Income Report – December 2015

Welcome to Income Mesh’s 12th income report.

I am writing these income reports each month so that I can track my traffic and income progress and so that you can learn from me, follow my steps and make money like I do.

What happened in December 2015

While November was personally a bit disappointing (income wise), December was actually pretty good.

It's funny how on the months when I publish the least content (I published only my November Income Report in December), are the months which are making me the most money.

Other than that there wasn't anything special worth mentioning. I took some time off to enjoy the holidays and work with some of my clients.

You could say that Income Mesh was on a small vacation 🙂

Traffic Statistics

Let's take a look at traffic in December compared to November 2015.


Lots of red color doesn't look good, although my income says otherwise.

Luckily most of these downs in performance are really small when you take a look at actual numbers.

To understand better what's going on let's see my channels report.


Now we can see that my organic (Google) and referral traffic are doing just fine, it's my direct and social traffic what's causing all the trouble.

I wouldn't worry about it honestly. I believe December was for many a vacation month, Christmas, a lot of eating and drinking and less time reading internet marketing articles 🙂

How did all that affected my articles and which one dropped the most, check my top pages report below to find out.

This is a lot better. Now I know that my ‘money articles' are doing good, actually better than before and that I got a decrease in traffic on some less important articles.

That's why it's important to check all these thing in your GA account, otherwise the numbers can trick you.

And for the end of this traffic section, let's see social traffic for Income Mesh.


Remember, I had a marketing giveaway going on in November, that's why my social traffic was much bigger in November compared to December.

I'm actually working on my social strategy as we speak, and will share all with you soon.

Income Report

While I didn't like my income numbers in November, December was much nicer 🙂

I had $100+ of refund, and still didn't get through my $1000 goal, but I'm not losing hope nor will. I'll get there.

There were some nice newbies this month, like Instapage which brought just over $150.


Thrive tools – $593.00
10 Minute Funnels – $78.00
Instapage – $158.70
Optin Monster – $5.80
GetResponse – $4.95
Optin Cat – $18.50

= $858.95


GetResponse – $13.55

Profit: $845.40

Before I wrap it up. I realized that I forget to mention my Facebook ads in my previous income report.

I decided I won't include it because I got a $100 Facebook coupon code which I am using here and there to get some more traffic. So basically, all my numbers stated in income reports are good.

Wrapping it up

Besides Income Mesh I started working on 2 more Amazon niche sites, I have a plan on creating another site, e-commerce like for digital products, and I also plan to release a product on JVzoo just for fun (PLR info product).

Wish me luck 🙂

I also see a lot of interest related to Amazon niche sites and making money through Amazon affiliate program. If you would like to know more about it let me know. I might include it here on Income Mesh under a new category, or maybe start a whole new websites dedicated to making money with Amazon.

Please share your thoughts about it in the comments area below.

5 thoughts on “Income Report – December 2015”

  1. Wow Drazen!

    You almost doubled compared with last month, well done! You are getting closer and closer to the $1,000 target and that’s good news, I’m sure January will be better (which I’m already waiting impatient).
    I have updated you in the list of favourite bloggers (and their income reports) at I really hope you like it because this month you went up some position =)

    Thank you very much for sharing your results and income with us.



    1. Hey Francisco,

      Thanks for including me in your list 🙂

      Yeah, December was great, but January not so much. I publish my income report next week, so stay tuned.


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