Finding a great domain for your new niche site, especially if itís gonna be an authority niche site, can be thrilling, stressful and joyful at the same time.

I get so happy when I find a good domain, but man, I can get so stressed and frustrated if I donít find anything good within a few hours.

Over time I have learned a few tricks which I use every time I need to find a perfect domain for my new websites. Today I am sharing all those tricks with you.

Even with this how to find a great domain tutorial, it may take some time to find a good domain. And other times youíll find amazing domain within 15 minutes. There are no exact rules, just patience and a few cool tricks.

So, let’s get started…

In this domain finding guide you will learn:

  • What makes a domain name good or bad
  • Where should you buy your domains
  • How to use Google to find great domain ideas
  • How to use competitors to find great domain names
  • and more!

For easier use here’s a table of contents so that you can skip straight to the parts that interests you the most.


Where to register / buy your new domain

If you have asked me this questions several months ago I would recommend that you buy your domains at GoDaddy without a question.

Because GoDaddy had many coupon codes floating around on the web, which you could use to buy your domain for as cheap as $1, and even save money on renewals.

But, things have changed and it is nearly impossible to find working $1 coupon codes for GoDaddy.

So my new favorite domain provider is Name Cheap. They too have some discount coupons, just not that big (mostly just $1 cheaper).

Still, they offer free WhoIs protection for the first year (later about $2.50 per year) which is awesome.

Their domain availability checker is also way better and faster compared to GoDaddy, you donít even need to press enter, it loads and show domain availability instantly.

What makes a domain name good or bad

I could write a whole article just about this topic, but letís keep it simple.

Good domain name:

  • Short
  • Memorable / catchy
  • Brandable
  • Top level domain – .com
  • Without hyphens
  • Can have 1 keyword in it but that shouldnít be whole domain

Bad domain name:

  • Long (over 15 characters)
  • Hard to pronounce
  • Hard to remember
  • Not .com
  • Has hyphens
  • Keyword stuffed (exact match domain)
  • Contains trademarks (not owned)

You can read more about domains and correlation with SEO on

Here are few examples of good and bad domain names.

Good domain examples:

  • (short and catchy)
  • (brandable)
  • (catchy)

Bad domain examples:

  • (trademark infrigiment + .info)
  • (keyword stuffing + too long)
  • (exact match keywords, hyphens + not brandable)

Now you know the basic rules and difference between good and bad domains. Letís see how to find them.

Best tool for finding great domains – your mind

Like with everything else you already have the most powerful tool – your brain.

So use it and try a few domain names that come first to your mind. Those are the ones you already like (since you thought of them yourself) and you might just get lucky and actually grab an available one.

But donít stress about it too much, if you canít find anything available within 15 minutes move on.

Try again the next day, or just wait until it Ďhitsí you.

Like while you are watching a movie, or doing shopping for groceries you might see something that will give you some domain idea, or some cool / interesting / funny word you might use in your new domain.

You donít have to rely on this tactic, cause it takes time. If you need a great new domain fast keep reading this article, there are better ways to find them.

Domain names generators


This is often my first choice and I bet itís a first choice for many of you.

Unfortunately, I donít think I ever found a good (available) domain from these domain names generators. I guess I am too picky or just didnít have luck.

Maybe youíll do better.

Hereís a list of domain names generators. Take some time and play with them, you never know, they might give you something good.

These are just a few you can try. If you go to Google and search for Ďdomain name generatorí you will find even more.

*Fun fact: I registered my blogís name Income Mesh because of domain name generatorís name.



Thesaurus is a God-send for domain name research. Really, this is by far my favorite tool when I want to register a new domain name.

For those of you not familiar with Thesaurus, itís an online tools which gives you a list of synonyms and antonyms for any word you type in.

Hereís how Thesaurus can become handy when you do domain name research.

For example, you want to register a domain called but you realize that domain is already registered.

What you can do now is go to and type word Ďguideí in it to see what are the synonyms of that word (you donít want to change the word Ďfitnessí because itís a good keyword).

