I help Entrepreneurs Simplify & Optimize Their Tech

And it all starts with a Simple, Effective, and Scalable Sales Funnel

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Hi, I'm John

And I help entrepreneurs find and master the right tools, strategies, and tactics to launch or scale their online business.

After a decade of engineering for some of the most well-known companies in the world (Disney World, General Electric, and Toyota), I became obsessed with process improvement.?

Basically, any process in business can be mapped out, broken down, analyzed, and improved.

For years I did this to build cars faster and at higher quality.

Or to get more guests through theme parks safely.

Or to build MRI machines and CT Scanners on time.

I loved it. I was good at it.

But something happened that changed everything...

The Life Changing Event

Any parent out there knows that when kids come along, your perspective shifts. And it did for me in a big way.

My wonderful wife Suzi left her job and started blogging at home alongside our new baby girl.

And I brought my process improvement skills into the mix, optimizing blog posts, Facebook Ads, and sales funnels.

Fast forward 4 years (and 2 children later...) and we have a million dollar online business enabled me to quit my job, spend more time with my children, while helping thousands of other entrepreneurs unlock the road map to do the exact same thing.

You'll never see me driving a lambo, or shaking a briefcase full of money.

?But what you WILL get is no-nonsense advice from someone who lives and breathes this stuff. 

I'm so glad you're here and I can't wait to help you figure all this stuff out - because if you desire the lifestyle freedom to spend time with friends and family (or if you just really want to buy a lambo.. I won't judge), this business model is the absolute best that we have found.


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