Income Report – September 2015.

Welcome to Income Mesh’s 9th income report.

I am writing these income reports each month so that I can track my traffic and income progress and so that you can learn from me, follow my steps and make money like I do.

What was I doing in September

Like mentioned in my previous income report, most of September was spent working on my Income Mesh redesign, which you are looking at right now.

Other than that I published just one article explaining what exactly has changed with new Income Mesh, and what can you expect in the near future.

One thing worth mentioning is the change of hosting provider. In September I invested in SiteGround hosting and this month I am transferring Income Mesh and all my other sites there.

You can expect a new article on how to make a blog with SiteGround very soon, where I will also explain why I chose SiteGround and not some other hosting company.

So let’s see how did Income Mesh do in September 2015. in terms of income and traffic.

Traffic Statistics

Starting from this month, my income reports will look a bit different. For example, I will post screenshots from my Google Analytics account that shows comparison in traffic between current and previous month.

That will make it easier for all of us to see how big all the changes really are.

I have few more advanced ideas to make income reports even cooler, but I'll leave that for the future, when I start getting bigger traffic and more money.

Google Analytics - August / September Traffic Comparison

This is a nice view, all elements have improved compared to August.

Although I didn't do any promotion, it seems that people have been more active (I suppose because they came back from their summer vacations).

The things I like the most are lower bounce rate and longer session duration.

I can't wait to see statistics for October, hopefully they will be even better. To have a bounce rate lower than 70% would be awesome.

Google Analytics Channels - August / September 2015.

Here comes the fun part, let's see from where did all that traffic come from.

Like in August my main traffic source is Google (50%), followed by direct traffic and then referral, social and finally email.

At this state I'm ok with that. But I would actually love to increase referral and social traffic, because you never know with Google. There may be some new update which could make your site drop in rankings and bye bye traffic and sales.


Social traffic is still my weakest point. Trying to change that though.

One interesting thing here is that I got 30 visits from Disqus. Although I made maybe one comment a while ago. Blog commenting works – lesson learned.

Now, let's see what was my most popular content in September.

I decided to not use Google Analytics screenshots and instead use real links, so that you can click-through if you need to.

I just have one thing to say, people obviously really like free stock photos 😀

Enough fooling around, let's see how much money did I make!

Income Report

September was fun! Besides some money coming from Thrive tools as usual, I've got some unexpected, but warmly welcomed sales from Optimize Press 2.0 and Engagi Fire. Heck, I even sold my first copy of Article Optimization Blueprint!

So far, I'm really happy.

This month though there have been some bigger expenses since I moved my site to SiteGround.

Let's see the numbers…

Thrive Themes tools: $327.50 (see my Thrive Leads review here + my Thrive Content Builder review here)
10 Minute Funnels: $38.80
Plugmatter Feature Box: $22.50
EngagiFire: $48.50
Optimize Press 2.0: $78.80
Article Optimization Blueprint: $9.25

= $522.10


Traffic Planet Hosting: $31.24
SiteGround Hosting (GoGeek package): $154.16
ActiveCampaign: $9

= $194.40

Profit: $327.70

Profit was a bit lower this month, but since I had a lot of expenses that's understandable.

Subscribers Statistics

I won't be providing my subscribers statistics this time. As you can read in my article on how to choose the best email marketing provider, I'm am currently in-between the services. More info in my next income report.

Wrapping it up

That's it guys. Keep grinding, creating new content, new products and making money.

If you are still not there don't worry, just keep going. You'll get there.

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