And now you have a list of Ďguideí synonyms you can use in your domain, like:

  • mentor
  • teacher
  • captain
  • guru
  • genie
  • …etc

See how easy and fun can that be ūüôā

3-Letter words + Keyword

This is fun to do if you have no idea how should your domain be named.

Basically you just put 3-letter word before or after your main word (keyword).

Letís say your main keyword is Ďdietí, your domains could be something like:

  • etc. (or haha)

Anyway, I have a list of over 600 three letter words waiting just for you. Besides that Iíve included few more bonuses.

To get the list and create a fun and short domain for your business all you have to do is click on one of the share buttons below and it will automatically unlock and be ready for download.

[sociallocker id=”2889″]

=>>> Click here to download 3 letters words (plus bonuses) .zip pack. <===



Research the niche & products you plan to sell

I think many of you forget about this little gem.

You forget that someone out there already did all the hard work for you. They have a product, they have a website and some successful niche up and going. Well guess what, those products, product pages, websites and niches have thousands of keywords in them.

You wanna go into some niche and make money out if it? Do your research first.

You wanna grab some awesome domain for that niche? Do you research first.

For example, letís say I want to go into diet / weight loss niche, hereís one product (among others) which I plan to promote:

So, the main keyword for my future domain name could be diet, fat loss or something similar. But I need some extra word I can use with my main keyword, or I can even get completely new domain ideas out of it.

Iíll go and visit that sales page and extract most interesting keywords out of it. In this case:

  • foolproof
  • melt
  • reduction
  • decreased
  • waistline
  • muscle tone
  • faster
  • metabolism
  • healthier
  • health benefits
  • manual
  • body fat
  • lean body
  • rapid weight loss
  • body type
  • method
  • results
  • program
  • trainer
  • …and so onÖ

With this set of keywords I can create a new domain within seconds like:

  • etc etc

Those domains above were available at the time of writing this.

Ok maybe they are not the best domains in world, but combine it with Thesaurus, do some more research, or combine it with some of my other techniques in this article and youíll make something good out of it for sure.

Google competitors and non-competitors

This one is somewhat related to my previous tip, but again, so often overlooked when doing domain name research.

So hereís what you need to do.

After you decide what niche you want to get into (letís stick with weight loss in examples), you go and research your competitors.

You type in ďhow to lose weightĒ in Google (this is just an example), and here are some of interesting domains that popped out:

  • …and so onÖ

Bold words in the above domains are the words you should pay attention to.

Now first pick your main word, letís say itís diet.

We can see that our first domain is obviously taken, but letís see how it goes with other bold words.


Again, maybe not the best domain but hey, I found it within 5 minutes.

If you invest a bit more time you can find something even better.

Letís think out of a box for a secondÖ

Go and Google something completely unrelated to your niche, still somewhat popular. Like…dresses!

If you type in Google ďblack dressĒ youíll get some interesting domains like:


Pay attention on the bold words and letís see can we find a domain name by connecting our words with our main keyword – diet.

The only available one was:


Probably not the best pick, but hey, itís available ūüôā

You know the drill now, just Google everything, see what others are doing and youíll find something.

It doesnít matter if some clothing store has a domain and you use the word Ďheavení to register a domain, no one will care nor confuse your two brands.

Domains for sale on auctions and expired domain

You can find good domains on domain auctions (at GoDaddy), or at NameCheapís domain marketplace, and for cheap.

Just be careful what you are buying. Some domain names may be penalized by Google, some of them have awful backlinks pointing to them and stuff like that.

Itís a whole different topic which I will cover in another article.

If you are interested you can also check (subscribe) on newsletter where you will get notified about just expired domain names.

Wrapping it up

Finding a good domain name doesnít have to hard. Itís actually quite easy and fun if you know what you are doing and if you have the right tools.

How do you find your domain names?

Share your secrets in the comments below, I wonít tell anyone, promise ūüôā

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