The main reason why I started blogging is because I wanted to share my knowledge on certain things with others, hoping it will save you some time and possibly money. The other reason why I started blogging is to prove myself (and to you, my dear readers) that you really can make money by just writing.

In the moment of writing this article I have published 7 posts altogether in the last 12 months. Out of those seven, the first three were published in the first three months of my blog being live. The other four were published eight months later (after my third published article). In other words, I wasnt very consistent in my blogging journey, but you still wont believe what I have achieved with just those seven articles that I published so far!

#1 Sales

I have made my first dollars on this blog in October 2014. In that time I had only three blog posts published and the last article was published in March 2014. Which means, I still made money although I didnt publish anything new for seven months straight! Crazy, right?

I got my second sale in November, and third in December of 2014. The second sale came after my fourth article, and the third sale came after my fifth article. So basically I got 3 sales (over $100) with just seven published articles, ever.

I will talk more about my earnings on this blog next month in my Income Report post and how exactly did I make them.Do you still think that making money with your blog is hard or impossible?


#2 Readership

F%&k money! There is not a better feeling out there then when someone tells you how much they liked your article, when you know you have actually helped someone and when people actually comment on your stuff. Thats when you realize you are really making a difference and thats exactly what keeps pushing you forward. No money in the world can buy you that feeling.

#3 Influence & business opportunities

Believe it or not, when you become a blogger, if you do your job well, people will start to trust you. When you have peoples trust, suddenly you are a bit above others. You are a blogger and your words have influence on other people, and business folks know that. Thats where you see opportunities opening, just dont wait for them to come to you, go and grab them yourself!

For example, I got an idea of one of my next blog posts (a product review) where I contacted few product owners of my choice for a free sample of their product. Guess what, 4 of 5 those guys gave it to me, for FREE!

Another example, one other product owner contacted me recently if I would make a review of their product. I sure will! And how you become better at blogging and get more articles published your influence gets bigger too. Just imagine how many doors will open for you when you grow really big!
There are of course more benefits of being a blogger, but those are my three favorite ones.

For those of you that are still not convinced whether you should start blogging or not, here are few more:

  • You get better in writing with each article published
  • You learn new things with every research you do while writing your article
  • You get better in using WordPress
  • You learn what works and what doesnt
  • You start using and testing new cool products and tools
  • You get to see what people search on Google to come at your blog
  • You get a hundred of new blog posts ideas along the way
  • You meet and connect with new people
  • You feel better when you publish a great piece of content
  • You become even cooler to your friends and family
  • You have a new pick up line to use on that girl/guy you always wanted to approach
  • …and many more 🙂

And thats it guys. Hopefully I have motivated you to start blogging or to continue with your journey in case you gave up. Trust me, it is worth it.

I would love to hear your comments on this guys, and especially if you are also a blogger. Tell us what good has it brought to you? Please share your story in the comments section below.

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  1. Nice post Drazen.

    These are definitely some of the most beneficial aspects of Blogging.

    I believe readership / relationships and business opportunity are on top of the game. They can literally change an individual online career.

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