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Income Report – March 2015.

Hey guys, long time no see. 🙂

March has passed and not a single blog post was published on IncomeMesh. How come? Well, I was really busy with my full time job, and a bit lazy too. I’ve took March off (not completely) to recharge my batteries and grow some new healthy habits.

I started working out, eating healthier food (LCHF) and ditching all things that were draining my energy.

But I did some updated on the blog though. Read more about it below and also, see how despite not publishing a single article my blog managed to get more visitors this month and even a few sales.


This one is a bit personal, and not that you should care, but it will affect this blog in a positive way too. Yesterday was my last day on my regular full-time job! Weee! I’m so happy about it and can’t wait to focus more and invest more time on my online projects and ideas.

That means you will see more articles on IncomeMesh regularly and more cool tips & tricks from me. I am also planing to create my first info product (first I need to validate it), and I am also going to do some freelancing and coaching on the side. If you want to hire me feel free to reach me through my contact page.


Not a lot of visual changes were done on the blog last month. I removed InstaBuilder 2.0 banner from the sidebar since it wasn’t effective. But I added a new opt-in bait in the footer.

Scroll down at the bottom and you can check it out. It’s simple but so far really effective and conversion are good. I just need to make it mobile responsive.

TIP: Talking about mobile optimization here’s a good tip, if you haven’t heard about it yet. From April 27 Google will include mobile optimization as a ranking factor. Meaning, if your website is not optimized for mobile devices it will not rank very well or at all when users use Google on their mobile phones. So prepare, and optimize your websites.


Like I said, there were no new blog posts published in March, BUT, one blog post was updated.

My currently most visited article about List Building for WordPress got a HUGE update. And when I say huge, I mean HUUUGE.

From original 5000+ words article it has grown to 7000+ words. I have added 1 new regular placement, 7 new bonus chapter and over 30 new WordPress opt-in plugins.

If you have not seen it yet, I recommend you to check it out right away.


There’s a belief among bloggers that the more you blog the better. From one point of you that’s not a bad idea, if you are concerned in engaging more readers and have a high percentage of return visitors that’s a great point.

However, from the Google (SEO) point of view, publishing articles every day or 3 times a week does not make a real difference. Just by looking at the publishing frequency. What’s more important is the quality and the length of the content.

I don’t if you have noticed but there are several popular bloggers in internet marketing niche, like Brian Dean from Backlinko, who doesn’t post that often but the majority of their articles are of extremely high quality and at least a 1000 words in length.

Long story short, concentrate on the quality and the length of your content. That alone will bring you more traffic from Google and more social shares.

This little info was intentional, to explain you better why my traffic increased in March even though I didn’t publish a single new article on the blog (nor promote it more than usual).

Now let’s see the stats…

GA-Overview-March-2015In April I have passed 2000 sessions and that's by over 40% comparing to the last month which is awesome. However, bounce rate is a bit higher, average number of pages per session has dropped a bit too, and average time on site has drop for 1 minute. I'm just guessing, but this must have some connection with the fact that I didn't publish anything that month. I would need to go deeper in numbers to see where and when did those drop happened to understand better why.


Now, looking at channels there a small change comparing to the previous month too. Organic search is higher by itself, although it's 10% lower in comparison with other channels.

Referral traffic is now second best, compared with previous month where direct traffic was better. Both referral and direct traffic have increased, referral by over 100%.

Social and email traffic are also better then my previous month, where social has more than doubled.

All in all, great month and improvements in all fields.




Looking at traffic per each page, this is the first time that my list building article performed even better than the homepage. That's because I promoted it on social networks a bit, since I updated it few days ago. The rest is pretty much the same as the last month.




And finally let's take a look at the social statistics. Facebook has been rockin' pretty good as usual, mostly because of my sharing in various FB groups. The rest, well, looks bad. In a way I'm glad because when I dive into Twitter and other social networks properly I know that these numbers will be a lot higher.



Surprisingly, I still managed to make few sales this month. Not so surprisingly, they were a lot lower than the previous month.

I had one extra expense this month (see below), and one *refund of $28.50, but all in all, it was a good month.

*I’ve had several refunds in the past few months for some plugins, it seems that the people don’t know how to use certain products or they don’t know that they could ask for support from product creators.

Always think twice before you buy something, and if you do buy it and something doesn’t turns out as it should don’t hesitate to contact product owners.

In 99% of the cases they will help you with everything you need and, more often than not, do some adjustments for you. Heck, you can even contact me and I’ll help you too if I can.

Thrive Leads is still my number one income generator, the rest of them will follow as the blog grows (I hope).

For the complete list of my incomes and expenses, check below.


Optin Monster – $19.80

Thrive Leads – $126.50 (see my Thrive Leads review here + my Thrive Content Builder review here)

Total income: $146.30


Traffic Planet Hosting – $31.24

Opt-In Panda for WordPress – $22.00

Total expenses: $53.24

Profit (income – expenses): $93.00

I say not bad, for completely passive income. What do you think?


MailChimp statistics March 2015

By the end of February 2015. I had in total 49 subscribers, from which 29 subscribed in February only.

In March I got 38 new subscribers, which combined results in 87 subscribers in total.

February new subscribers: 29

March new subscribers: 38

Total subscribers at the moment: 87

I realize that number is low and the growth is really slow, but since I did almost none promotions or marketing that number looks ok so far.

I’ve added content upgrade on my List building for WordPress article so far, which should boost conversions. I plan to include content upgrades on my all previous posts and my all future posts. After that we’ll see how it goes.

So far my best convertors are Feature Box on the homepage, popups powered by Optin Monster and my footer on-click lightbox.

I am currently doing A/B tests for popups, after that I will make certain changes that should boost conversions even more. Plus, I will also install exit intent popup technologie too.


April is going to be fun! Here are my plans so far:

  • Make a new slogan – My current slogan is “Internet Marketing Strategies” not very original, I was thinking about “Turning Blogging Into Business” as a more suitable one, what do you think?
  • Exit intent popup – After I finish my A/B test for auto lightbox popup I will try with exit intent popups and compare conversions. Which ever wins – stays.
  • Social media – Currently I am not really active on any social networks, I will change that and see if I can get some more traffic from it.
  • Implement other list building tricks from my eBook – Have you check my free list building eBook? There are some really great methods there which I haven’t had time to implement yet on this blog. Time to change that.
  • Review Optin Monster – After more than a month of use it’s time to review Optin Monster.
  • Review of Thrive Leads – Not gonna promise anything but I will do my best to play around with Thrive Leads for a week or two and write a review.

And what are your plans for April? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Income Report – March 2015.”

  1. Epic results for the amount of time you spent actually blogging lol

    Looking forward to what you can accomplish now that you’re going to have more time to work on this site.

    1. Drazen Prastalo

      Hey Gabe, right? 😀

      I’ll do my best to bring this little blog one step higher in every way, wish me luck 🙂

  2. Hi I’m a new reader to your blog and I’ve gotta say it’s very inspiring to me. I am literally just starting on my journey and I will have a good read of your blog for some top tips. Thanks aloy

    1. Drazen Prastalo

      Hey Tom,

      Welcome, I’m glad you like it 🙂

      Good luck with your journey, just don’t give up and everything will come to it’s place. Stay tuned since I have some exciting things coming up on Income Mesh blog soon.

  3. $98 is a good income for only 2k sessions.
    In my case I have about 1k sessions per month, but I do ten times less.
    I try to learn more from you to become more efficient in monetizing my blog.

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