Live Webinar Review: My new favorite way to work with Clients

I love webinars, and I'm not afraid to admit it.

What other single piece of content can fit all the following pieces of a marketing puzzle:

  • Traffic generation
  • Lead Generation
  • Backlink building
  • Customer Support
  • Sales
  • In some cases it can even be the product itself!

It's true, webinars are kind of a swiss-army knife of online business building, but there has always been a big problem…

The software is super expensive!

That is until this deal just dropped. Pick it up before it's sold out! Let me tell you more:

7 Benefits of implementing a Facebook Messenger Bot On Your website

Running a Facebook Messenger Bot is one of the latest communication trends to hit the mainstream digital marketing space, and they have a ton of benefits when compared to standard marketing channels.

I believe that any marketer – beginner or advanced – can save cost and increase revenue by implementing a Messenger bot in their business.

Here are 7 important benefits to keep in mind when you start thinking about messenger marketing.

Mailerlite Automation Setup

Mailerlite Tutorial: How to connect multiple forms to a single automation

Mailerlite is an excellent choice for beginners in email marketing. They have a free plan, a simple UI, and kind customer support. But sometimes tasks just don't quite seem intuitive when starting out!

Today we're going to clarify a common question in Mailerlite: How to connect multiple forms to a single workflow? It's super easy. Let's begin.

Apprentice split test

How to split test your Thrive Apprentice Registration pages for more conversions

If you want to create simple online courses from your website, Thrive Apprentice is going to be an essential tool in your kit. In today's post, I want to help you get more out of Apprentice by showing you step by step how to increase your registration process using A/B split testing.

No more default WordPress registration pages. No more unnecessary fields for people to fill out… Just pure, simple, registration goodness. You ready? Let's do it.

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to A/B Split Testing

Have you ever spent hours trying to get the perfect headline for your blog post?

How about flipping coins to decide what color to make your buy button?

I hate to tell you, but trying to predict what is going to resonate with your audience… is impossible.

You can read every case study available… Read the tea leaves of every cup in Starbucks…

But without A/B Split Testing, you are just guessing.

In this article, I am going to break down the only way to consistently make forward progress with your marketing efforts. We will cover:

  • What A/B Split Testing Is
  • Why This is the ultimate way to improve your business over time
  • How to get started the easy way

Let's get to it!

Split Hero Interview

The Founder of Split Hero: The Simplest A/B Testing Platform for WordPress Adam Lacey

We all want our website to perform better, right?

More visitors...

More leads...

More sales...

But until now it has been just way too complicated to run consistent and effective A/B tests in WordPress.

Until Now.

Tune in for my interview with Adam Lacey, the founder of a new SaaS Split Hero.

Wordpress vs Wix

WordPress vs Wix: The ultimate comparison between the most popular website builders

So you've got your idea for an online business - fantasic! One of the first obstacles you need to tackle is how will you build this website?

There are several website builders on the market, but the industry is dominated by two big players: WordPress and Wix.

In this post I'm going to help you decide which website builder is right for you. You may be tempted to simply flip a coin and go with it, but by spending a few extra hours making your decision now will save you tons of headache down the road.

Alright, let's build your website!

Free Professional Email

How to set up your free professional email address in Bluehost and Siteground (Simple Tutorial)

Setting up a professional email account is an important step to take when you launch your online business. And yet, it's a bit confusing and you might think it's going to cost you extra! In this post I'll walk you through my favorite way of setting up professional email addresses using both Bluehost and Siteground.

As a cherry on top, we will also integrate these new email addresses into Outlook so we don't need to use the (not-so-good) default webmail clients. Ready? Let's go!

The hidden cost of complexity

I left my corporate engineering job at the end of 2018 to be a full time entrepreneur and parent with my wife Suzi.

I couldn't stand how everything in corporate America had so much red tape... so many forms to fill out just to get a vacation request approved...

How even making the simplest of decisions would need an act of congress to approve. It was unnecessarily complicated to get anything done!

In this post, I want to give you a quick wake up call about the 4 hidden complexities that you might also experience as an entrepreneur, so you can avoid falling into the same traps as the corporations.

Specifically, we are going to talk about the complexities in your business model, technology stack, and initial sales funnel. Let's keep it simple together!