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You have a gift to share with the world. Don't let the tech get in the way!

My Gift: Helping Businesses Move Forward

Business Strategy

Sales Funnel Creation

A/B Split Test Setup

Plugin Setup / Optimization

Online Course Build Out & Launch

Email Marketing Integration & Setup

Marketing Stack Review

Landing Page Design

General Support

Are you feeling FED UP trying to get it all to work?

Trust me: It's not your fault! While most gurus will tell you how simple it can be to build a 7-figure business... you know the truth.

Beware of anyone promising you simple & fast results - Building ANY BUSINESS - online or offline - is just plain hard! There are millions of moving pieces, and no one can do it all alone.

And I'll be completely honest with you...

There have been TONS of times that I've been fed up as well! Every bright entrepreneur gets in over their heads and things can get complicated fast.

Don't Worry - I've got your back

I've been the tech guy behind my wife's business for the last 5 years, and now I help dozens of entrepreneurs tackle and remove obstacles in every area of their business.

When you've been working in Wordpress for 5 years building a real business that generates 5-6 figures per month, you learn how to tackle every type of problem...

Hourly Help You Feel Good About

I work on an hourly rate, and you can feel good about that. This is no strings attached help - When you need me, I'm here. And when you are ready to move forward - go get it!?

Why do I do this? Couldn't I make more money charging some ridiculous "project fee" or be on some retainer model?

It's actually not about the money - I love getting paid - but I do this consulting thing for a different reason...

The benefits of working with me

  • Real World Help.
    No 2 problems are the same. This is why we get together face to face. There's no email back-and-forth, no misunderstanding - just real work.
  • Catch a Fish & Learn to Fish.
    My Passion is in teaching. So while I love solving plugin conflicts as much as the next guy (totally kidding - no one likes that!), what I really want to do is leave you with a better understanding of the whole process. That way when the problem comes up again - you are equipped to solve it yourself!
  • Study Material.
     I work fast because I want to deliver results and WOW you. But if you don't fully understand what we did during the hour, I will record our call and give you a private video for you to review later. It's like your own personal online course :)

I Love Getting People Results

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