Big things are coming!

I know you're looking to log into your content, and I promise you'll be able to in just a second. Please read this page first.

What are you up to now, John?

My wife and I have been building two separate brands over the last several years, and something always felt out of sync.

So we are in the process of consolidating our brands and schools to help you build your own freedom-focused online business.

That means that all the courses I have managed on this website have been transferred to our central online academy.

Am I losing Access to anything!?

Absolutely not! In fact, I've already imported everyone to the new school, and you should have received an "account activation" email from Teachable.

Where do I log in now?

If you already own some of Suzi and my combined courses (like Blog by Number, Niche by Number, Course by Number, etc), then you should be able to log in below like normal and have access to all our content across our content.

What's my password?

You're not alone. I hate passwords too.

If you are having any issues logging in, simply reset your password using this link. The email address to use is the same one you used to log into's courses.

Some of my courses are missing / not correct!

First, I'm super sorry if that has happened to you! Bulk imports are always a little bit touch and go.

So if there's anything incorrect with what courses you have access to and what you SHOULD have access to, simply email and I promise to get you sorted within 48 hours.

Suzi and I are so fired up for what's coming, and I am excited to reveal all the goodness to you real soon!