Making money online can be fast or slow, but never easy. It can be easier and faster if you take the right first steps. One of those steps is picking the right niche.

In this article I am talking about how to find profitable niches for your blog, but this guide can also be used for anything else – like choosing a profitable niche for your next product.


Before deciding on your domain name or products youíre gonna promote or create, you must first decide what niche is your blog going to be into.

Whatever you choose, if thereís a product about it thereís a good chance you chose the right niche. Youíll learn more about niche validation by the end of this article.

Keep in mind that almost any niche can be profitable, although not all niches are profitable. I know a girl who blogs about college and student related stuff for girls and sheís making few thousands of dollars monthly from affiliate sales and sponsored posts. Who would know, right?

I made a mistake with this blog because I chose too broad niche (internet marketing and blogging), thatís why it took me so long to reach $1000/mo.

To help you speed up the process and so that you can start making money even faster hereís what I will teach you in this article…

In this article you will learn:

  • What are the 3 most profitable niches you canít go wrong with
  • How to pick a niche and your sub-niche (the profitable one)
  • Where to look for profitable niche ideas
  • How to validate your niche before creating your blog (or product)
  • How to think ahead and prepare your blog for scaling up
  • Which tools you can use for keyword research

I simplified the whole process so that is appropriate for beginners and easy to understand.

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Still, if you have any questions or doubts feel free to ask them in the comments below the article.

For easier handling here’s a nice table of contents below which will allow you to skip directly to each paragraph.

Step 1 – Pick a niche

Pick a nicheDefinition of a niche: “A portion of a market that you’ve identified as having some special characteristic and that’s worth marketing to.”

Or, simplified: Niche is distinct segment of market.

I’m sure you heard that hundreds of times so far. Find a profitable niche, create a solution for their (your potential customer’s) problem and offer it to them with an affiliate offer of your own product.

And that’s completely true, I can’t argue with that. But I am going to make it even more simpler for you.

A lot of people get stuck on this first step because they over analyze, they aren’t sure if they picked the right niche or not, and they are afraid of even starting because of WHAT IF questions – ¬†what if it doesn’t work, what if I picked a wrong niche, what if I invest my money and time and I fail?

Again, completely valid questions. That’s why I am going to tell you what are the best niches that are 100% profitable.

The best niches you just can’t go wrong with are:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Relationships

Surprised? You shouldn’t be, here’s why.

Health niche – Includes getting rid of certain medical condition (acne, crohn’s disease, obesity etc.), is very popular because guess what, there is always going to be people which will have some health issues. Weight loss anyone? I know I need to lose weight and I even paid a personal trainer to write me a diet and workout plan.

Wealth niche – Includes increasing personal wealth, or to be more direct, the problem of making money. People always want and need more money and they are always looking for ways to make more money.

Relationship niche – Includes picking up chicks, how to get over your ex and similar, is also an evergreen niche. Meaning, this is something people will always be looking a solution for. Every day there are new people breaking up, divorcing, or wanting to seduce men/women and similar.

With these 3 niches you can’t go wrong. There will always be people seeking health, wealth or relationship solutions.

Step 2 – Pick a sub-niche

Pick a sub-nicheHealth, wealth and relationships are Level 1 niches. That means they are very broad and therefore not very easy to sell to. That’s why we need to go deeper and pick a sub-niche.

Level 3 sub-niches are the ones we are aiming for. Let me explain…

Relationship sub-niche levels example:

Level 1: Relationships
Level 2: Pick up chicks
Level 3: Pick up chicks by texting them

Do you get it? So Level 1 is very broad like we said, Level 2 is better (Pick up chicks) but still not that specific. Level 3 (Pick up chicks by texting them), now that’s a gold mine. That’s what you should be aiming for – Level 3, that’s the best one.

Here are few more examples of Level 3 sub-niches for Relationship:

Level 3: How to pick up chicks on Facebook
Level 3: How to pick up chicks at the bar
Level 3: How to pick up chicks on dating sites

Now that we have covered Relationship niche, let’s take a look at Wealth sub-niches.

So we repeat the process…

Level 1: Wealth / How to make money
Level 2: How to make money online with free traffic
Level 3: How to make money online with free traffic from Pinterest

I bet you have like tons of Level 3 sub-niche ideas in your head right now, right? ūüôā

Here are few more Level 3 sub-niches for Wealth niche:

Level 3: How to make money with real estate in Florida
Level 3: How to make money online with affiliate marketing without a website
Level 3: How to make money online with dirt cheap PPC advertising on Facebook

And finally, here are some examples for the Health sub-niches.

