing pages so i'll go to their
landing page template with that little
cloud button and then when i filter
templates by tags i can actually scroll
down and look for a couple different
options here like sales page or let's
just go with that so now we have a bunch
of different templates of pre-built
sales pages and what's awesome about
thrive is let me just find one that I
really like I like this one here guy's
face is so cheesy it's that unlike what
a lot of page builders will do there's
not lorem ipsum text anywhere on this
spot here so they're actually going to
teach you a little bit about copywriting
on the sales page itself which is
fantastic so they're gonna show you like
this subheading is one job make your
bezel want to keep reading so this is a
great place to start
the process and honestly like they're
making money and they know what they're
doing so use their templates and then
use what they use what they have here so
we're gonna kind of look through here
I'm not gonna edit this obviously but
everything you can you can adjust
however you want to what we do want to
do is on this Buy button go to the
button link over here and let's simply
paste in
the link that we got from these settings
there which is the cart flows next step
okay and we'll save our work okay I'm
gonna look for if there's any other
place where there's a Buy button there
we go
there's another buy button so let's put
that on the second buy button as well
and then finally they even have a link
here so we'll take that link and put
that to the next step as well okay so
now this is your sales page you can
scroll through and take a look at it and
ideally when they get so convinced they
click Buy It Now it's gonna take them to
their checkout page
you know you'd want to make sure you're
having all the design flex build in the
world it means that you really should
make sure that your sales page kind of
looks similar to your checkout page they
don't feel like they're going to a
different experience but this still you
know it works for the sake of this
demonstration here so before we actually
test and run through the entire process
together let's go ahead and make sure
there are we can accept payments right
if we can get the money so we'll go back
to our dashboard and go to WooCommerce
and go to settings and under payments
looks like I'm gonna need to add my
stripe a payment processor normally I do
that when it first logs in but this has
been a little slightly unnormal since
I've already kind of built this before
this tutorial so I'll go to plugins and
add new if you're going through the
wizard you've probably added stripe as
you were going so stripe blue commerce
perfect WooCommerce stripe gateway will
install this and activate it and if you
don't have a stripe account it's free
it's an excellent way to accept credit
card payments securely online and what
you do once you have your stripe account
setup at stripe comm you can go to
payments here and WooCommerce and now
you'll have a stripe credit card and
will be able to go to manage and then
I have my test mode already enabled I
think that should be good to go
so we'll go ahead and save this and now
let me hit refresh on the checkout page
and boom okay
so now we have the ability for us to
actually purchase this in a test
environment and make sure everything's
working properly so let's go ahead and
do that what I'm gonna do is go to our
so now we're just about ready for this
all to tie together and work and as I'm
thinking through before we run through
the test I want to check one thing in
our WooCommerce settings that it's kind
of important and that is that we want to
make sure that people cannot purchase as
a guest they need to have an account
because if they purchase as a guest
they're not going to be able to access
the course because it won't know that
they purchased it right so under here
you can go to your WooCommerce settings
and head over to accounts and privacy
and you'll be able to go to the guest
checkout make sure that customers cannot
place an order without an account but
will allow them to log into an existing
account during the checkout process or
they can create an account during the
checkout process which is pretty cool
you also you know a lot of difference
here allow them to make it an account on
account page Yatta Yatta yeah let them
do it what you want you can make them
create their own password or generate a
password for them totally up to you on
how you want to do that but now I think
we're in a good spot will it save here
and then let's just review since we're
on this tab here let's go to the
memberships area and take a look at what
our at what our settings are for the
membership area so content restriction
mode redirect page so here on our
memberships tab we want to go ahead and
enable a content restriction mode and
what that means is if somebody happens
to fall look a foot you know if somebody
shares a link let's say to your course
and the person person does not have an
account with your website if they try to
access your course what do you want to
happen do you want to hide the course
completely I don't recommend you do that
if you wanna hide the content only I
don't recommend you do that and for a
number of different reasons but the best
thing to do here is to say redirect a
page and basically going to happens when
they click on starting
course is gonna take them to a
restricted content page which will then
lead them into your sales process let's
see I don't think I have a page here to
use so let's go ahead and make a new
page real fast we'll just do a new page
