Finally Unlock Your Creative Genius On Your Website With The Elementor Builder

Learn to Master Every Corner of your website... Even if you failed before

Feel like you have a masterpiece in your head... but when you put it on paper it Just looks... awful?

How many nights have you spent with your head in your hands because you just couldn't get your website to cooperate with you?

  • You just can't get your buttons to look compelling and action-inspiring…
  • Your color scheme is all off
  • Your site looks OK on Desktop but when you switch to your phone everything falls apart!
  • It just takes you hours to build a single page that you STILL aren't proud of…
  • After adding dozens of plugins to your site you're left with a tangled mess that STILL doesn't do what you want.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Don't worry, you're not alone, and it's definitely not your fault.

Navigating WordPress alone can feel like it requires a PhD in geekiness…

You have to learn about Pages, Posts, Categories… the list goes on and on…

And when you finally get it at a high-level, you're still stuck with a bland looking website that you KNOW won't attract the target audience you deserve…

And don't even try to outsource all the design! You'll spend weeks going back and forth with a well-meaning designer… but your website is your baby! And you just need to be empowered to make it look the way you envision it in your mind!

Lucky for you, I've spent hundreds of hours building websites for myself, my family, and dozens of clients – working with the best (and worst) tools available online for professional website building, and I'm ready to turn that knowledge into a fast-track to make you a competent site builder.

Introducing Elementor Hero

Elementor Hero is a complete online course that puts you back in control over every corner of your website. Using the latest tools and technologies, you'll feel like an absolute pro – designing every part of your online business just became point and click.

That's right, no coding – just a beautiful website that you can be proud of.

Oh and you'll get there in record time with my easy to follow, on-demand trainings!

Wait a second... what exactly is "Elementor?"

Don't worry, Elementor isn't some VooDoo or black magic.

It's a WordPress Plugin that allows you to create websites visually.

So instead of feeling like you are constantly fighting against the website to achieve the vision you have in your mind, you become teammates towards a common goal: a breathtaking website. 

Trust me, I have used every tool under the sun looking for the easiest way to achieve my design goals, and Elementor is always at the top of the list for its complete functionality and ability to achieve any idea I have in my mind.

But you need more than just the tool – You also need the training to know what to do with this new tool.

Here's What You'll Get When You Sign Up

Elementor Hero is a complete online course that you get access to IMMEDIATELY once you complete your purchase. Together we will build out a complete website and show you the secret time savers that I've learned after years of professional design and development work.

You'll get over 2-dozen step-by-step tutorials that cover everything from the conceptual difference between Page Builders and Theme Builders… down to the step-by-step process to building your first lead generation pop up.

By the end of the course you will have a website that loads extremely fast, looks absolutely stunning, and only uses simple, easy-to-use tools that require ZERO coding.

But that's not the only benefits:

predictive analytics

Confident Step-by-Step Instructions

Look, I've been exactly where you are right now! Getting started into building websites can be completely daunting. The tech is constantly changing, and no 2 sites are the same... That's why I take every lecture step-by-step to make sure no one gets left behind.


Lifetime Access

WordPress is always evolving, and so is this course! There is so much to the course that you might not need to take every lecture in the beginning. But when you're ready to solve that next problem, the solution will be here waiting for you.

to do list

Templates & Checklists

There are certain things that you need to do to keep your site safe, and I provide an easy to follow checklist for the most important tasks for a new designer to keep their stuff safe! Oh and all the awesome pages we'll build in the course? You can simply import them to your own site if you want a short cut!

active support

Updates & Support

While it's impossible to rebuild the entire course everytime a minor update is released, I ensure to keep the content fresh whenever new functionality comes out inside Elementor. And I love to answer any questions you have about the course as you are going through it!

People Love Learning & Taking Action With Me

I love helping people knock down their own barriers and achieve their goals online. I'm a passionate teacher who wants to see his students succeed. And it works!

After working with John for 1 hour I feel so much better. 10 months of anxiety trying to learn it myself - completely gone! I can't wait to work with him more in the future!
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John taught me everything I knew about Elementor - Now I can build pages quicker than ever, and they look great!
Start A Mom Blog

Exactly what's in this course?

You are going to be BLOWN away by what you can accomplish by the end of Elementor Hero

Module 1: The Anatomy of A website

Website design is changing over the years and in this module we are going to look at 3 different website styles that we can replicate with Elementor to keep a modern and effective design. You will also learn about the Elementor Page/Theme Builder and why it is one of the premier tools used by web design professionals today.

Module 2: Elementor as a Page & Theme Builder

There are several options on which tools to use to build your online business, and in this section we are going to show you why Elementor is one of the best decisions you can make. We'll also get you set up with the bare-bones tools to give you an excellent build experience in WordPress.

Module 3: Building a beautiful website FAST

Whether you are building sites as a service or if you are starting up a new site yourself - time is money. In this module I'm going to show you the way that I start 90% of my new websites to keep them beautiful, on brand, and always moving me forward.

Module 4: Don't Fear the Page Builder

If this is your first time around Elementor - this is the module you want to spend some time on! We will cover everything you need to feel comfortable in this brand new tool - everything from settings, to menus, to do's and don'ts, it's all here!

Module 5: Elementor Efficiency Hacks

You know how time consuming it can be to build a website just the way you want it, so every minute you can save is valuable! Lucky for you, I'll show you my favorite tricks that save HOURS, not MINUTES when building sites.

Module 6: Focusing on Design

Everything from mobile-first design to colors & fonts to fancy shape dividers - Design matters. Period. And you'll know how to make yours work in this module.

Module 7: Going Pro & Building A Business

Everything up until this part has been possible with the FREE version of Elementor. But when you want to turn your blog into a real business, it's time to upgrade to Pro and learn how to build your list with the Elementor lead generation skills!

Module 8: The Pop Up Builder & Beginning Sales Funnels

Love them or hate them - Pop Ups are one of the most effective marketing tools to build your email list on autopilot. Learn how to set up an effective pop up and how to connect it in to your own sales funnel!

Module 9: Going Pro & Building A Business

Everything up until this part has been possible with the FREE version of Elementor. But when you want to turn your blog into a real business, it's time to upgrade to Pro and learn how to build your list with the Elementor lead generation skills!

Module 10: Build Your Custom Header & Footer in Elementor

Most themes require you to make expensive upgrades to be able to unlock beautiful layouts and color schemes, but with the Elementor Theme Builder we will be able to build any header or footer we can imagine using the same familiar building interface that we know and love.

Module 11: Custom Pages, Product Archives, and more!

Sell products online but hate the look of your product archive page or the individual product page? Elementor's WooCommerce integration makes it so beautiful and easy to build your store YOUR way. You'll never want to use Shopify again once you realize how much you can design in Elementor.


Full Sales Funnel Build

You are now an expert at the builder, but it's time to put it all together and build our own sales funnel! We are going to build a full sales funnel complete with Opt in Page, One time offer page, even a customized checkout page using my favorite sales funnel software!

Template Downloads

Everything we build in the course will be available for your download and import into your own site!

Live Group Coaching

Every student gets access to exclusive live group coaching where we dive into deeper topics based on your own projects!

Your Elementor Tour Guide, John Whitford

John retired from corporate America at 30 years old after he and his wife built a successful blogging business in WordPress.

Now he continues to serve clients and teach his skills to help other ambitious people leave their day job and pursue their dreams.

John's dream? Biking his 3 kids to school in the morning and working alongside his beautiful wife Suzi.

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