Income Report – May 2015.

Welcome to Income Mesh’s 5th income report.

I am writing these income reports each month so that I can track my traffic and income progress and so that you can learn from me, follow my steps and make money like I do.

What was I doing in May

May was real quiet, at least on the blog, since I didn't publish any new articles. That doesn't mean I didn't do anything. Actually I am preparing one huge guide which will help a lot of you guys, it will be 5000+ words long, it will contain (for the first time here) some original video tutorials/reviews and it will for sure blow your mind. I plan to publish it by 15th of this month hopefully, and I assure you that you don't wanna miss it (subscribe on my list to get notified).

Other then that I joined a cool IM coaching system called The IM System by Ken “Kenster” Spano. It's closed now, but this was the best $297 I have spent, since it's the best internet marketing course I have seen so far. Make sure to get on his list to get notified as soon as he opens again.

There was also one other thing that took a lot of my time in May, I'm sure you are all familiar with it, it's a thing called life 🙂 But now I'm here again to write more and do some more cool stuff which you will just love.

Despite all that, this was the best month ever on Income Mesh blog and I finally made $500+  🙂

Let's see what happened with statistics and where did all that money come from…

Traffic statistics

I talked about spam traffic reported in my Google Analytics last month, since then I installed GM Block Bots WordPress plugin to try to block those spam visits, but it seems it is not working and that I will have to block that junk traffic manually somehow. It's important to know exact numbers when you are running a business otherwise it may lead you to wrong conclusions.

So the numbers below are actually approx. 500 visits lower than they appear. I also suspect this is messing my real bounce rate and average time on site. Anyway, let's see how did it go…


No drastic changes since the last month, although the numbers are a bit worse (as expected) since I didn't publish a single article.


Comparing it with April there's actually a bit higher number of new users, but duration of visits have decreased drastically.


Channel report is basically the same as the same month, although referral traffic is slightly higher.


Now here is the biggest change, my home page has got 400+ visits more than the last month, and my list building article has dropped for around 250 visits. I am working on optimization of my whole blog at the moment, planning to increase the page load speed and optimize my opt-in forms and lead magnets too, since my home page is the strongest page on my blog.


And this is how your social report looks like when you do nothing about social marketing 🙂

Income report

Let's get to the fun part. Although no articles were published, April was my best month so far regarding revenue.


Thrive tools: $432 (see my Thrive Leads review here + my Thrive Content Builder review here)
FeatureBox: $48.50
Bloom/Elegant Themes: $40
Optin Cat: $14.50

= $535


Traffic Planet Hosting: $31.24

Profit: $503.76

Finally! Next goal, $1000 per month 🙂 It will take a lot of work to get to that next level and a $1000 per month, but I believe I'm on the right track. Just need to push a little bit harder and publish some more articles, promote my blog a bit more and grow my email list faster.

Subscribers statistics


This month I got only like 37 new subscribers, 3 less then in April. Currently I have 153 subscribers in my list. With this slow growth rate I will reach 1000 subscriber in 2016. 😀 BUT, I have a game changing plan for that too, you'll be notified about it later this month.

Plans for June

Honestly, if I would give a bit more of work into this blog I could make it easily to $1000/month mark. But since I am lazy and distracted by other things I am growing slowly. $500 per month is not bad, but I need to work more and I will. Please do comment on any of my articles, share your stories and experiences, contact me if you like, I am eager to connect with new bloggers, so don't be shy 🙂

My plan for June is simple, publish that new kick-ass article and optimize the blog better, and make preparations for next month. I will explain in more detail what have I done in my next income report.

Thanks for your support and reading, keep grinding and good luck to you all.

9 thoughts on “Income Report – May 2015.”

  1. Hi Drazen (love that name by the way!),

    Congrats on reaching your monthly goal of $500 PROFIT for the month – great stuff.

    I’m currently collect income data from many bloggers and plan to publish a roundup report soon on my blog and would love to feature you numbers in it, if I may?

    In the meantime keep going and I have no doubt you will reach you next goal of $1,000 profit!


    1. Drazen Prastalo

      Hey Raj,

      Sorry for not approving your comment sooner, I have a lot of spam and it just got lost. Thanks for the kind words 🙂

      Sure, you may feature me in your blog post, make sure to drop me a message when you do 😉

  2. Interesting post Drazen. I appreciate that you are showing the growth in your email list from month to month. I have not started a list yet, but I should be able to start one this month.

    1. Drazen Prastalo

      You’re welcome. Start building your list ASAP, but also think about what will you send to your users, set the autoresponder and think about what goal do you want to achieve with your list. Good luck!

  3. Hi Drazen,
    keep up the good work. I have a single issue- the income is generated by the affiliate marketing…it might be a silly question, I am pretty new in the blogosphere. Many thanks!

  4. Hi Drazen, just read your landing page review post. It’s awesome. For goodness sake, re-purpose it into an Amazon eBook and earn some passive revenue that way. You can update the eBook each month/quarter as things change, but you should tap into this revenue stream, in my opinion. Cheers, Robin.

    1. Drazen Prastalo

      Hey Robin, great idea, but since a huge part of my landing page reviews are video reviews I am not sure how would I incorporate that into a Kindle book?


  5. Hi Drazen, just added your income report to – highlighting new income reports across the web – and not only huge entrepreneurs – but smart, growing ones like yourself. Keep up the good work. You can learn a lot quickly from these reports. Cheers, Robin.

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