and let's design this page is kind of
like the bridge that's going to be what
they see if they try to access the
course that they can't get to so we'll
call this content restricted and let's
do a little bit of work here and thrive
architect okay so here we are on the
content restricted page let's go ahead
just make this a very simple template
here let's do like this nice little
template and we basically want to tell
them you don't have access to the
product and click below to get access to
the product okay so let's say you don't
have access the product click below to
learn more and let's remove this for
right now just follow along with me I'll
show you why we're doing that we'll save
and exit this page and head back to our
WooCommerce memberships settings let's
just save this and refresh it so I want
to select that page now so under select
page I should have that content
restricted page here and we'll save the
changes one last time okay let's do a
quick test to make sure all this is
working so what we're going to try to do
is access this course from an incognito
window okay so when I go to the course
itself from an incognito window it's not
gonna let me get there it's going to
send me to this you don't have access to
this product page so now what I want to
do is on the button here let's send them
into our sales flow so we'll go to our
flows one last time and like we can just
click the View button here copy link
address and in what page right here okay
well edit this page with thrive
architect again
and we'll say add a button learn more
about this course and that will take
them into the sales page for the course
okay looking good so far so before we go
through and test all this everything
should be working at this point but
let's go ahead and just take a look at
what the users gonna see they don't have
a homepage here so let's quickly add a
home page there's going to give them two
calls to action one is access your
course and two is to learn more it is to
basically go to the sales page so we'll
go to a new page and let's grab a nice
template from thrive we'll publish this
page real quick and let's launch thrive
architect to edit it okay so now here we
are let's go to our cloud and get a nice
home page let's see does this have a
home page let's just make a kind of a
landing page as our home page here
mm-hmm this will work all right so we've
set this up so that when they go to the
home page is going to basically just be
a landing page here and we'll add
another button let's just duplicate this
and we'll say already a member access
your course let's make this one a
smaller button and let's finally below
here they're not gonna have a really a
way to log in at the point at this point
so let's give them a quick little button
down here at the bottom less instead of
being contact let's call this login or
let's say my dashboard and let's link
that with our account page this is where
they'll be able to see their order
history all that other stuff and they'll
also be able to log in if they are not
logged in at the time
okay so let's save this an exit I know
I'm kind of zipping dudes pretty quickly
here you know as an example I didn't
actually link these up with the correct
buttons so sorry let me go back into
edit these and link these buttons into
the correct areas so I want to start
writing awesome copy now let's instead
say well yeah actually this will be
great so that's a good link to go to the
sales page so we'll let's grab the flow
and we'll grab this link one more time
and let's put this as the button link
there's going to take them to if they
lay them on here and and want to get
into it and then already a member acts
as your course let's link this directly
to the course page so yes I want to
start writing awesome copy or already
member acts use your course and then
otherwise they can get to their
dashboard there so now let's save and
exit this okay and let's just double
check these buttons are working so we
can get to our sales page here or we can
access our course which takes them to
the course or they can go to their
dashboard which opens up the account
page which I need to add a shortcode on
to real fast let me go to edit this page
here again this is because I didn't I
did things a little bit non-standard
okay so I'm just adding the my account
shortcode onto this page to make sure
that shows up properly so now if we view
the page we'll get our account details
we'll be able to see our orders and
everything else along the way let's
quickly set that page with that landing
page we designed as the the home page
they see when they get in so our home
page under settings and reading is going
to be set to a static page and we'll
call it this apprentice course home page
which is built and will Save Changes so
this point we should be ready to test so
let's go ahead and go to an incognito
window and I'll go to the website so now
here is our home page here on convert –
column slash thrive and now we have a
few buttons we should be able to click
if we go to the dashboard it should take
us to login or register an account again
you can enable or disable registration
if you'd like heading back to the home
page if we try to access the course and
we're not logged in we're not a member
yet it should take us – you don't have
access to this product click below to
learn more learn more about this course
and now we're back at the sales page and
we can also go straight here to see the
sales process the sales page and
everything's looking good so let's go
ahead and try to buy this course and see
what happens I'll say Buy It Now now I'm
