“Since 2013 our mission has never changed: Help authentic entrepreneurs just like you consistently build smarter, more profitable online businesses.”

A special note from John Whitford

If you were trying to tell your friend where to go to start learning about building online businesses, where would you go?

There is no shortage of “online business gurus” out there on the internet.

It seems like you can’t turn a corner without getting hit with another ad on Facebook of a kid in front of a Lambourghini trying to sell you on his secret system to success online…

But you know deep down in your bones that you can’t trust everything you read online, right?


Which is why it can be so tricky to make a recommendation to a trusted friend. 

Authenticity is so hard to find online…

And that’s the reason my wife and I decided to start a different kind of online business almost 10 years ago. We wanted to become the most authentic and helpful education platform for aspiring online entrepreneurs. 

We don’t claim that we are going to make you millionaires overnight…

We don’t even tell you that it’s going to be easy.

It’s going to be hard. It’s work.

But we also know that being authentic is more important than attracting more customers…

As a father of 3, I know that everything I do online is a reflection of me and my reputation.

And the example I want to set for my kids is not one of Profit First, but of People First.

So here on IncomeMesh.com (and my wife’s website startamomblog.com), you will find authentic, real advice to help you build smarter, more profitable online businesses.

Whatever your passion is, there is a way to monetize it in a way that truly helps people and provides financial freedom for your family.

And I am so excited to help you discover it!

Happy Building,

John Whitford

P.S. Yes, I’m serious about this, and No, I don’t need your money.

Unlike most online gurus who win fancy “sales funnel awards,” I don’t need to charge $1,000+ for the education I provide.

My wife and I make plenty of money to provide the lifestyle we desire for our family, and we desire sustainability and peace over profits.

Which is why you will find any products or services I offer to be high-quality and reasonably priced.

And if you simply don’t have any budget to invest in yourself, that’s ok and I get it. Which is why I continue to produce the highest quality free content I can on a regular basis to help you build the business that you desire online.

These 8 Core Values Drive Our Relentless Mission To Change The Way You Build Online Business

A refreshing part of who we are and why so many entrepreneurs trust us for their digital marketing education starts with these core values.

#1: Authenticity over Profit

You can’t scroll down Facebook for 5 minutes without tripping over the fake gurus of the world. I commit to maintaining authenticity in everything I do, even at the expense of potential profits. When my 3 children look back on my work, I want them to be proud of me. That’s more important than lambourghinis.

#2: Education comes first

I think there is an unhealthy focus on just getting to the sale. I find that when I focus 80% of my energy on pure education, the sales naturally come. So that is what you are going to get – valuable education to help you become a better, smarter digital marketer.

#3: Technology changes, psychology doesn’t

I love discovering, mastering, and teaching the latest technology advances in digital marketing. And you’ll find a ton of that on my platform. But I also want to make sure that you feel equipped with the psychological principles to help you succeed at selling your products & services online.

#4: Great Service is Guaranteed

I genuinely love connecting and helping my readers and subscribers – so if there’s anything you want to learn more about, simply reach out on any of my contact channels and let’s help each other!

#5: Data-Driven Marketing Wins

As a former systems engineer, I’m big on understanding the data and using it to make small, consistent improvements over time. Most don’t understand or teach those concepts, which I am excited to share with you.

#6: When all else fails, keep things simple

I can’t tell you the number of clients who have come to me with incredibly strict requirements, design ideas, and multi-layered sales processes… all before they have an audience or any momentum on their side. Believe it or not – this tends to fail, which is why I will always look for the simplest solution to solve your problems.

#7. Go Deep before you go Wide

Facebook ads, YouTube videos, daily vlogging, blogging, podcasting… it’s normal to feel the pressure that you need to be everywhere, but it’s also a quick way for you to burn out and not make any progress. I’m big on generating momentum using a single channel, and leveraging that to expand your influence.

#8: Consistency is better than Excellence

Polish is over-rated. You might not get the prettiest lighting or the fanciest transitions in my content. But I guarantee to bring you actionable, relevant, and profitable education to you consistently.

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