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How many times have you wanted to scream at WooCommerce and throw your computer against the wall? It’s ok if you need to use your toes to count as well. I’ll wait

Well, Cartflows may finally be the solution to the WooCommerce problem. And in today’s post, I’m going to show you how you can supercharge your sales funnel using Cartflows with Divi to build a complete lead gen funnel with one-time-offer from scratch. Let’s dive in.

First off, what is the problem with WooCommerce?

Well, there are a few main issues with Woo:

  1. Limited customization of the product sales pages
  2. Limited customization of the checkout pages
  3. Doesn’t support one-click upsells natively
  4. Difficult to create full sales funnel processes

If Woo is all you’ve ever known, these may not exactly sound like problems.

But I pride myself on helping you find the perfect tools for your next project, so I have tested many of the selling tools out there, and almost all of them are beating WooCommerce in their ability to increase the average customer value of your visitors.

How does Cartflows solve this problem?

Cartflows gives you full customization of your WooCommerce sales flow. Want a one click upsell? Done. Want to add some additional testimonials to your checkout page? Done.

It also adds a powerful reporting layer on top of each page in your funnel, which is important for conversion rate optimization.

Cartflows works with any page builder like Divi or Brizy, and sits on top of WooCommerce. This means that anything WooCommerce integrates with, Cartflows does automatically (very smart design!).

Does Cartflows Work for Lead Gen?

At this early stage of Cartflows, they are focused on starting their funnels from product sales pages.

They have announced that they want to include more lead gen features in the mean time, but it’s not something baked directly into the tool.

But we’re crafty people, and got something really awesome working, which is the funnel below:

Cartflows - WooCommerce - Divi
Cartflows is opening up a whole new world for WordPress-based sales funnels

This simple flow offers a visitor a simple lead gen offer (like a cheat sheet or quick guide), and before delivering the offer in the email, offers them a steeply discounted paid offer.

This is a bread and butter sales funnel that has helped build my wife’s blog so successfully, and is a great fit for any blogging business.

Want to learn how to set it up? Check out the tutorial:

How to set up a lead gen funnel using Cartflows and Divi

I didn’t spend any time on sales copy or trying to make the pages look beautiful, because I wanted to focus on the functionality of Cartflows.

And as you can see, even for a very new software, there are some exciting opportunities ahead!

Are you feeling the flow?

What do you make of Cartflows? Is it just another tool that adds complexity to your business? Or will it become a centerpiece to your overall online business strategy? Let me know in the comments below!

