Best Wordpress Themes December 2014

I hope all of you have enjoyed the holidays, I sure did. Now it’s time to get back to work and make some digital miracles. I bet that many of you reading this article are actual bloggers, whether new or experienced, and I know that you are in a search for some new, beautiful and functional WordPress themes. Well, you have come to the right place at the right time πŸ™‚

I plan for this to be a regular (monthly) blog post about WordPress themes released within the past month, hopefully you will like this concept (share your thoughts in the comments area below). In this article you will find out what were the top free and premium WordPress themes for December 2014, IMHO.

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There are probably hundreds of WP themes published each month on dozens of websites, some of them known to me, but for most of them I am unaware of. That makes things harder to track, and it can be very time consuming. Because of that, I decided (for starters) to mention WP themes published on theme directory (free WP themes), and the ones published on ThemeForest directory (premium WP themes). Those two are the most popular and also the safest because every WP theme needs to be checked before its accepted to their directory.

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As the time goes by and I become better organized I might add more resources, but let’s take one step at a time.

Here they are, my top picks of WordPress themes for December 2014. Enjoy!

P.S. Themes below are published in December of 2014. on / ThemeForest, but that doesn’t have to mean that they weren’t published before on some other website.



1. Preferntial Lite – Download | Demo

Preferntial Lite
Very beautiful, calming, clean WordPress theme. It’s responsive, has a ton of features, nice looking header area and the menu. I guess it was made for spa & health kind of websites in mind, or something similar. You’ll have to see it to understand it, for me personally it’s a very soothing theme. Check the demo and you’ll understand what I mean.

2. GK Portfolio – Download | Demo

GK Portfolio
Are you an artist? Looking for a simple theme to show of your portfolio? This is it. Clean, simple and concentrated on your artistic works of miracle. The home page consists of image with nice hover effect which shows some description and links to post. Few more features out there, but all in all, no fuss, straight to the point portfolio WordPress theme.

3. SKT Biz – Download | Demo

Perfect theme for cold, business world. Strong blue color pervades, straight hard lines without any curves gives you an impression that we are talking about serious business here. If you want a nice, clean, simple but corporate looking business theme without many distractions, you’ve just found it – and it’s free!

4. Business One – Download | Demo

Business One
Is this really free? No, it can’t be. Really? Omg, this is really free! Burak Aydin from Turkey has created one simply amazing “one-page” business (I’d rather call it multipurpose) WordPress theme. Some other WP theme creators are charging for themes like this and you get Business One here for free. It has beautiful about, services, portfolio, team and contact section. Only thing I don’t really like is the blog part, that could be nicer, but other than that, amazing.

5. AccessPress Ray – Download | Demo

AccessPress Ray
Another amazing theme, I absolutely love everything about it, from nice and sleek header with a beautiful menu, simple slider with cool pattern overlay to multiple layouts, blog section and portfolio with nice effects. Besides that it’s also very quick and smooth. Check the demo and see for yourself.

6. Lustros – Download | Demo

Lustros is a modern, clean looking and simple WordPress theme. I would use it for personal blog and recommend it to beginners who don’t need to concentrate on tweaking a bunch of options and just start writing and creating some cool and interesting content.

7. WP Fanzone – Download | Demo

WP Fanzone
This is a three-column, boxed WordPress theme, with a slider on the top and a two-column unsymmetrical content area which I really like. Cool menu in the header with strong but clean typography is also an advantage. Go and take a look, it might be just what you were looking for.

8. Freedom – Download | Demo

Not sure how to describe this WP theme, which will be mostly interesting to photographers, although not a classic photo/portfolio theme, it certainly uses photos as a main attribute in a way to present its content. The words I would use are simple but powerful, natural but still serious and strong. Oh well, don’t let me confuse you anymore. Just trust me, it’s a beautiful theme, but you have to see it for yourself to believe it.

9. AccessPress Parallax – Download | Demo

AccessPress Parallax
Another AccessPress theme, these guys really know what they are doing. This time, a one-page WP theme, although free it comes with all premium features you can only wish for. Seriously, I have seen these kind of themes selling for $40+ dollars. If you want a one page WordPress theme with beautiful parallax slider at the top, look no more, you have found it.

