Income Report – May 2016

Welcome to Income Mesh’s 15th income report.

I am writing these income reports each month so that I can track my traffic and income progress and so that you can learn from me, follow my steps and make money like I do.

What happened in May 2016

Time is going fast isn't it, it's already summer, warmer weather, vacations.. but some of us don't stop working even than 🙂

May was extremely busy month for me, both on Income Mesh and on other projects.

Let me just mention the most important thing at the moment, and that is The Landing Factory. It's a Thrive Content Builder landing page marketplace I have been working on for the past couple of months and it has finally launched just few days ago.

Most of May I was designing templates and making all other preparations. If you need landing pages at affordable prices check The Landing Factory (there's a special launch discount going on).

Now let's go back to Income Mesh.

My first article in May was about LeadsGate Payday Loans affiliate program. It's actually the first sponsored article/review I've done on this blog so that was really fun to write.

Another article was announcing above mentioned The Landing Factory project, so that anyone interested could sign up on the waiting list and get 3 templates for free.

There was of course an income report article for April 2016, and finally, one of the most important things – the launch of Thrive Ultimatum plugin (made by Thrive Themes). A great product which I am using right now for my launch, and I can't recommend it enough. It's a scarcity/urgency WordPress plugin, the best one in the market at the moment.

Now let's see how was my traffic in May for Income Mesh, haven't had a chance to check it out till now honestly…

Traffic statistics


All together a good month, increase in number of sessions, I am finally reaching that 5k mark.

The number of unique users has also increase by 10%, meaning new people are looking at the website, plus they are seeing more pages too (pageviews).

Still, my bounce rate is still pretty horrible, people just come and go without visiting other articles. I'll try to fix that by installing some nice recommendations plugin to make other useful articles more visible.


The biggest surprise here is the increase in referral traffic which was up by 40% this last month. Most of that traffic came from few blog that link to me, some other from social sites.

All in all, there was increase in all fields, even in social traffic where Facebook sent few more visitors than usual, which you can see in more details below.


Facebook is still my nr.1 social traffic source, and in May it have sent me double traffic than usual.

I did some promotion on Pinterest so there also a bigger traffic coming from some Pinterest boards I posted in.

Surprisingly Twitter has bring some more people to Income Mesh, probably because I used it to advertise my Thrive Ultimatum review harder than usual.

What matters the most is where all that traffic went, and which blog posts were most popular in May.

Everything looks good except my article about WordPress list building plugins, I need to increase traffic here because that's one of my few money articles.

Income report

May was another over $1k month, still, not very much over $1k. My goal with this blog is to reach 2h per month, but it seems that will take some more time and effort on my side. Who told you that making money online was easy? 🙂

Thrive tools – $709.55 (see my Thrive Leads review here + my Thrive Content Builder review here)
10 Minute Funnels – $38.80
GetResponse – $35.01
Elegant Themes – $40
Optimize Press 2 – $38.8
Tailwind – $2.25
WP Profit Builder – $43.84
Sponsored article – $250

= $1119.45


GetResponse – $14.11

Profit: $1105.34

Another good month for Income Mesh. We'll see soon enough what will June bring us.

Wrapping it up

Next on Income Mesh is probably a blog post on how to make a blog. My long due article to help all of you beginners start a blog and hopefully make some money with it.

Key things to remember from this income report, check my new project The Landing Factory, and don't forget to check Thrive Ultimatum, your new best friend for increasing conversions.

As always, share your comments and questions below.

5 thoughts on “Income Report – May 2016”

  1. Most of my income is from one source as well. Do you plan on focusing efforts to diversify your income a bit more or do you think its ok to keep developing the Thrive income and not worry about it?


    1. Hey Paul, while Thrive has an awesome affiliate program I still plan to include few more things to increase my income.

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