Video Transcript

hey everybody John here from income
Escom in today’s video we’re gonna go
through a complete funnel build using
the cart flow system and the Divi page
builder see on Black Friday most people
go out and buy new TVs or new clothes or
I don’t know what to buy but I buy new
digital marketing tools and cart flows
their lifetime deal has ended but it’s
obviously still on the market if you
want to buy it and I scooped it up
because I really believe in the the
brain brain storm force team the guys
who made Astra and Adam from WP crafter
I think they were awesome guys that’s a
great combination there and so I am in
the process of testing out cart flows
and really seeing how it can work and
one of the funnels that’s been most
successful for my wife and my business
over the years has been lead gen offers
going into a thank you and a one-time
offer for a steeply discounted price of
a product going to the checkout page and
obviously a thank you page you can
string on more upsells and downloads
from here but I wanted to test out if we
can make this funnel work just a simple
funnel work all in cart flows now the
challenge has always been that cart
flows is really geared out to be an
e-commerce tool but having that lead gen
a component in there makes it a little
bit more complicated to get done but I
just played around with it tonight made
it work and I want to share it with you
guys so let’s go ahead and build a flow
entirely together so here we are in my
one my Play sites here and we’re in the
cart flow section we’re gonna go ahead
and add a new flow and just kind of
start from scratch
unfortunately Divi does not have any
templates yet but I know those are
coming and I preferred to veto over
Elementor so we’re gonna go ahead and
build this from scratch so we’ll create
the flow and here we are so we’ll call
this Divi OTO ups or oto offer and let
me just speak real quickly about why
this is important to me to have all this
into a single flow is this really does
fully replace all the functionality that
actually is good with click funnels and
that is being able to see every step of
your funnel and how your conversion
rates are working across the entire
system of getting people from a visitor
to a lead to a prospective customer and
ultimately a by a payer and paying
customer so right now if you were to
have your lead gen all set of the
WordPress pages
then you’re gonna have to look at
multiple different places to see how
you’re really converting so I wanted to
go ahead and add these all into one flow
so what we have here by default is a
landing page a checkout page and a
thank-you page now this landing page is
really trying to sell a product because
the next step is the checkout page so we
need to add a step here where we’re
going to try to get the email address of
the user first so we’ll create this new
step here and let me let me save real
great I’m creating a landing page all
right leave okay so we’re back on our
flow here let’s just see what happened
here because some things look a little
bit strange looks like I actually
created two landing pages here let me
delete the one that we don’t need and
like that interface a nice little smooth
slide so what we’ll do is we will create
a landing page well let’s rename these
come how do we rename these still give
them the hang of this but let’s go ahead
and call this Divi flow too because I
made one before this just to make sure
it all worked okay so let’s go and
rename these how you really want it will
go into our landing page here and let’s
call this lead gen page update it now
before we start building let’s head back
to the flow real quick because what
we’re gonna want to do is actually grab
the URL of the second landing page this
is the one little trick you have to do
to make this all work together currently
I think they’re gonna work on building
this in natively but if you want this to
work today you’re going to want to kind
of keep track of this URL and I’ll show
you why so let’s go ahead and edit this
lead gen page and actually build it out
real quick okay I’ll hide myself over
here and let’s go and use the Divi
builder I’m still getting used to the
new update I’m really happy that Divi
made this update to where you can do the
visual and the backend builder all here
so let’s build from scratch and let’s
just do it two column layout email
opt-in sign up for a freebie subscribe
that’s fine I won’t make this pretty let
me connect my email account
I created this test here so I’m just
using Miller Lite
now here’s why we needed to
capture the URL of the second step in
the process because here when we do the
redirect if you try to use the the
special cart flows URL that like
intuitively knows where you’re going it
doesn’t work it sends you back to the
home page or sends you some crazy places
so instead you want to hard-code in the
second step of the process
so we’ll do redirect a custom URL
they’re good to go where’s my builder
okay looks like cart flows and the new
Divi Update aren’t working very nicely
together so let’s just do a quick update
here and I’ll go to the standard visual
builder ok yeah so this next step link I
don’t use that one if you’re trying to
go from an email opt-in to the second
step of the process they’re still
working that out but if we go to the
front-end builder let’s just make this
look a little bit pretty they’ll move on
to the next step okay here we are let’s
go to a visual view and let’s just add
an image that makes it look like some
sort of freebie an image pick our image
out let’s grab oh goodness
let’s say they’re getting some sort of
downloadable so they have this laptop
image here looks cool and let’s just
give a headline at the top here put some
text give it a chance a sign up below to
become more awesome
and let’s center line all that good to
go and let’s drag this row above that
row but all right those are super simple
email opt-in form but I do want this to
be left to right all right so now we
have our lead gen form and this is set
to redirect to the second step of the
funnel so we’ll go ahead and save this
okay and exit the Builder we’ll head
back in to do some edits here and let’s
move on to the next step in the flow by
going back to the flow and we will edit
landing page number two and now this is
going to be our one time offer for a
discounted product so let’s keep that in
mind as we build but now going forward
everything should be pretty standard we
should be able to use this special URL
so I’ll take that URL the next step link
and keep that in mind and we’ll go into
our Divi builder build this from scratch
as well
single column let’s do an image and
let’s pick out this little iPhone here
let’s say we’re trying to sell an app or
something and now yeah this is a little
bit weird then the updates look like
they not did not really go over too
smoothly with between Divi and cart
flows I don’t know it’s probably the
Divi Side since I was a brand new update
ok so let’s go ahead and build this on
the front end okie dokie so let’s look
at this real quick let’s make this a two
column layout and add just a little call
to action and a button to buy so let’s
put the button in and let’s call it
let’s send this to the next step
link from cart flows and we’ll say that
in the same window and we should
probably say by now Wow bye now ok and
let’s give it some text to tell them
what they’re buying it’ll do that by
hitting plus text and we’ll say get this
limited-time deal obviously not a the
most serious one I’ve made that’s large
and let’s also just move this up top ok
so now we have our simple bridge page
this is the sales page to the one-time
offer so we’ll save we’ll just exit the
visual builder and hit save and exit and
now back in our flow we’ve done the lead
gen page we’ve done the landing page – I