10. Dublin – Download | Demo

Nice full width, one-page WordPress theme, with background video at the top. It looks ok, and has all those things and features you are probably looking for but, something is missing, like it has no soul. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. But don’t let that stop you, use it for your project, put some nice graphics in it and bring this theme to life πŸ™‚

11. Roda – Download | Demo

From the same authors of Dublin theme above, comes Roda theme. How would I describe it with one word? Unique! I would imagine using Roda for a personal blog, where I would present myself and share my thoughts within carefully written blog posts. It’s curvy background lines, in a form of waves, look kinda playful and maybe more suitable for a nice, gentle, feminine blogger πŸ™‚ But I will leave that for you to decide. There is one thing though which I absolutely adore, its the sidebar. It’s hidden and shows only when you click on the arrow on the right side of your computer screen. But that’s not it! Below that same arrow there’s an image-link/button which describes itself as “See my latest photos”, and when you click on it a huge image slider drops down on your screen, absolutely amazing.

12. OneTake – Download | Demo

OneTake is single page WordPress theme which is responsive, quick and it looks great. It contains a big video background slider at the top, and the usual full width sections on the rest of the page containing content service, project, contact etc. But you will notice that this theme is a bit different then other single page WP themes, it’s really colorful, section titles and interestingly places and typography is very clean. I like it just because it’s a bit different.

13. Newsted – Download | Demo

Newsted theme has an interesting header – besides the usual menu on the top it consists of a full width background image on top of which is a title, description and a button. I find this very interesing and useful since it can be used in marketing purposes, for example to pointing out to your newsletter, product or anything else that’s of some importance for you. The rest of the theme is 2-column and has a nice, cleanly presented blog posts area and a sidebar.

14. Anderson Lite – Download | Demo

Anderson Lite
Now, here we have a magazine styled WP theme, with a lot of “post showing” areas, categories and sub-categories and a lot more. This theme is basically grey with one color (it’s green on the demo) used on links and titles, all images have a grey scale filter but when you hover over them their original color shows. Honestly, the setting is good, but having all in grey + just one color might seem odd. I still think it can be nice with some small style modifications. *Update: Great news, it seems that you can turn off the grayscale overlay on the photos so that they show in color right away!

15. Quill – Download | Demo

“A WordPress theme for Law Firms”, that’s what stands at the top of the theme. Everything is in black and white, some of you might like it (that’s the reason I have put it here), but personally I am not a big fan of this theme.

16. Pure & Simple – Download | Demo

Pure and Simple
The last but not least in this free section of WP theme we have a theme called Pure & Simple. Well there goes my description πŸ˜€ Just kidding, I like this theme. It has nice main color, breadcrumbs area is very classy, attention to details is very visible on each step, just make sure to browse through all pages from the menu, because the home page seems to not be finished (?) but I guess that’s just like that in the demo. I think this theme is fine, do you?


*The following themes are not free and they cost from around $30 – $60. All links below pointing to WordPress themes are affiliate links, which means, because of my recommendation, if you decide to purchase any theme, I will got a percentage of the sale. This doesn’t affect you in any way, I just want to be clear with you upfront. For all of you that decide to buy any of the themes recommended below, I am glad that I could help, and I also thank you.

1. Watson – Photography WordPress Theme – Download & Demo

Watson – Photography WordPress Theme
This is one hell of a theme just perfect for photographers. The main menu is hidden, but shown as an overlay when you click on it (which looks great btw). The main focus is on the pictures which are presented in a 3-column format with option to choose (or jump to) different category of photos. If you are a photographer, this might be your lucky day, go check it out.

2. Maven WordPress WooCommerce Theme – Download & Demo

Maven WordPress WooCommerce Theme
Maven is a WooCommerce fashion store WordPress theme which is presented in 4 equally beautiful demo examples. I like this theme because it is clean and its main focus is on products, which is important since it is an eCommerce theme. Although it has a ton of features it might not be for everyone’s taste, but you might like it.

3. Simple | One Page Bootstrap WordPress Theme – Download & Demo

Simple - One Page Bootstrap WordPress Theme
Let not the name of this theme fool you. Although it is simple and a single page WP theme, it is still powerful and looks amazing. I might exaggerate, but I believe this is how a perfect one-page WordPress theme should look like. Don’t believe me? See the demo and I dare you to tell me otherwise in the comments πŸ˜€

4. Rubbez – WooCommerce & Corporate Responsive Theme – Download & Demo

Rubbez – WooCommerce & Corporate Responsive Theme
This is another WooCommerce (but also Corporate) WordPress theme, very clean looking and with a great focus on products. I like its quick view option and its product page with nicely presented info and a cool sidebar where you can see related products too.