here on the checkout page that we just
created because I'm not logged in it
gives me this option here if you're a
returning customer you can click to log
in otherwise I'll be creating an account
using this email address here let's say
John put an email address in that I can
use for testing and because I'm using
stripes tests test mode I can put in
just for twos and that will be an
acceptable a payment process you can
even save it to your account if you want
to got our guarantee down the bottom
let's go and place our order oh goodness
already uses email address and we'll
place the order again with a different
email address and my phone in a lab the
order being completed
so now we'll say thank you for your
purchase you can access your course
below and here's the course as well as
our order details using that using that
short code there so if we click on the
Thrive apprentice course now it does not
do a redirect it gives us access to it
and now we can start a course and here's
everything we designed at the early at
the beginning of this lesson we can go
to the next lesson
and as you should be able to see here we
have our YouTube video hey guys in this
video you're gonna and you can even go
back to leave comments if you like or go
to the course page and now you can see
it's also tracking our progress using
our thrive apprentice plug-in here so we
can see which lessons we've completed
but we can also see let me go back to
our home page if we go to our dashboard
now we should be able to see a couple of
additional things on our orders we
should see the order that we placed and
on our downloads we should be able to
see our thrive apprentice course and
this is what we did when I was making it
a downloadable product versus simply a
virtual product now we have a button
here as well or you can access our
course so this is a nice thing to do
because sometimes people don't want you
to be able to see all your courses
upfront maybe you want to create your
own little marketing channel or funnel
where they only see the courses that you
want them to have access to or to even
be able to purchase at that point so
it's nice to be able to have a quick and
easy way to allow them access your
course there so at this point we have a
fully working funnel using thrive
architect using thrive apprentice using
cart flows and cart flows Pro and
WooCommerce memberships to tie it all
this in my opinion is a slightly more
complicated way of solving the the
puzzle I think the send owl alone
approach is a nice and simple way of
doing the job but what does this now
allow us to do so what we can do with
this setup now because we have access in
our dashboard – I don't have the
memberships area here displayed but they
have access to an entire membership here
we could have a support forum we could
have a ticket system with a lot of
different things you can do now that
they have user accounts and accesses and
all sorts of different things with the
WooCommerce ecosystem additionally you
can now do subscriptions much better
with WooCommerce subscriptions a lot of
different coupon code opportunities and
and different things that are very
helpful when everything is all done on
your website so at this point we can go
into a lot of additional
little extensions of this add some bumps
add some up cells and down cells and let
me know in the comments below if this is
a helpful tutorial and where you'd like
me to extend it or there's anything that
wasn't quite clear along the way because
I did start from a website that I had to
kind of add some short codes in as I was
going so let me know there's anything
that's not clear and I'm happy to help
you and you know hopefully if you
enjoyed this you'll sign up for cart
flows and sign up for thrive and use my
affiliate links and if nothing else be
sure to subscribe to the channel hit the
like button and I'll see you guys in the
next video
take care

Setting up Thrive Apprentice with Cartflows is not nearly as simple as SendOwl, but it offers a number of benefits:

  • Your users will now have a great account Dashboard to manage their account and order history
  • You will have full control of the branding of your checkout and thank you pages
  • You will have tighter control over course access using the many WooCommerce extensions
This video is a complete master class all on its own, so if you don't have time to finish it, start your free account

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Thrive Apprentice Pricing

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And if you choose to use the SendOwl integration method, you will also need to sign up for a SendOwl account. I would recommend starting with the $15 per month plan to get the best bang for your buck:

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So for a single site you are looking at a minimal investment of $67 + $15 per month to start your own online course business… not bad at all!

But what makes it even more attractive is when you compare it to the competition out there. Let's do that now.

Thrive Apprentice vs the competition

Should You Use Thrive Apprentice?

I won't say that Thrive Apprentice is for everyone, but when you compare its pricing, it's feature set, and its ease to set up and manage, it is an incredibly powerful and attractive platform.

If you are already a Thrive member and haven't already settled on a course platform, then Apprentice is a no-brainer.

If you are unhappy with your current solution, Thrive Apprentice definitely deserves a look.

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