Design Your Professional Website

It’s time for your business to stand out online.

Be Proud of Your Online Home

Designed with YOU in mind

Let’s build a site that you can be proud of.

Done together

Every website has 2 rounds of revisions so you can get it done exactly right

Best modern features

Responsive design? Check! Latest technology? Of course! Fast and intuitive? Always

Always in the Loop

You can always see the progress of your project as we approach go-live day!

Don’t Fly Blind

Premium Analytics

I give the best analytics available to all my client sites. Never fly blind when there is money at stake!

Screaming Performance

Speed & Security

Never worry about your website. I provide back ups and advanced speed features to keep your visitors happy and safe!

how’s my driving?

Real Time Feedback

Never wonder about what the project is looking like – you can leave real-time feedback on your site as it is being built!


How we achieve your goals

Building a website is a team effort. Here’s how our team will win together:

Phase 1: Discovery (Days 1-5)?

Before I can build a site that you’ll love, I need to know you, your business, and your goals. So we will schedule a 1 hour call to get to know each other, and hone in on a few objectives:

  • Are there any sites you look up to / want to get inspiration from?
  • What are your branding colors and what style do you want for the site?
  • Where are your key focus points in the site? What does “success” look like for your business?
  • Gathering up assets (images, text, testimonials, videos, etc)

Phase 2: Initial Design (Days 6-14)

Time to get our hands dirty! Based on our feedback I will build out the first draft of the website:

  • Any content & images provided will be placed.
  • Text will be added in and styled
  • Video overview will walk through design decisions and overall impression of the site
  • You will be able to leave your own feedback page by page to make sure everything is perfect

Phase 3: Refine (Days 14-30)

I’ll take all your feedback and go through each page with a fine tooth comb to make sure everything meets your needs. 

  • All feedback is cleared up and approved
  • Site performs quickly and consistently
  • Site is secured and up to latest standards
  • Analytics tracking is installed

Phase 4: Final Review & Sign Off (Day 30)

With your shiny new website ready for the world, it’s time to review any final minor issues we may have and launch this puppy!

  • Final Conference call to review and sign off
  • Launch website using your existing hosting package (or new hosting options)

Simple, Smart Pricing

Let’s give your business the online presence it deserves


One-Time Fee
$ 997

  • Up to 7 Pages (Additional Pages for $97 per page)
  • Analytics Installation
  • Security Optimization
  • 2 Rounds of feedback

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Monthly Membership
$ 30 / mo

  • Everything from BASIC, plus:
  • Themes & Plugins kept up to date
  • Premium Hosting Included

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