Brizy Cloud is Now on AppSumo – This deal needs Some Explanation!

I’m a fan of Brizy – I’m a fan of AppSumo… But I’m not a fan of how confusing this deal is!

Want to know why?

So here’s the deal:

Brizy has 2 products:

  • Brizy Builder for WordPress (as a plugin)
  • Brizy Cloud – as a hosted solution to build Landing pages quickly and easily (as a hosted solution)

Brizy also now has 2 lifetime deals available!

So the million dollar question is:

Which Lifetime Deal Should You Purchase?

That is the million dollar question, isn’t it?

(or I guess it’s the $299 question…)

Here’s my take:

Brizy Cloud is great for:

  • Incredibly Fast Websites (no need for WordPress)
  • Easy to maintain sites – no plugins to update or compatibilities to worry about
  • Landing Pages and Funnels – advanced analytics and A/B testing are on their way
  • Simple Business Websites for clients – for those who don’t need E-commerce or blogging functionality, you can whip up beautiful sites in the cloud quicker than possible in WordPress

Brizy Pro Builder in WordPress is Great for:

  • Advanced functionality sites – membership solutions, e-commerce, online courses
  • Those who want to have a dynamic website with a blog
  • Those who are familiar with handling their own hosting accounts and working in WordPress


We all think that more options are better… but this deal definitely opens up some confusion that I wish wasn’t there.

Whichever way you go, you get access to the same beautiful building experience inside of Brizy, which is always a good thing!

Which route do you see yourself going? Let me know in the comments below!

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