Income Report – July 2015.

Welcome to Income Mesh’s 7th income report.

I am writing these income reports each month so that I can track my traffic and income progress and so that you can learn from me, follow my steps and make money like I do.

What was I doing in July

Summer is slowly coming to an end, I hope you all rested and prepared for some ass-kicking for the last quarter of 2015. Usually, summers are bit slow (money wise) because a lot of people are on vacation, chilling, and working on a computer is not that appealing when temperatures are so high (trust me I know, this summer in Croatia was hot as hell).

Still, this July was my best month with Income Mesh so far. There were some unexpected sales, I got some good backlinks and all in all, it was a good month.

Other than that, new, redesigned Income Mesh is in the process and should be out by the end of August 2015. if everything goes as it should. Keep an eye on this blog because there will be some nice changes, new freebies and some new highly valuable and actionable articles.


Traffic statistics

This month's statistics are a bit lower, as all of my future statistic reports will be, since I got a filtered view in my Google Analytics account, which is allowing me to remove a part of those spam / fake referral visits in my reports.

Let's start with the overview…

GA-OverviewFew spikes here and there, but still a very large bounce rate and avg. session duration. For better understanding let's take a look at the comparison below:


We can see that actually bounce rate is better this month (lol), but still really bad. Most of the other sessions are ok too, although not as good as I would like to.

But than again, this month was the best, income wise, so these statistics don't bother me too much.

Let's see the channel report…


Not happy when I see this because I know it's not true. Despite using a filtered view in Google Analytics I know that most of these visits/sessions under Direct and Referral are, unfortunately spam. However, it's nice to see 800 sessions from Google.


Here we have a list of most popular articles and categories on Income Mesh, and without surprise my best landing page builders article had the most visits this month, if you haven't check it out yet, make sure to do so.


My Facebook efforts are still working the best for me, mostly because most of my time I spend on Facecook and very little on other networks like Twitter or LinkedIn, which is not smart, don't make these same mistakes and reach out to people everywhere.

Income Report

As you can see from my stats below, this was actually my best month so far. Although not completely passive income, because a part of it was consulting, I am still satisfied and looking forward on reaching $1000 a month goal.

Now few words about how did I make all of this money.

Plugins and membership package from Thrive Themes guys are bringing me money each money since I started promoting them. They really are that good, that's why people are buying their stuff. I use it too and I just love their products.

Surprise income maker this month was Long Tail Pro. I notified my subscribers about it (are you on my list?) so that they could get it at a special price of just $37. Luckily some of them took my advice and saved a bunch of money. Now the price is back to $97. Like most of the stuff I promote, I also use Long Tail Pro for my keyword research.

My friends from Plugmatter notified me about 1 sale I did, not much, but I'm happy even when I make the smallest sales 🙂

Another surprise this month was 10 Minute Funnels. Actually I didn't promote them as I usually promote stuff, I just link to them from a survey I did in my best landing page builders article. I guess someone really likes their software, can't wait to try them out and write a review.

The latest revenue maker this month, and probably the sweetest one, was consulting. Yes, I will start to offer my consulting services very soon officially on Income Mesh, currently I am doing it more silently through some other channels. If you need help with your business drop me a message and we'll arrange a call.


Thrive tools: $200.50 (see my Thrive Leads review here + my Thrive Content Builder review here)
Long Tail Pro: $282.50
Plugmatter's Feature Box: $22.80
10 Minute Funnels: $39.20
Consulting: $300.00 (contact me)
= $845.00


Traffic Planet Hosting: $31.24

Profit: $813.76

Subscribers Statistics

MC-JulyJuly was a bit slow on subscribers, only 33 new subscribers. Again, Income Mesh needs some improvements and I am aware of that. With Income Mesh v2 which will be out in couple of weeks I expect too see a lot more traffic, more subscribers and more sales.

With that thought I will wrap this up, have fun and enjoy this summer while it lasts, soon all will be back to normal.

If you have any questions, shoot in the comment box below.


5 thoughts on “Income Report – July 2015.”

    1. Drazen Prastalo

      Hey Yordi, thanks 🙂
      Yeah, I am working on it. It’s hard to have consistent income so far, but I am trying.

      Keep following my blog, there will be some new cool things added here soon.


    1. Drazen Prastalo

      Hey Alexander,

      Yes, comparing to my last income report this was a huge jump.

      Thanks again for including me in your list, that’s awesome 🙂

  1. Hi Drazen Prastalo,
    Thanks for your income report! I am inspired by it. I want to build at least 15 Amazon niche site within a year with the help of my team. Already created five websites and earning a small amount ($50- $100)
    What are the primary barriers I have to face? Please write some point for me as you are the expert to write blog.
    What should be the real strategy? Make 15 small niche site in a year or build three big niche site within a year.
    Thanks in advance.

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