Income Report – April 2015.

Welcome to Income Mesh’s 4th income report.

I am writing these income reports each month so that I can track my traffic and income progress and so that you can learn from me, follow my steps and make money like I do.

What was I doing in April

April was my first month “free” from the regular 9-to-5 job since I quit on April the 1st. I can tell you something right away, working on your own business and not having a boss is awesome.

Still, it takes a lot of hard work and discipline because you have to do everything by yourself – planning, preparation, execution, research, writing and organization – and if you don’t do it right (and you probably won’t at the beginning) there can be a lot of stress involved also. That is, until you put all the pieces together and figure out the formula that works the best for you.

I’m still figuring out my own personal formula, and when I do figure it out you’ll be notified 🙂

Free WordPress plugin for content upgrades


Few days ago I released a free WordPress plugin for easy insertion of content upgrades into your blog posts. I am using content upgrades on this blog too and I just got sick of its ugly looking presence so I decided to make something nicer.

For those of you that don’t know, content upgrade is a lead magnet (a bribe) which you give to your readers in exchange for (usually) email address. But this isn’t just any lead magnet, this is a special lead magnet that is highly related to the article which users are reading at that very moment. Because of that, content upgrade (aka lead magnet) can be found only within 1 article (if it’s really unique) or within several articles from the same category.

So for example, you are reading this income report. If I am about to use content upgrades in this article I would need to make some PDF checklist, video tutorial, a template or some other kind of downloadable files highly related to income reports (like “7 Ways how Income Reports can bring you thousand of visitors per month! Click here to download!”).

Here’s a live working demo of that idea, just click on it

[thrive_2step id='1454′][sc:IncomeReportExample ][/thrive_2step]

*My plugin covers only the looks of the content upgrade. For on-click functionality and opt-in lightbox you need to use some other WP plugin. I use Thrive Leads.

If you are interested in it, my plugin is called Content Upgrader, go and give it a test ride, it's completely free. It contains 9 beautifully designed templates in many colors which you can use for your content upgrades, without having to mess with CSS and all that stuff.

I have launched it silently since I still need to upload an introduction video on the landing page, which I couldn’t do so far due to some technical issues.

Please give the Content Upgrader a test ride, use it on your blogs and let me know what you think about it. I would love to see it in action on your websites and I am open for any feedback or suggestions.

Content published

I have published only 3 articles in April. I want to increase that to 4 articles per month so that I can have at least one published every week. I am working on my content strategy right now and will do my best to write a bit more in May.

I have started April with Top 5 Ways To Make $hit Load of Money Online in 2015. This is actually one of my favorite articles I have ever published on Income Mesh blog, since it contains really cool ways to make money online.

After that I have put up a selection of 12 Best Opt-in Solutions for Non-WordPress Websites. I know that WordPress powers about 20% of internet, but there’s a lot of other websites that need to work on their list building too.

And in my latest blog post in April I talked about how to Monetize Your Blog by Joining These Affiliate Networks. If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing make sure to read it.

Traffic statistics

Like many of you I get a lot of referral spam from bots showing fake visits from certain websites (prominent spammers are semalt, darodar, buttons-for-website and others). Because of that my actual numbers are visits are lower than presented in my Google Analytics account, but until I find some good solution to clean it up I’ll continue to show exact statistics from GA without any modifications of filters.

P.S. This article seems to give a solution for getting rid of referral spam in Google Analytics, I might give it a try.

Now let's see the statistics for April of 2015.


Sessions are almost the same as the previous month but bounce rate has decreased a bit, and average session duration has increased also, which is great. I would like to bring bounce rate below 50%, but let's do one step at a time.

For better understanding of how well (or bad) did I do this month, here's a comparison chart of April vs March 2015. below:


As we can see changes were not significant, but some improvement is visible.


Organic traffic has decreased by 15% this month, I'm not too happy about it honestly. When looking at my Google Webmaster Tools I can also see that my blog is showing less in search results and bringing less clicks then usual. I don't know why is that happening but I'll try to find out.


My most popular article is still the one about WordPress list building plugins, but Income Report from March has gotten some more views then usual since Matthew Woodward has mentioned me in his income report round up recently.


I got around 100 more visits from Facebook in April due to some promotion in various Facebook groups. This seems like a good tactic which I will continue to use this month too, and join some more Facebook groups.

Income Report

Now comes the sweetest part of this article – my income report. Without too much intro, here are the numbers:


Thrive Themes tools: $194.00 (see my Thrive Leads review here + my Thrive Content Builder review here)
FeatureBox: $90.60
Elegant Themes (Bloom plugin): $84.50
Envato (ThemeForest): $16.50

= $385.60


Traffic Planet Hosting: $31.24

Profit: $354.36

I expected to reach $500 last month but I was missing few more sales to get there. Oh well, that just means I will have to push a bit more this month, wish me luck 🙂

Subscribers statistics


In March I had a total of 87 subscribers. By the end of April I had 116 subscribers. When we do the math that means I had 29 new subscribers last month. But that number is actually higher. I had 40 new subscribers in April, but 11 subscribers from my list unsubscribed, so that brought out the 116 subscribers in total.

There's so much improvement possible in this area and I'll do my best to increase that in May.

Plans for May

This is my plan for May. Since I make the most of my money on this blog from just one article, I decided to concentrate on the quality of my new articles and make them even more awesome, with more details and write the most useful stuff possible.

I won't say what exactly will I write about this month, since that can easily change in my plans, but you can for sure expect some really amazing content.

Besides that I will try to increase the number of my subscribers and profit of course (let's break that $500/month mark).

Will I make it? We'll see in a month 🙂

5 thoughts on “Income Report – April 2015.”

  1. Awesome stuff, Drazen! Those Facebook groups are working much better than I thought they ever would. I eventually want to spend some time joining a bunch more private promotion groups and see if I can break 100 visitors per day for a whole month.

    It’s great how a lot of your income is pretty much passive, and looking forward to what you accomplish this month. I’m sure you’ll be able to break that $500 level this month!

  2. Drazen Prastalo

    Hey Gabe, thx 🙂

    I agree, FB groups are awesome and can bring a lot of traffic if you play it well. Regarding my profit, I think I need more great content to cover some more areas related to blogging and internet marketing, that would for sure bring even more sales. But we’ll see about that next month 🙂

  3. This is really good and great encouragement for me, it’s nice to see you making money and one day I hope to as well! I’m off to check out some of the tools you suggest.

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