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You've been there before. You know the feeling. The frustration of finding out your new fancy email service doesn't integrate with your page builder. That your checkout cart works with one of your tools, but not the other...

You can spend days and weeks working through the tech, just to end in frustration and confusion. That's time you could be spending creating content and serving your audience.

Kartra is the latest player in the All-In-One category of marketing platforms that promises to fix this problem forever. Does it succeed?

Read on to find out 🙂


Connecting the dots in online marketing

To explain how you got to this point of frustration, we need to go back to the beginning.

How did you get started in the digital marketing world? If you're like most, it probably went something like this:

  • Start a free WordPress.com blog
  • Make the plunge into self hosting with WordPress.org
  • Tack on an email marketing platform to grow your list
  • Get more serious and start adding in a bunch of plug ins to enhance your site
  • Try to launch your own products or courses to earn revenue from your efforts
  • Realize that half of your tools don't integrate with each other 🙁

Sound a little familiar? I've heard the story many times before. And it's not your fault. You focused on exactly the right things at the right time, and added on when it was time. But there was never a master plan from the beginning.

And now that you're here, you want to know how to put your mangled mess of a WordPress dashboard back into order.

There is an easy fix to this problem that we will get into right now!

Open source systems - a blessing and a curse

The world of WordPress and plugin development is an amazing world.

You have complete control over the tools you use, and new incredible tools are hitting the market every day from ambitious developers.

The problem with this model is that it can take a lot of time, effort, and potentially custom coding to get all your tools to talk together nicely.

And pray that they don't break your site!

This also opens up potential security dangers to your content.

The more tools you use to achieve your goals, the more entry points for potential hackers or compatibility issues.

Even if your site stays secure, all these options can become simple distractions from what's important with your business: serving others. The solution...?

WordPress - a blessing and a curse - limitless options for functionality. But it comes at a price - security vulnerability and compatibility issues everywhere.. The solution... ?

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Kartra, an all-in-one option

All-in-one tools like Kartra present an alternative to the lego-blocks of WordPress plugins.

Instead of picking out individual tools and coding them to integrate with each other, every tool in Kartra's arsenal were made to work hand in hand.

Kartra includes:

  • Visual, front-end page builder
  • Complete email marketing platform
  • Advanced shopping cart
  • Built-in affiliate marketplace to find affiliates to promote your product (or promote theirs)
  • Help desk with live chat and Skype integration
  • Pre-built marketing funnels designed by legendary Frank Kern
  • Complete membership site portals for hosting your online courses or programs
  • Video hosting to provide deep understanding of how your visitors are interacting with your sales videos.
  • Deep integrated analytics throughout the entire platform

If you'd like a quick walkthrough of the platform, check out my initial impressions in the video below!

If you are familiar with having to search for 10 different log ins and passwords to get into your tools, and having a dozen different chrome tabs open just to see how your funnel is set up, then the video above will be a huge breath of fresh air.

All-in-one solutions like Kartra have a more streamlined interface which can greatly speed up the workflow of a solopreneur or digital marketer

Overcoming the Jack of all trades label

While Kartra can compete with most individual tools in their respective niche, you can't expect it to be the best at everything. For example,

  • Kartra's email client can do automations and design great looking emails, but it won't be as elegant as Mailerlite or Convertkit.
  • Their page builder will satisfy most of its users, but it will be missing a few features that you could find in Divi or Thrive Architect.
  • Their shopping cart can do advanced funnels like upsells and bump offers, but the overall look and feel may not be quite as refined as Samcart.

You get the idea.

But Kartra takes a different approach. They call this "The Kartra Difference."

The Kartra Difference

When you use Kartra, you are able to rapidly implement and test your sales funnels, and spend most of your time actually marketing, testing, and improving your process.

It's able to streamline the tech so that it gets out of the way and lets you focus on what matters most.

Think of it as the 80/20 principle for marketers.? Instead of spending days and days getting all your tech to work perfectly, it is able to quickly spin up an entire funnel from lead magnet to membership site. 

Now you can finally spend your time on the activities that matter most:

  • Your market
  • Your message
  • Your customer

Kartra is the 80/20 rule for digital marketers. It lets you build your funnel in record time so you can focus your time and attention on your marketing, message, and customer.

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How to get started with Kartra?

If you've ever struggled to get your tools to work, I challenge you to give Kartra a try for 2 weeks.

They're currently offering a $1 trial for 2 weeks, which is plenty of time to:

  • Create your account
  • Import a custom-made funnel (I personally like the List Builder funnel)
  • Build a beautiful opt in page, thank you page, and one-time offer page
  • Make small tweaks to the pre-written sales copy on the sales page and email sequence to fit your brand
  • And start running paid traffic to the funnel!

If you've ever built out an entire sales funnel with all these elements, you'd expect this type of project to take a week or two to set up, including several back and forth tests to fix the bugs that you always have doing this.

I was able to do this exact process (I also created an entire membership site as a paid upsell!) in under 48 hours, and was launching a funnel!

In just a few more minutes, you can start doing advanced A/B split testing on your key pages and have a well-oiled marketing machine at the ready.

But what if I already have a WordPress site?

Afraid you'll have to scrap your existing project and go all in on Kartra? 

Fear not, WordPress and Kartra are a match made in heaven!

Leave the blogging to WordPress. It's what it was designed for, and nobody does it better.

But leave the landing page design, the funnel creation, and the membership site to Kartra.

The video above will show you how WordPress and Kartra can live together in harmony!

Can you afford NOT to try this?

If you're trying to get unstuck with setting up a successful sales funnel and keeping things simple and focused, you need to try Kartra for $1. You've got nothing to lose, but how much could you gain?

If you've tried it, what was your favorite feature? Let me know in the comments below!

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