Thrive Apprentice vs Tutor LMS Comparison

Tutor LMS vs Thrive Apprentice: 2019 Comparison

Tutor LMS and Thrive Apprentice are two of the most exciting learning management systems for launching online courses in WordPress in 2019.

They each offer unique features that target specific business models. So there is no true "best' platform here, simply the right platform for you.

In this comparison video I'll be covering:

  • Best (and worst) features
  • User experience for both student and creator
  • Cost and Complexity
  • Which one is right for YOU
  • Final thoughts

If you have been on the fence about which tool to choose for your project (I feel ya brother!), then this post is exactly for you!

The Step By Step Guide To Build Your Own Online Course Empire Using Tutor LMS

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Lights, camera.... ACTION!

WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg Ultimate Guide & Tutorial for 2019

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Kartra WordPress Tutorial: The Best Way To Capture Kartra Leads with Your Blog

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By the end of this post, you'll know the answer 😉