How To Build An Advanced Evergreen Sales Funnel Without Expensive Software (In A Single Day)!

I'm Launching A New Funnel From Scratch Today. Want to Join in?

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    You're going to learn how to use software that can save you thousands of dollars per year AND give you greater flexibility and functionality.
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    You'll see how to set up a very advanced funnel, and you can follow along and implement it yourself! We're talking countdown timers, synchronized email sequences, special pricing, upsells... the works! And it all runs smoothly from your own website!
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    All the shortcuts I use to build a funnel like this in less than 24 hours.
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    Why done is better than perfect when you have perfect analytics and can use data to optimize performance.
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    A decent computer, internet access, and no distractions.
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    MINDSET: Join in with an open mind and willingness to learn. Some of the concepts we are doing might be new and scary for you (around copywriting and a bit of the tech) - but with a positive mindset and consistent effort - you can launch everything in 24 hours (as you will see me do as well!)
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    COMMITMENT. There's work involved (you'll see me working in each of these steps). But at the end, you'll have a funnel ready to launch, and will know exactly what steps to take to move it into the profit zone.
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    The Tool list. In the training we will be building our website using the Thrive Suite toolset as well as Thrivecart for selling our products. These tools are not required, but I think you will find they are an incredible value compared to many of the "software as a service" systems out there.

No experience is required. I'll be showing you what tools you'll need, what buttons to click. The whole works

  • But First, Read This Disclaimer:

I promise that if you follow along and work through the process, you can have your funnel up and running in less than 24 hours. But I can't guarantee that you'll be profitable on day one.

Heck, I'm normally not profitable on day 1! This takes work, testing, dedication, and a willingness to succeed.

I'll show you the steps to measure and improve your performance, but there is skill in copywriting, offer creation, and every other step in the process.

If you get stuck - ask for help! But push through, because learning the skills that we implement in this class will empower you for the rest of your digital marketing career!

  • Start Date

You will get instant access as soon as you purchase! All content is ready for you - no need to wait for your lessons to release.

  • Offer Expires:

This special price will expire once the countdown timer on this page ends.

  • The Investment:

On this page I'm only asking for you to invest $67 to build your funnel in one day.

As soon as your purchase is complete, you'll be emailed your login details, and can be finished with your funnel by the end of the night!

And no- you don't need to sign up for any $297 per month software. In fact, to run all the tech inside this system costs about $19 per month...

You're probably thinking that you can't possibly get much good out of such an inexpensive program and cheap software...

But I guarantee you that if you follow along and implement what we do together, you'll feel in total control of your website, your software, and your marketing....

Or I'll refund every penny.

That's right. No questions asked. Spend a full 30 days building your funnel, launching it, driving traffic, and optimizing.

If you honestly think that I am under-delivering on this, I'll give you every penny back. No questions asked.

I want to empower you with this program and get you super excited to continue to work with me for the long haul :)

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