Level 1: Health
Level 2: How to lose weight
Level 3: How to lose weight after pregnancy

Let’s give you few more examples of Level 3 Health sub-niches:

Level 3: How to get rid of acne with home remedies
Level 3: How to stop smoking with self-hypnosis
Level 3: How to lose 25 pounds in 30 days without weights

Congratulations! Now you know what’s a niche and that you should be concentrating on finding Level 3 sub-niches.

By now you should decide on Level 1 niche you are going to concentrate on, and below I’ll show you how to find most profitable Level 3 sub-niches.

Step 3 – Find profitable Level 3 sub-niches

Find profitable nichesYou are probably wondering by now how to find those Level 3 sub-niches, where to look and which one to choose. Answers to all that and more are right below this paragraph.

After you decide on your main, Level 1, niche, it’s time to discover those golden nuggets within Level 3 sub-niches.

The best way to do that is to find places where people from the Level 1 niche of your choice hang out. So if you you picked Wealth niche go and find places where people talk about making money.

Some places where you can find Level 3 sub-niches are:

  • Forums
  • Facebook groups
  • Pinterest boards
  • Quora questions
  • Yahoo! Answers
  • Blogs

Let me give you a real life example. Most of my revenue on Income Mesh comes from few blog posts I published about list building (which tool to use) and creating landing pages (again, which tool is the best for that).

How did I find out that people were interested in that? – Facebook groups.

I am a member of several “money making – wealth” Facebook groups, and I have noticed that people were often (almost daily) asking questions on which tool to use to create landing pages or to get email subscribers, which one is the best etc. That’s why I decided to write articles on that topics, and guess what, it worked!

You do the same, go to the places where people in your niche communicate and talk with them, observe and listen. With almost 100% certainty you will see what are their biggest issue, their biggest pain point. That’s your Level 3 sub-niche.

Step 4 – Check for most profitable niche keywords

Keyword-research-SEOThis is not mandatory, but it can certainly help. If you want to be sure that your Level 3 sub-niche will also bring you a lot of Google traffic you should do a keyword research.

I do this too, although not enough to be honest, if I would it would bring me even more traffic and sales.

To find profitable keywords, the best tool to use, which I use too, is Long Tail Pro. It’s a premium tool used by over 70 thousand internet marketers out there, and the best one to find those Level 3 gems.

Again, you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. I had to mention it because it can speed up the process of finding the best Level 3 keywords. And I know some of you reading this want to be kick-ass action takers from the beginning, speeding up the whole process as much as possible.

You can expect a full review of Long Tail Pro really soon on Income Mesh, together with a full guide on how to do keyword research.

Step 5 – Niche validation – Is it profitable?

Is-it-profitableNow that you have selected a niche or two, you would want to test them to see if they are really profitable or not, before going forward with your new blog.

Before going with the test below, make sure that your new niche is a topic you would enjoy working on, a topic on which you think you might be good at, and a topic that might be really, really profitable (based on the tests below).

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Keep you niche in mind and read the questions below. Then, answer the questions with Yes or No. If you get 8-10 YES answers than your niche is probably a good fit.

This is just a guideline, not a rule, but it will certainly help.

