ATTENTION: Frustrated Website Builders

Finally Unlock Your Creative Genius On Your Website With The Elementor Builder

Learn To Master Every Corner Of Your Website... With Zero Design Or Coding Skills!

Feel Like You Have A Masterpiece In Your Head... But When You Put It On Paper It Just Looks... Awful?

How many nights have you spent with your head in your hands because you just couldn't get your website to cooperate with you?

  • No one is clicking on your (kinda ugly) buttons
  • Your color scheme looks like it was designed by a distracted 4 year old with finger paint...
  • Your site looks awful on mobile... and you know it's not 1997 anymore... mobile design matters

Don't worry, you're not alone, and it's definitely not your fault.

Whether you are a business owner trying to get more clients, or a service-provider who wants to add websites to your tool belt, building a professional website is a powerful skill.


You'll spend weeks going back-and-forth with a well-meaning designer... but there's a problem.

Your website is your baby!

And if you want to achieve your vision, it's important that you learn the skills to do it yourself (or at least make the adjustments along the way).

Your Shortcut Is Here

Lucky for you, I've spent hundreds of hours building websites for myself, my family, and dozens of clients - working with the best (and worst) tools available online for professional website building, and I'm ready to turn that knowledge into a fast-track to make you a competent site builder.

Introducing Elementor Hero

Elementor Hero is a complete online course that puts you back in control over every corner of your website.

Using the latest tools and technologies, you'll feel like an absolute pro - designing every part of your online business just became point and click.

That's right, no coding - just a beautiful website that you can be proud of.

Oh and you'll get there in record time with my easy to follow, on-demand trainings!

Don't worry, Elementor isn't some VooDoo Black Magic...

It's a powerful Wordpress Plugin that allows you to:

  • Build Powerful and high performance websites, visually.
  • Capture powerful leads to fuel your business with eye-catching pop ups
  • Rely on the creative genius of others with professional templates (for free!)
  • Design every inch of your website without the normal limitations of Wordpress Websites
  • And so much more...

So What Am I Getting With This Course?

Confident, step-by-step instructions

With over 36 guided video tutorials, you will learn everything you need at a perfect "done at your own pace" style.

We will start from zero, and build a professionally designed website powered by Elementor, together.

Templates and Checklists

We cover important strategies and tactics in the course, and I don't want you to forget anything!

So be sure to print out the templates and checklists that support you as you progress through the course, becoming an expert designer in Elementor.

Updates & Support

While it's impossible to rebuild the entire course everytime a minor update is released, I ensure to keep the content fresh whenever new functionality comes out inside Elementor.

And I love to answer any questions you have about the course as you are going through it!

Lifetime Access

Wordpress is always evolving, and so is this course!

Take the content at your own pace - it will be here when you are ready for it!

People Love Learning & Taking Action With Me

Don't Forget the


Full Sales Funnel Build

Most sales funnel software costs 10x what Elementor does, and doesn't do half of what Elementor can (in the right hands).

We will build a full sales funnel and show you how you can save thousands per year in software!

Template Downloads

I'll show you the best sources of templates, downloads, and other pro-designer resources that you can access for free online!

This is the fastest way to produce high-quality designs. Yours free.

Your Tour Guide, John Whitford

John retired from corporate America at 30 years old after he and his wife built a successful blogging business in Wordpress.

Now he continues to serve clients and teach his skills to help other ambitious people leave their day job and pursue their dreams.

John's dream? Biking his 3 kids to school in the morning and working alongside his beautiful wife Suzi.

This is a No-Brainer with the time you will save building your next website. Get Started Today! Only $47 Today!

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