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Kartra WordPress Tutorial: The Best Way To Capture Kartra Leads with Your Blog

Kartra Wordpress leads

So you've had a WordPress blog for a while, but due to my glowing review of Kartra, you've decided to transition to an all-in-one platform for some simplicity... cool!

One of the common struggles with this beautiful marriage of content management and funnels is how to effectively capture leads from your WordPress blog and send them into your Kartra funnels?

By the end of this post, you'll know the answer 😉


How to capture leads from WordPress?

You have a few options to accomplish this goal:

  1. Add a button or link to every blog post to send them to your Kartra Squeeze page (too time consuming!)
  2. Add some code into your header or footer to show the opt in form on every page (but it looks terrible...)
  3. Use a lead capture WordPress plugin like Thrive Leads to bridge the gap (bingo!)

I'll show you exactly how to do this in today's tutorial.

What exactly are we going to cover?

In this tutorial, you will discover:

  1. How to build out a full sales funnel in Kartra using its ready-to-deploy funnel library
  2. How to create a custom HTML opt in form that can connect to Thrive Leads
  3. How to build a pop up form and end of post opt in form in Thrive Leads to capture subscribers on every post

Enjoy the tutorial! It was a fun one:

Video Transcript

If you enjoyed watching this tutorial, why don't you give Kartra a trial for 14 days - it's only $1 and might just be the perfect platform for your online business!

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2 thoughts on “Kartra WordPress Tutorial: The Best Way To Capture Kartra Leads with Your Blog”

    1. John Whitford

      I definitely agree with you Benjamin – I am pretty sure they have a WordPress plugin on their roadmap, but it would take a VERY well-thought-out plugin to get the same effects that you get with Thrive Leads. If you don’t use WordPress, Kartra is definitely a good all-in-one. But a few bridges can be expected to make these two awesome systems work together. Thanks for the comment!

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