  1. Are there PLR products in your niche? – Products like ebooks, ecourses, articles or videos. To find an answer to that question just type in Google ďyour niche + PLRĒ, for example ďlearn how to play guitar PLRĒ.
  2. Will this niche hold your interest for at least 2-3 years? – Rarely anything happens quickly in online world, especially when you decide to make money from you blog or online business, so make sure to pick a niche that will hold your attention for a longer period of time.
  3. Is there pain and/or urgency in your niche? – Where thereís pain and/or urgency, thereís money to be made. Remember that.
  4. Are people buying PPC ads for your main niche keyword? – If people are spending money on ads within your niche that means thereís money in it. Type your niche in Google and see if there are any ads, or go to SpyFu.com in the search box to see how many advertisers are there.
  5. Is there free info in your niche available online? – The more free info the harder is to find good, quality, well organized and valuable content. Thatís a good thing because people are willing to pay for all that.
  6. Are there ClickBank or JVzoo products in your niche? – Check ClickBank or JVzoo (or other affiliate networks) to see if people are selling products in your niche.
  7. Are there forums or sub-forums in your niche? – If thereís a whole forum or just a sub-forum dedicated to your niche that means people are highly interested in that topic. Just search in Google your niche keyword and add words like forum, message boards or community boards.
  8. Are people asking questions about your niche on Yahoo! Answers? – Go to answers.yahoo.com and type in your main niche keyword. If there are a lot of questions and answers thatís a good sign.
  9. Are there magazines or books on the subject? – If there are physical books or magazines in your niche thatís a good indicator. Check Amazon (and Amazon Kindle), Barnes and Noble, or Book Depository (my favorite btw).
  10. Are there experts or Ďgurusí in your niche? – Do a Google search and see if any blogs stand out, also check YouTube.
  11. Is there ďFor DummiesĒ book on your niche? – Dummies Company is huge and it has a bunch of ďhow-toĒ products for many subjects. If your niche is also a ďfor DummiesĒ book thatís an excellent sign.
  12. Is the niche evergreen? – Evergreen niche is niche where there will always be demand. That means youíll have a never ending stream of clients (buyers) coming your way. Examples: baldness, gambling, investing, dating, weight loss etc.
  13. Is it specialized skill or can you become an expert? – If you donít play a guitar and you want to have a blog or product on how to play a guitar, that will be hard to do. You would need a lot of time (years) to become an expert in it. But if itís something you can become knowledgeable about than thatís a better pick.
  14. Is there high ticket potential? – This isnít essential but if you create a high ticket product or service around your niche thatís certainly a bonus.

So, is your niche profitable? How many YES answers did you get? Share it in the comment area below the article.

Step 6 – Upscaling (thinking ahead)

Business upscale growWe have been talking about Level 3 niches as your best pick, but be careful.

If your Level 3 sub-niche is too narrow you might not have enough topics to write about your blog. If you plan to create a product about it than itís probably fine.

Try to think of 20-30 article ideas for your Level 3 sub-niche, if you can that you are good to go. If you canít than I suggest you go with Level 2 sub-niche.

What I think of upscaling is this – especially when choosing your new domain name – donít go too narrow. If you buy a domain name FB-Seductor.com it may last for a while, but what if you decide to talk about seducing on Twitter in the future? Yep, you are screwed. Thatís why SocialSeductor.com would probably be a better domain choice.

Choose your niche wisely, but choose your domain name even wiser.

Picking a niche FAQ


I know some of you will still have questions and doubts after reading this article, so I decided to put a little FAQ section here.

Have something to add? Write it below as a comment and I might add an answer to this article, or answer you directly.

  • I donít know anything about this niche, how will I create content for my blog?
    Well, you wonít obviously. But if you spend 2 weeks learning constantly about your niche, reading books and articles online, youíll know more about your niche than 90% of population.
  • This niche is so profitable but so boring and I hate it, should I go with it or not?
    Although interest in a niche can become a passion, if you have no interest or you just hate the topic and find it extremely boring, you should most likely avoid it.
  • Should I create a blog and choose a niche around my passion?
    If you can validate the niche and confirm itís profitable than hell yeah. Writing about something you are passionate about, or creating products, is far easier than with niches you have much less interest in.
  • There is so much free information on my topic, why would someone pay for it?
    Yes, thereís a bunch of free content available, but guess what, it doesnít matter. Itís even a good thing. When thereís a lot of free content people donít know who to trust, not everything thatís free is of good quality, it takes time to find answers etc.

    People will pay you if you save their time, if you organize things for them, if you explain some things better, if you make it easy to follow and/or digest, if you can give them unique advices, support etc.
  • I am not an expert in this niche, who am I to give advices or sell stuff about it?
    If you are not yet an expert you can easily become one. Like I already said, take 2-4 weeks and dive into every book and every article you can get your eyes on. In 2 weeks youíll know more than 90% of people looking for information (your buyers). Oh look, you just became an expert in their eyes ūüôā
  • The niche is too competitive, isnít that bad?
    Hell now. Where thereís competition thereís money to be made. Donít be afraid of it. Itís better to take a small chunk of huge cake, than a big chunk of small cake. Just go for it!


And there you go guys, you learned really a lot today. Actually, you probably know more now than the most guys starting out, which puts you waaaay ahead of your competition.

You now see that choosing a profitable niche isnít really that hard – especially when you have a guide like this available.

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Still, if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comment area below, I would be happy to help.

One thing to remember – donít be afraid to start, whatever niche you decide on Iím sure youíll make it, just donít give up, stay persistent and work, work, work!

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