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The Head Geek

Hey I'm John

I spent a decade as an Industrial & Systems Engineer for 3 of the best data-driven companies in the world, and it changed my life (but I didn't know it then).

When my daughter was born, my wife quit her job and I continued to support the family with my engineering career. 

At some point we decided to start blogging about our new experience as parents, and things started to change.

My wife dove head first into it and created tons of helpful content for other moms.

I started to dive into the data and metrics of the internet, and learned how to optimize and scale the business.

Fast forward 3 years, and our little hobby blog was able to pay off the mortgage, max our retirement accounts, and triple my engineering salary.

And this was while blogging during nap time  and after I came home from a full day at work.

I quit my job and now I spend my days with my beautiful family and my beautiful business.

If you'd like to learn how data-driven marketing could impact your existing business, let's set up some time for free. 

Without my job, I actually have time now! It's a wonderful feeling.