Income Report – June 2015.

Welcome to Income Mesh’s 6th income report.

I am writing these income reports each month so that I can track my traffic and income progress and so that you can learn from me, follow my steps and make money like I do.

What was I doing in June

First, let me explain why this income report is being published so late. I was working for a long time on my article about landing page builders which is the most comprehensive article I have written so far, containing templates for download, video and text review and even a comparison chart.

After that was published, I invested some time and money promoting it. Then, a bad thing happened – my hard drive died. Not completely but just enough to take a few weeks of my time trying to figure out what was happening my iMac. Finally, few days ago I have managed to fix it and change my hard drive with a new Samsung Evo 850 SSD disk. Now my iMac works as it should.

*I had my computer scanned and examined remotely by Brian Muntz, a PC/Mac technician from Canada. If you need help with your PC/Mac feel free to contact him on Facebook, he is very affordable, professional and patient beyond words. You can also download his TeamViewer if you want to, and even call him if you want to talk. Make sure to say that Drazen from Croatia sent you 🙂

Other than that there was nothing special in June, I did no promotion of my blog which cost me money this month and have learned a valuable lesson. Writing and publishing can be beneficial but only with promotion. You can write the best articles in the world but if no one can find it, it's of no use.

Traffic statistics

If you were following my income reports for the past few month you probably remember that I mentioned by battle against Google Analytics spam bots. Still no luck, but I have some new tools in my arsenal which I plan to use soon and hopefully finish worrying about those spam bots.

For anyone trying to clean up their analytics from bots try with this WordPress plugin or this tools which removes and blocks spam bots directly in your Google Analytics account. Both solutions are completely free.

Now let's move on to statistic for June and see how well I did. Keep in mind that I didn't do any promotion of my blog till the end of the month. You'll the spike in the graphs below and I'll explain from where did that traffic came from.

GA-June-OverviewWe can see an increase here which occurred mostly because I advertised Income Mesh on Facebook by the of the month, when I published my article on landing page builders. Plus, I did some free promotion on Facebook, sent a few emails and optimized my articles for social sharing.

Now let's see June compared to May…


From the graph we can see that June and May were pretty much the same, maybe June was a bit better, but that spikes at the end of the month have increased my visits by 1000+ more. Unfortunately everything else was not that good, including bounce rate and average session duration.

Now let's see the channel report…


This channel report is a bit wrong, because of the already mentioned spam bots, and reports a high percentage of referral traffic, which is false. Organic search is pretty low to (Google send me more traffic pls) but direct traffic is surprisingly high.


Home page is by far my most popular page (like on most of the websites – make sure to optimize your home page for the highest conversion possible). My second best is from the latest article on landing page builders and the third one is from my huge article on list building plugins for WordPress.


Looking at my social networks report, no big change here, Facebook is still my number one social source of traffic.

Income Report

In May I made over $500 and that was totally awesome. However, June was a let down.

You always want to see your earning to go higher then before, but that's not always the case. Still, this is a journey and there will be bumps on the way, highs and lows, I just need to be persistent and the success will come. I suggest you to do the same and don't give up until you get there.

So this is how I did in May…


Thrive tools: $151.50 (see my Thrive Leads review here + my Thrive Content Builder review here)
Lander: $50.00

= $201.50


Traffic Planet Hosting: $31.24
Facebook ads: $20

Profit: $150.26

Yeah, not something to be bragging about. But I'll tell you a little secret, July is going to be much better 🙂

Subscribers statistics


In June I got 57 new subscribers which is awesome. Not amazing but still good. I have a plan, and a good one for the near future for getting more subscribers, you'll be notified when I put it in action.

Plans for July / August

July is almost over and August is coming quickly, here's what you can expect in August:

  • Redesign of Income Mesh – I am working on it as we speak and it will be awesome!
  • More content – With a new design I also plan to publish some more content covering some basics on traffic, list building and monetization.
  • Hosting change – Not yet sure but I may switch hosts. Nothing wrong with my current one, I am just testing a cheaper solution and possibly equally good or even better.
  • Email autoresponder sequence – Currently I send all my emails to subscribers manually – this is about the change. I am preparing a set of emails which will be sent automatically. Emails I'll send will be valuable and actionable, so if you are not on my list yet, hop on now.
  • Changing my email provider from MailChimp to… – This is not yet 100% sure, but I have found another email marketing automation tool which is cheap and awesome. Still, need to test it a bit before completely ditching MailChimp.
  • Guest posting – Also preparing to publish a few guest articles for SEO and traffic boost.

I think I will find a week somehow to take a vacation too and enjoy the summer before it's over.

What are your plans for August? 🙂

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    1. Drazen Prastalo

      Hey Alexander,

      Thanks so much for the nice words, and thanks for including me in your list, that’s awesome 🙂

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