5. Aktina – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme – Download & Demo

Aktina – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
Beautiful multi-purpose theme with an amazingly stylish main menu. The rest of the theme is not that revolutionary but still has all the best things you might ever need for your websites.

6. The Reader WordPress Minimal Blog Template – Download & Demo

The Reader WordPress Minimal Blog Template
I just realized, this theme has word “minimal” within its name, which is not really true. I would call this theme “maximal” if you ask me πŸ˜€ because it has a huge space for content and it really makes you wanna read something. It reminds me of Smashing Magazine actually, they have similar left sidebar area. What do you think?

7. InkStory – Personal, News, Blog WordPress Theme – Download & Demo

InkStory – Personal, News, Blog WordPress Theme
I’m going to be honest straight away. I LOVE this theme, it’s perfect and I will use it on my other personal blog, there, I said it. I really like the typography used across the theme, starting from the main menu all the way to the post titles (headings) and paragraphs. I don’t want to say anything else, check the demo on the above link and tell me am I crazy or that is a perfect theme for a personal blog?

8. Squirrel – A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme – Download & Demo

Squirrel – A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme
Squirrel (or in Croatian: vjeverica) is another personal WP theme and again, really beautiful one. It has a strange content slider at the top, but even that looks kinda cool. Don’t know what to say, everything looks just the way it should for a personal blog. Sometimes words cannot describe how things truly are, you have to experience Vjeverica for yourself and make your own conclusions…

9. Kudos BuddyPress Theme – Download & Demo

Kudos BuddyPress Theme
Kudos is a BuddyPress theme which allows your visitors to sign up, create profile and groups and interact among themselves. This is actually cool, if you want to create a community on your website take a look at Kudos. It looks very modern and it gives a lot of attention to members.

10. TakeAway – Restaurant & Online Food Ordering WordPress theme – Download & Demo

TakeAway – Restaurant & Online Food Ordering WordPress theme
This themes makes me wanna start my own food-delivery business. Seriously, it’s really that cool. I especially like the way TakeAway menus look like, it makes me wanna order something straight away. Go see the demo and let me know if you are hungry yet πŸ™‚

11. Opal | Multi Preset Responsive WordPress Theme – Download & Demo

Opal - Multi Preset Responsive WordPress Theme
Opal is another personal WP theme, it reminds me a bit of InkStory under number 7. It looks amazing too, although header and footer area could be a bit better. But content are and the sidebar are simply wow, especially the sidebar.

12. Aku – Powerful and Easy WordPress Theme – Download & Demo

Aku – Powerful and Easy WordPress Theme
This theme has like 6 different layouts, so yeah, you could say it is definitely created for multiple purposes. Whether you want a portfolio website, coming soon page or a web shop to present your special super cool product, this theme has it all. It has a visual composer and it’s WPML ready, so that’s certainly a bonus too.

13. Champion – Soccer & Football WordPress Theme – Download & Demo

Champion – Soccer & Football WordPress Theme
I don’t know if football/soccer is popular in your country but Croatians are crazy about it. And this WP theme is dedicated to all sport fans, especially the ones that really love football. It contains league statistics, latest match results and even a web shop for your favorite football accessories like t-shirts, mugs and stuff.

14. The Keynote – Conference / Meeting WordPress Theme – Download & Demo

The Keynote – Conference _ Meeting WordPress Theme
The Keynote theme is a WP theme specifically created for conferences and meetings. It has special areas dedicated to speakers, conference program and you can buy tickets online and reserve your spot too. Take a look at the demo to have a better understanding of what this theme really offers.

15. Agrofields – Food Shop & Grocery Market WP Theme – Download & Demo

Agrofields – Food Shop & Grocery Market WP Theme
Colorful beauty, that’s how I would describe this theme. Amazing bright colors all over the place, healthy food, great layout and a WooCommerce shop. If you are in food business, make your customers a favor and buy this theme. See the demo to understand the full meaning of my words.

16. Scribbo – Minimal Elegant Fashion WordPress Blog – Download & Demo

Scribbo – Minimal Elegant Fashion WordPress Blog
Nice and clean fashion blog layout, that’s what Scribbo is. However, I would change the typography a bit, it could be better. Nevertheless, this is one cool theme, nice and clean and will for sure satisfy and complement all your fashion needs and stories.


I hope you found at least one WordPress theme that you liked and decided to use it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment are.

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