could have renamed that sales page but
now let’s do our checkout page and here
in the checkout page this one’s pretty
simple we’ll go ahead and take this
shortcode let’s switch over to the Divi
Builder one more time and here in the
Divi Builder let’s start building from
scratch and clearly that something’s not
working quite right here well build on
the front-end one more time and let’s
build from scratch as well so we’ll do
this as a simple one column layout we’ll
just put a text in here so we can put
our shortcode in
the cart flows checkout and now if we go
to our visual builder let’s see if it
shows the checkout form I hope it does
checkout ID not found that’s unfortunate
I think it will show up when we actually
render it but that’s kind of
disappointing so you want to be able to
see how it really looks with all the
other elements on the page but let’s
just add a section right below it a row
right below it and let’s do a three
column let’s just do some blurbs to kind
of make people feel good let’s say this
money back you’d put your testimonials
here or something like that say money
back guarantee and give it an icon
where’s that happy thumb where’s that
happy thumb there’s a happy thumb so
that’s one and just did a little bit
here to alignment money back gaurantee
let’s duplicate this move it over and
you get the idea we’ll just copy this
we’re gonna waste time okay so we have
the checkout here and let’s go ahead and
hit save
exit the visual builder and save and
exit okay so now you can see I probably
could have reduced some of these
checkout fields which we should do let
me go ahead and do that real quick but
you can see here you do have your three
blurbs beneath the continue to payment
button so let’s take away all the stuff
we don’t need let’s go back into edit
the step and here in the editor we can
go to our checkout design let’s make
this a two column good Advanced Options
don’t need that let’s go to our checkout
fields and take away the coupon field
take away the additional field take away
a ship to different address and add
custom field editor and remove all of
these things we don’t need I’m assuming
we’re selling some sort of digital
product we don’t need any of this
information if that’s the case we’ll
leave email address State City you don’t
need any of that
let’s hope take it all off and let’s
just do first name last name email
address and update okay so let’s just
double check let’s view the step in
another tab and here we go
looks like I think this was made as a
two column layout so I’m gonna quickly
pop in and enable a visual builder and
just move this over to a single column
know that actually that’s just how it
does that’s kind of strange
that it kind of cramps itself up a
little bit even though it doesn’t need
all that space but that’s okay
we’re good so we will get out of here
and we’re done with this step so now
let’s just update it one more time to
make sure we have it and then we’ll go
back and finish off with a thank you
page then we’ll of course run tests okay
so let’s go back to our flow and here
you can see I didn’t assign a product
but I think it’ll work in the test mode
regardless well edit the Thank You page
now unless you use the template for page
builders and updates and let’s use the
Divi builder again built from scratch
and let’s just get out of there let me
copy that short code that we’ll need and
let’s go to the front-end editor okay
build from scratch and another single
column let’s do a text and let’s say
thank you for your order
here are your details and let’s add a
space put in our cart flow order details
and let’s make this an h1 and then let’s
put beneath that let’s put a button and
let’s just say go to your purchase or
something like that and we can link it
to any page we want just go to google
and there we go so let’s go ahead and
view how this looks go into the desktop
view you could have center line this but
you get the idea okay so it doesn’t
doesn’t render you any order details in
the in the example here but let’s exit
the visual builder save and exit and
let’s run through this test and see how
it looks okay so now back in our overall
flow let’s go ahead and just run through
this thing will view the first step and
remember so we’re doing the lead gen to
the one-time offer to the checkout to
the thank you so let’s see it sign up
below to become more awesome put my
information in subscribe and now the
redirect should be taking me to boom
this one-time offer page very simple
page get this limited-time deal we’ll
say bye now and now we have our checkout
with minimal information to put in which
is really really nice first name last
name email I would like to see them do
something with the padding here there’s
no padding in between the input fields
and the order details so that’d be one
thing to to make a quick adjustment and
here you can see the customizations we
made with the blurbs they’re there at
the bottom let’s continue to payment I
don’t think I’ve actually set everything
Oh for this information let me see I
don’t think I have PayPal yeah I haven’t
said PayPal up yet but so far it looks
like everything is working so we’ll call
that test a success ok so now that the
funnel is fully built I want to show you
why I think this is so awesome because
now if we’re back in our flow area they
have this nice little button this little
discreet button over here called
analytics and when you click on it now
this is really where the power of cart
flows comes in but there’s even more
power when you include that lead
generation component so this allows you
to see the total number of visits for
every page in your funnel and including
now the lead gen as well as kind of the
conversions of it through to the next
step so if six people saw my lead gen
and then five people got to the next
step that obviously means that you know
five out of six converted and then you
can kind of flow all the way through
your upsells your down cells etc this is
super cool because now you’ve got a
fully kind of a fully baked funnel
analyzing tool built directly into
WordPress so great job to the team for
building this this is something that has
been needed I’ve looked at all sorts of
different options of doing this
functionality within WordPress and it
required so much kind of duct tape and
kind of hacking things together so this
is a very elegant solution very grateful
for them for making it and I hope that
this tutorial has been helpful okay so
there you go that is building from
scratch every page from scratch they’re
not the best most pretty pages but you
get the idea of using a lead generation
form all the way through to a check out
field and a thank you page now you’d
also be able to add in some upsells and
down cells everything else that cart
flow was designed to do but this is
using Divi which I know they’re still
working through I’ll go ahead and give
the team props I found a bug a glitch in
the Divi builder where the colors
weren’t responsive
and I kind of was a little sad and I saw
that cuz I think Diddy is you know
obviously it’s right there with
Elementor in popularity but it wasn’t
working in the Builder and within 48
hours it was resolved and now you can do
the custom styles on buttons and other
areas so great job to the team I am very
excited for this product this is one
that I think I’ll be keeping around for
the long haul and being able to use for
my own websites as well as client
websites if I want to power it using
WooCommerce so if you enjoyed this video
this will kind of walk through of cart
flows go ahead and subscribe hit the
bell to be notified when I release new
videos and leave a comment and let me
know what you think until next time guys
take care

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